Clogged Drain Repair Service

Clogged drains and sewer back-ups can be prevented with regular cleaning and better housekeeping, but with years of build-up, a plumbing emergency may not be far behind. That’s when you need drain repair services.

Expert Drain Repair

Clogged Drain Repair Service

Dealing with clogged drains in the bathroom or kitchen all the time? This is the first sign of damage. Don’t wait for a full-on indoor flood and busted pipes to call a professional. Drain King Plumbers offers expert drain repair services to de-clog, restore, and maintain pipes and drains for a fully functional plumbing system.

At Drain King Plumbers, we’re committed to repairing clogged and damaged drains in no time, without causing an inconvenience and a huge mess. When our plumbers come for a drain repair, we use drop sheets to keep drain back-ups and waste items from making a mess. And by the time we’re done, your place is thoroughly clean, with working drains and pipes.

When to Book a Drain Repair

Drain Repair Services

For more information about drain repair, call Drain King Plumbers at (833) 983-5301 or contact us here.


What is a main drain cleanout?

This is an access point into your main drain. A main drain cleanout is used for cleaning, and inspections of the main drain.

Why are my drains backing up?

Drains can back-up for a variety of reasons. It could be a simple clog from too much toilet paper, or as severe as a collapsed or broken pipe. Either way it is recommended to call in a professional!

Why do I need a plumber to clear a clogged drain?

As to avoid further damage or complications, or even worse, an injury it is recommended to call in a professional to properly diagnose, and clear/repair the clogged pipe.

I can’t remove the clean-out plug. What should I do?

Do not force it! Call a plumber as soon as possible to confirm whether it can be removed or needs to be replaced.

I think the water line is corroded and partially restricting the water. Can this be cleaned or does it need to be replaced?

Depending on where, and what material, it is possible to clean/repair water pipes. It may make more sense to replace them in some situations.

What are signs of sewage backup?

Sewage/Water on the floor, Bad Odour, Drain Flies, Gurgling/Bubbling/Backing up drains, these are all signs of a sewage backup.

Will bleach kill roots in sewer line?

No, Once the roots have actually penetrated the pipes it is almost impossible to get rid of them for good without replacing/relining the pipe.