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Why Is My Drain Making Noise?

Posted by on 21-07-2021

Why is my drain making noise?

Plumbing systems are complex, intricate beasts that run almost invisibly through our homes. Their function is easy to take for granted when you’ve had them around your whole life but the fact of the matter is, like any mechanical system, it’s one that can fail or cause problems, no matter how careful you are.

Drains are the centrepiece of the modern home plumbing system and it’s something that needs to work well or it will create constant stress and make it hard for you to focus on the other things that matter.

So when a drain starts making noise, it can be very worrying because you will be wondering what’s going wrong and whether you need an expert. While we recommend always calling in a professional, it can help if you know why your drain is making the noise.

PVC Pipes

Gurgling sounds are hardly the most pleasant ones to listen to but they don’t necessarily indicate there’s a major issue. The most common reason for this type of gurgling is because your pipes are made out of PVC and the water runs through them on a regular schedule.

You hear the sound because the PVC pipe is thin and transfers sound much more effectively than classic iron pipes. That sound is annoying but it comes with the added advantage of being much cheaper, easier to handle and generally more flexible than iron pipes so it’s like a trade the home builder made when they were constructing your home.

If the sound really bothers you, consider calling in an expert to install iron pipes instead.

A Deep Drain Clog

Another potential root cause for gurgling issues is the existence of a full clog deep in the drain line which is a serious issue that you definitely need to tackle. In this case, likely not enough water has built up to send it back up and out of the drain and into your home but if untreated, that could happen – which would be pretty gruesome.

The gurgling comes from the clog releasing pockets of air into the water above it.

You almost certainly can’t target this clog with a plunger or a drain snake, so this is something that you will need a plumbing expert to deal with.

Clogged Vent Pipe

This leads us to the second major issue linked to clogging which is the vent pipe becoming clogged. Any drain system will typically vent and separate air and gas, allowing for free-flowing water but if these vents are blocked, it will simply separate out slowly or not at all.

You can tell this is an issue by looking at your roof for thin outcroppings located near your bathroom or kitchen. These open-ended pipes can let the air out but because of that, debris can fall in and clog the pipes which leads to the gas being unable to escape.

At this point, the air and gas will escape back up the drain line or the drain itself, creating a bubbling gurgling noise when the gas breaks through the surface of the water in your drain. This can cause a lot of foul odours to emerge which is why you want to deal with this as fast as possible.

Blocked Sewer Line

Another blockage problem that you can run into is the blocked sewer line. This is what happens when your mainline or septic tank in your street or yard is blocked up. This can make all kinds of noise. Basically, if all the drains around your home are gurgling then you likely have a large-scale problem.

This kind of blockage will cause a backup of sewer gas that will travel up the p-trap and it won’t be long before actual sewage begins to make its way into your house, starting from the lower sections first before making it up to your bedroom and all your valuables.

If this is the case, all drains in your house will be affected. If you flush the toilet upstairs and you find that sewage begins to overflow from a drain on a different floor, then you know you have a blocked sewer line.

This can be caused by tree roots getting into the pipes, bathroom products not breaking down or broken pipes. Regardless of the cause, it’s a major issue that needs attention fast.

Damaged or Blocked P-Trap

A final reason why odours and scents get released from your plumbing system is a faulty p-trap that’s either damaged or blocked. Typically, this system protects you from odours by catching sewer gas coming from your drains and stopping it from making its way into your home.

This part of the plumbing system is easily visible. Simply take a look under any sink in your house and you will see a curved piece of pipe that holds a small amount of water, sealing off the drain from sewer gas.

When this unit gets damaged or if it’s not installed correctly, odours and other odd effects might result, like gurgling. Basically, if you can smell sewage in one area then it’s likely time to act and get this part replaced.

The Final Word

The main thing to keep an eye out for is the sound coming from your drains. However, it can be hard to nail down exactly the cause of this sound which is why it usually makes sense to call in an expert for help.

So, your drain isn’t working properly and you know why it’s making a noise. Even if you haven’t figured out the root cause, you now know that it’s critical to take care of your drain before smaller issues escalate into bigger problems that wreck your home’s plumbing system. If you want to avoid the worst, you likely want to get a drain repair service in Toronto.

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