Drain Relining Services in Toronto & GTA

Drain Relining Services

No matter what you wash, cook, clean, or flush down the toilet, you can count on reliable drainage to dispose of waste items. Throughout one day, your plumbing system works overtime, cycling between delivering water supply and expelling waste out of your home. This is possible with a working drainage system, yet even the toughest drains can only endure so much.

Everyone knows about occasionally leaking fixtures and clogged toilets. Still, with the rest of the plumbing system hidden out of sight, drainage issues aren’t always as obvious — until water pooling and clogging begin to happen more often. Or worse, the sewer backs up, releasing wastewater back into your home. This is usually when most people call a plumber. But the signs of drainage issues are not always as obvious. Sometimes, it’s even as simple as foul odours that you can’t quite place or get rid of, no matter how many times you clean.

Drain Relining: Convenient Plumbing Repair

Most property owners are familiar with unclogging, repairing, and replacing drains, but there’s another solution to foul odours, slow drainage, and water damage. Drain relining is an innovative technique that secures pipes without excavation.

This drain repair and maintenance solution involves fitting a protective layer to the inside of the drains, resulting in a strong coating that prevents cracks and collapsing. Without extensive digging and downtime required, drain relining is the leading maintenance option for commercial properties so that business can continue as usual.

Recommended by Plumbing Experts

At Drain King Plumbers, our certified plumbing professionals are always hard at work, not just responding to emergencies, but developing new solutions for preventing them. For fast and proactive plumbing protection, we recommend drain relining.

Our plumbing experts offer drain relining to protect drains and pipes from further damage. Whether you book your home or commercial establishment for this service, you can count on an uninterrupted day-to-day schedule and productivity. Our drain relining experts are committed to providing fast and reliable service, beginning with the initial inspection, all the way to the installation and ongoing maintenance. You can trust us to keep your drains clear, perfectly functional, and protected from long-term damage — all in a few hours or less.

How is drain relining done?

For many property owners, any plumbing work can seem like a major inconvenience — and it sounds like one, too. With all the underground drilling and temporarily shut off water supply, even when limited to affected areas, it can make quite the ruckus. However, that’s not the case with drain relining.

Drain inspection

Just like any plumbing repair, drain relining starts with an initial inspection. Our certified plumbers use CCTV cameras and specialized drain inspection tools to inspect the drains and pipes. This allows us to locate and identify the damage, like broken or collapsed pipes and blockages, and plan for its repair through drain relining.

Cleaning and blockage removal

Once the CCTV survey technology is in place, our plumbers work to clean the drains, remove clog-causing blockages and silt deposits, and prepare them for relining. We do this by flushing the pipes using high-powered water jetting. This cleans the internal walls of the drain, creating an even surface to attach the lining.

Even better, this process is done using only advanced imaging tools and probes. This eliminates the need for extensive drilling and excavation, keeping downtime to a minimum. But don’t worry — our plumbers keep a careful eye over the inspection, as the CCTV survey technology allows us to monitor the drains as they are relined.


With clean, thoroughly flushed out pipes, it’s time to place the lining. Our plumbers use specialized probes to thread the lining through the pipe using an inflated airbag or forced water pressure called inversion. The lining is then shaped according to the diameter of the internal walls. Once the lining is in place, it’s reinforced using hot water and UV lighting. This process doesn’t just repair and protect the drains from damage, but it also improves the flow of water as friction in the pipes is eliminated.

Hassle-Free and Cost-Effective Drain Protection

Compared to other plumbing repairs, drain relining is faster and non-destructive. Because of this, it’s a cost-effective and even proactive solution to drainage issues before they turn into larger plumbing emergencies.

But drain relining is no budget solution when it comes to actual function. The lining is highly robust, lasting for years without needing constant replacement. It can also be tailored to different pipe sizes, creating a perfect fit for pipes anywhere between 50mm to 1 metre in diameter, and across applications. Depending on the design of your plumbing system and the building environment, the process can use either one long lining or several smaller sheets to cover the entire length of the pipework.

Drain Relining: Frequently Asked Questions

What is used to reline the drains?

The lining inserted into pipes is typically crafted out of resin and then installed using an inflated airbag or inversion process. The resin cures after 3 hours per run, and once it does, the inflation or inversion tube is removed. The newly relined drain is then cleaned to remove excess resin, making it ready for use right away.

Does drain relining have to cover the entire pipe?

For small and localized damage, drain relining can be contained in that specific area. Our plumbers use a technique called patch relining, which limits the repair to the damaged portion of the pipe. This is a good option for minor drainage issues; if the rest of the plumbing system is functioning properly and won’t require repairs soon, patch relining is a cost-effective alternative for minor damage.

What’s the difference between drain relining and drain replacement? What’s the best option for me?

Compared to a drain replacement, relining is a faster and more cost-effective process. It requires minimal excavation and downtime for the water supply, allowing you to get on with the rest of the day and work to be done. That’s because drain relining uses cured resin to patch up and reinforce pipes instead of taking them out.

In contrast, drain replacement requires more excavation and extensive plumbing work. The entire process involves taking out old pipes and laying down new ones for longer-lasting function. Because this process involves more work, it also takes more time to complete. Plus, with underground pipes, plumbers may have to divert them from under the building.

Drain replacement involves a full, brand-new installation, which is best for ageing plumbing systems. However, not all plumbing repairs require such extensive work. In the case of minor damage, relining can be done to patch up small cracks, protecting the drains and extending their shelf life before a replacement is needed. And it’s not simply a short-term solution. In essence, relined drains can function optimally for years, providing reliable water supply and waste disposal function without forcing you to put up the cost of a complete plumbing overhaul right away.

For more information about drain relining, contact Drain King Plumbers here, or give us a call at 833-983-5301.

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