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In the west-end of Toronto sits a diverse landscape of city life, unique retail establishments, industrial facilities, and both modern commercial and residential developments. With this growth, Etobicoke has become one of Toronto’s most defining boroughs, making it a premier destination for homeowners and businesses alike.

This bustling growth means an increased demand for modern lifestyle and business essentials. Whether it’s a living space fitted with a functional kitchen and bathroom or an office building that operates on high-volume water supply and drainage requirements, there’s no denying the importance of a reliable plumbing system. This water supply and waste disposal network requires properly functioning fixtures, pipes, drains, and sewers to prevent leaks, burst pipes, clogging, back-ups, and indoor flooding.

Plumbers You Can Trust in Etobicoke

Drain King Plumbers is a one-stop-shop for all your plumbing needs. Proud to be locally owned and located in Etobicoke, our team of certified plumbers are expertly trained to restore your home or business’ water supply and waste disposal systems. We repair and replace broken fixtures, respond to plumbing emergencies 24/7, and offer preventative maintenance services to maximize their usable life.

We use only the latest tools and techniques to handle any plumbing repair and emergency. With advanced equipment like drain cameras, we can quickly locate and assess damaged fixtures. This includes underground pipes, drains, and sewer lines, and repairing or replacing them without leaving a mess and disrupting your daily routine.

Drain King Plumbers is equipped to handle the changing — and growing — needs of Etobicoke residents and business owners. From apartments, condos, and houses, to office buildings, retail locations, and industrial facilities, we can install or restore plumbing fixtures that allow you to get the taps running and flush waste out smoothly while keeping hydro bills to a minimum.

Plumbing Services in Etobicoke

  • 24/7 service: our plumbing services are available in Etobicoke 24/7, 365 days a year. This means our plumbers can respond to emergencies, such as broken faucets, burst pipes, clogged drains, sewage back-ups, and flooding to prevent further damage and restore your home’s plumbing system.
  • Advanced tools and techniques: our plumbers are equipped with drain and sewer cameras, mechanical augers, and hydro-jetting valves. These high-powered tools are used to inspect, clean, and repair damaged drains and pipes. Combined with a trenchless pipe, drain, and sewer replacement techniques, we can eliminate the mess of plumbing emergencies and repairs — and get your waste disposal system working in no time.
  • Ongoing maintenance: our preventative maintenance program includes a thorough inspection, drain cleaning, and scheduled repair or replacement of ageing fixtures to prevent emergencies and ensure the sustainability of your plumbing system.

Plumbing Repairs in Etobicoke

1. Custom fixtures and installation

Come home to a place you can call your own. This means a living space that’s styled with your personal aesthetic and fitted with your lifestyle essentials. From a modern kitchen and bathroom to landscaping, these areas require long-lasting plumbing essentials to ensure optimal water supply and waste disposal.

Drain King Plumbers works with you to select and install new and improved faucets, pipe joints, and drainage systems. These fixtures won’t just match your home’s aesthetic, but provide maximum water pressure and efficiency for cost-saving function.

Our certified plumbers install these fixtures using the latest tools and techniques. Our guarantee is a fast and seamless installation to ensure reliable water supply and drainage for waste disposal. Get the taps working as they should for cooking, cleaning, and taking care of yourself — and trust your plumbing system to flush out waste items from these daily activities.

2. Plumbing repairs

A constant drip — or worse, flooding — from leaky or broken pipes and faucets don’t just add up to expensive water bills. They also cause larger plumbing issues, such as indoor floods that damage furniture, appliances, and even your home’s structural integrity. These broken fixtures need to be repaired as soon as possible to prevent further damage — and the bills from piling up.

Our plumbers can easily locate leaky or broken faucets and cracked or collapsed pipe joints. We also use specialized fibre-optic cameras guided by flexible metal cables to thoroughly inspect and locate damage to underground fixtures.

Once identified, we’ll patch up minor damages by applying protective resin layers. For larger damage, we’ll recommend trenchless pipe and drain replacement — a no-digging, hassle-free technique that keeps your lawn intact and your daily routine as normal as possible. These advanced tools and techniques allow us to restore your home’s plumbing system in no time.

3. Drain and sewer repairs

Cooking, cleaning, and looking after your hygiene are all essential to your daily routine, but these activities also produce waste that is often flushed down the drains when you rinse. Fat, grease, oil, loose hair, residue from hygiene products, and other debris, as well as growing roots of nearby plants and trees all collect in the drains — sometimes, staying lodged there instead of getting flushed out into the sewers.

These waste items and debris build-up and block the drains and sewers, causing clogs. And while small enough just to slow down the drains, clogs can accumulate, eventually blocking the flow of wastewater in the pipes. This causes sewage back-ups; at worst, these flood back indoors and leave a huge mess, and even safety hazards.

Our certified plumbing experts use drain and sewer cameras to locate waste build-up in the drains and sewers and remove them using hydro-jetting. This all-natural, thorough clean is toxic-free and effective at removing clogs to restore the flow of wastewater. We’ll also reinforce the pipe walls by relining them to ensure maximum use for years to come. And when these repairs simply won’t hold up against the damage, we’ll recommend trenchless replacements to fit your home with new and improved plumbing fixtures.

4. Weatherproofing and winterizing

Etobicoke residents are no strangers to harsh Toronto winters. These sub-zero temperatures tend to wreak havoc, from slippery roads and biting cold outdoors, to empty taps when you need them to run or worse — a flooded basement. These indoor plumbing nightmares happen as a result of frozen and burst pipes — all because of a lack of proper weatherproofing.

Our plumbers help you thaw frozen pipes, repair broken sump pumps, and replace burst pipes to prevent further flooding and other weather-related plumbing emergencies. We’re available 24/7 in Etobicoke, so give us a call the moment the taps don’t run, and we’ll be there, no matter the weather.

As freezing temperatures are a reality of living in Etobicoke, we’re here to prepare your plumbing system for the season, too. Our weatherproofing and winterizing service includes attaching heating cables to exposed faucets and pipes, as well as installing backwater valves, sump pumps, and other waterproofing fixtures to prevent floods. We’ll also assess and repair cracks in the foundation to prevent water damage and prevent mould from forming.


5. Plumbing maintenance

Many homeowners don’t see the need to call a plumber until they have an emergency on their hands. But why wait for a burst pipe or sewage back-up to happen when you can prevent them? Our certified plumbers believe that plumbing emergencies are 100% preventable with regular inspection and maintenance.

Our plumbers can tailor a preventative maintenance plan for your plumbing system according to your lifestyle and budget. This includes inspecting sewers and drains using fibre-optic cameras to locate waste build-up and blockages, and hydro-jetting them for fast and safe removal.

Preventative plumbing maintenance is your best bet against the large damage of plumbing emergencies and even includes patching up minor cracks through drain and sewer relining to restore their optimal function. The result is an efficient and affordable plumbing system that works 24/7, 365 days a year.

6. 24/7 emergency plumbing

A flooded basement, burst pipe, sewage back-up, and leaky pipes and faucets all spell trouble for your hydro bills. Not only that, but there’s also the damage that indoor flooding causes to furniture, appliances, and even your home’s structural integrity. These disrupt your daily routine and also cause a mess and safety hazards.

Here’s where we come to your rescue — Drain King Plumbers offers 24/7 emergency plumbing services in Etobicoke. Our plumbers respond to burst pipes, indoor flooding, sewage back-ups, and broken fixtures in minutes, ready to restore your home’s plumbing system. All you need to do is call us at the first sign of these plumbing emergencies:

  • Cracked, burst, or collapsed pipes: pipe joints are connected to ensure reliable water supply and drainage. When even a single joint is disconnected, this can cause indoor flooding and structural damage, as well as spikes in your water bill.
  • Overflowing toilets: plungers can remove minor and temporary clogs, but if you find yourself using them more frequently, this could mean a larger drainage issue that requires an expert plumber. Trust our plumbers to locate the source of clogged and backed-up toilets and remove them to avoid leaks and flooding.
  • Clogged drains: waste items like fat, grease, oil, loose hair, residue from personal care products, grime, and other debris, as well as growing tree roots, all collect in the drains when flushed out. Instead of being pushed to the sewers, a lot of them stay lodged in the drains, causing clogs and back-ups. Our plumbers inspect, clean, and hydro-jet pipes to remove blockages and restore the proper flow of wastewater.
  • Failed sump pump and backwater valves: these fixtures protect your home against flooding and water damage, especially in damp areas like the basement, especially during winter and heavy rains. Our plumbers repair these fixtures to restore their function and avoid damaging indoor floods.

7. Commercial plumbing

Etobicoke is steadily attracting an influx of capital, leading to the opening of more retail locations, commercial properties, and industrial facilities. Savvy business owners, like you, at the forefront of this growth, require support to meet the demands of customers. This includes working fixtures, such as plumbing essentials for expanding kitchens and high-volume office bathrooms.

Drain King Plumbers understands the demands of doing business in a growing hub like Etobicoke. For these, we scale plumbing solutions to meet high-volume water supply and drainage requirements of multiple bathrooms, kitchens, and other facilities. We work with you to select and install sustainable plumbing fixtures and ensure the prevention of clogs, back-ups, and flooding. Trust us with your plumbing system to create a productive workspace and a comfortable environment for guests and customers.

Trust Drain King Plumbers in Etobicoke

Drain King Plumbers is proud to be a locally-owned plumbing company. Our plumbing and sewer experts hail from all areas of the GTA and perform repairs, replacements, and maintenance checks according to the unique seasonal and economic needs of each city or locale. It’s this local knowledge of Etobicoke and the rest of Toronto that allows us to design effective and sustainable plumbing systems for homes and businesses in the city.

Our guarantee is fair, straightforward pricing and friendly and responsive technicians who work fast to restore your water supply and waste disposal systems. With plumbing emergency repairs available 24/7, we can minimize any losses and disruptions that broken fixtures cause.

Fast and Effective Plumbing Response in Etobicoke

At Drain King Plumbers, your satisfaction and return to your normal routine is our guarantee. To do this, we work to eliminate the hassle and cost of plumbing emergencies. That’s why we use the latest tools and techniques to repair or replace broken pipes and faucets, clogged drains, backed-up sewers, and other essential fixtures.

We also tailor a preventative maintenance plan according to your lifestyle and budget to prevent large and costly emergency repairs and replacements. Call us anytime for 24/7 emergency plumbing needs, and trust us to restore your plumbing system to its optimal performance and keep it that way.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the plumbers serving Etobicoke licensed and insured?

Yes, the plumbers serving Etobicoke through Drain King Plumbers are licensed professionals with the necessary qualifications and certifications to perform plumbing services. We are also insured, ensuring that you receive reliable and safe plumbing solutions.

Can Drain King Plumbers assist with sewer line inspections in Etobicoke?

Yes, Drain King Plumbers offers sewer line inspection services in Etobicoke. We utilize advanced techniques, such as video camera inspection, to assess the condition of sewer lines. This helps identify any blockages, damages, or potential issues, allowing for accurate assessments and appropriate solutions.

Do Drain King Plumbers provide warranties for their services in Etobicoke?

Yes, Drain King Plumbers may provide warranties for our services in Etobicoke. The specific warranty details may vary depending on the type of service or repairs performed. When discussing your plumbing needs with our team, you can inquire about the warranty coverage applicable to your specific situation.

Do Drain King Plumbers in Etobicoke provide free estimates?

Drain King Plumbers in Etobicoke may provide free estimates for plumbing services. It’s recommended to inquire about our estimate policy when contacting them for your plumbing needs. We can provide you with an accurate assessment of the project’s scope and the associated costs during the estimate process.

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Steph S
Very friendly from the first call with Kailee, to the updates provided, to the technician Tyler. On-site he provided me with options and suggestions for my emergency repair and was able to resolve it quickly. Kailee paid attention to my needs and offered personalized updates without me even asking! First rate customer connections made at every interaction!!
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Reuben Glasgow
We had a great experience with Drain King Plumbers. The plumber arrived on time and wore shoe covers. He was polite, friendly, and he explained what needed to be done properly. It was also good quality and affordable work.
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