Sewer Relining Services in Toronto & GTA

Sewer Relining Services

Sewers work 24/7 to flush waste out of your home, allowing the plumbing system to cycle clean water and waste items. But this non-stop flow of waste items can also result in wear-and-tear damage, leading to build-up and blockages. This erodes the pipes and sewer lines over time, causing leaks and breakage.

Damaged sewer lines require repair or replacement to restore their optimal function. To avoid expensive plumbing emergencies, preventative maintenance can be done regularly, providing long-term savings and saves you the hassle and headache of a full repair or replacement. Sewer relining is an early repair and maintenance solution that keeps the sewers functioning properly throughout their usable life, so you can maximize their use before a replacement is due.

What is Sewer Relining?

Your sewers work overtime to flush wastewater outside your home, but unlike other plumbing fixtures, they’re supposed to be built to last. Sewer lines are equipped to function for up to 25 years, but depending on your lifestyle and habits, they can suffer wear-and-tear and require reinforcement to maximize their function before a full replacement is due.

Sewer relining reinforces the sewer lines through effective cleaning and patching up minor damage. This includes removing blockages, such as foreign objects and soft deposits of built-up sludge and grease lining the sewers, restricting the flow of wastewater. Regular sewer relining strengthens their interior walls and prevents large plumbing emergencies, such as collapsed pipes, breakage, clogs, sewer backups, and wastewater flooding. This preventative service keeps your entire plumbing and waste disposal system functioning correctly.

Book a Sewer Relining

Our certified plumbing and sewer experts in Toronto work with homeowners to reinforce the plumbing system and ensure a smooth flow of wastewater outside. With proper reinforcement, we can prevent plumbing emergencies and strengthen key fixtures like sewer lines to maximize their usable life. Sewer relining is a key maintenance service that locates and addresses leaks, as well as removes blockages to restore optimal waste disposal.

Drain King Plumbers uses state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to locate leaks and identify minor damage in the sewer lines. Using drain cameras and flexible cables, we can navigate through damaged sewer lines and recommend necessary reinforcement to prevent larger damage. You can count on us to help you save on plumbing expenses, maximize your use of water supply and waste disposal features, and avoid costly disruptions to your daily routine.

How Are Sewer Lines Repaired?

Sewer relining is a minor repair and preventative service designed to reinforce sewer lines. By removing blockages, sewer lines are less prone to clogging and leaks, ensuring their optimal function for years to come.

Following a thorough inspection and assessment, our plumbers clean the sewer lines to remove blockages and soft deposits. After this, we can patch up minor cracks to restore proper function and maximize full use before a full sewer replacement is due. Once the drains are clear, a resin lining is inserted into the sewer pipes to reinforce them and maximize their function.

Trenchless Sewer Relining: The Modern Plumbing Solution

At Drain King Plumbers Toronto, we know that any plumbing repair sounds like a scheduling nightmare and a hassle for busy modern homeowners. That’s why we recommend the least invasive methods for restoring your home’s plumbing system.

Trenchless sewer relining is exactly that — a no-dig method that minimizes disruptions to your everyday schedule, eliminating the hassle and mess of digging up your patio, driveway, or landscape.

Instead of digging up large trenches to access the sewers, a trenchless relining requires using remote camera systems to locate damages in the sewer line. Once they’re assessed, our plumbers can drill just a few holes in the sewer line to insert the resin for relining the sewers. This noninvasive repair and preventative maintenance service is fast and hassle-free, preserving existing plumbing fixtures and restoring them to optimal function.

Sewer Relining: Frequently Asked Questions

How is traditional sewer relining different from trenchless repair?

In traditional sewer relining, plumbers have to dig trenches in the yard to repair damaged sewer pipes and clean out blockages to avoid sewage backups and large plumbing emergencies. But with the amount of digging required, homeowners are often left with a mess in their landscaping, hardscaping, driveways, and even surrounding sidewalks.

A trenchless relining is a no-dig process. Instead, our plumbers inspect the damaged sewer using specialized, high-definition cameras and metal cables to locate the source and assess its extent. Based on this, we can use a bursting pipe head that drills holes in the damaged area to remove and replace it, clean the structure, and apply a protective layer of resin to reinforce the pipes’ interiors.

What should I expect during sewer relining?

Our plumbers work hard to make every sewer relining a hassle-free process — that means no delays and minimal disruptions to your everyday routine. Our trenchless relining technique also cuts down the entire process by half so that you can resume your regular activities in no time.

During a sewer relining, we have to shut off the water supply, as this allows us to locate the damage and patch up the area. Once the protective resin hardens, you can go on with your day and trust that the sewers can function properly for years.

When should I call a plumber for sewer relining?

Not sure when to book a sewer relining — or that you even need one? Here are the most common warning signs that sewer lines are blocked or damaged:

  • Low or inconsistent water levels in the toilets
  • Foul odours circulating indoors even if the surroundings are clean — a common sign of waste build-up in the drains
  • Unusually wet, muddy, or even a flooded yard even with normal precipitation
  • Odd, gurgling noises coming from the pipes
  • Increasing water bills
  • Sewage backups leading to indoor flooding.
How does sewer relining prevent sewer leaks?

Sewer relining is a fast and effective fix for leaks in the sewer line. Unfortunately, these are often hard to detect, with most homeowners left to deal with indoor flooding that damages the floors, furniture, appliances, and even the structural integrity. But don’t worry — sewer leaks are still preventable with regular inspections and an early repair.

The signs of sewer leaks are often similar to most drainage issues, such as standing or pooling water, as well as backups and leaks from fixtures like faucets. Because of this, though, most homeowners end up booking a pipe or water service line replacement, rather than a thorough inspection and repair of the sewer line.

To locate the real source of the leak, our plumbers perform a dye test. This is important because sewer water doesn’t always look like waste — dirty or discoloured, causing it to be mistaken for water supply leaks. If the leak is identified early enough, our plumbers can perform sewer relining to reinforce the pipe walls and restore proper disposal of wastewater, while avoiding a costly sewer replacement before it’s due.

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