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Saving Water and Money: Tips for Eco-Friendly Plumbing in Toronto

Posted by on 11-06-2024

Saving water and money: Tips for eco-friendly plumbing in Toronto

The world we live in is constantly changing. Global warming is a real threat, and the decisions we make on a day-to-day basis affect our carbon footprint, which contributes to this issue.

Protecting the environment is not just about saving wildlife; it’s also about protecting essential resources, like water, that we need in order to live. Such actions don’t have to be an expense that could bankrupt you. Thus, when making the right selections, we can save the environment and our bank balances.

There are financial rewards and benefits to investing in eco-friendly solutions, including, for example, the many rebate programs available throughout Ontario. Consulting a plumber in Toronto, Ontario is a great way to start considering eco-friendly options in your plumbing.

The Benefits of Eco-Friendly Plumbing

Aside from financial advantages, there are also health and property benefits to investing in sustainable plumbing solutions in your home.

Regarding your health, by ensuring you have access to clean water for consumption, cooking, or bathing, you reduce the risk of illness. Even though our water is passed through treatment plants, eco-friendly solutions at home add a layer of filtration, which increases its purity and safety.

When it comes to your home, hiring a plumber in Toronto to aid in installing sustainable plumbing solutions will increase the property value and decrease the need for costly repairs.

Financially, these solutions reduce the amount of water required in the home, which in turn decreases your utility bills, saving you money in the long run. With the ever-rising cost of living, anything you can do to save money is a benefit.

Installing the Right Toilet System

Every house has at least one bathroom toilet, and this should work effectively for you and your family’s needs. However, toilets can use a lot of water unnecessarily. This is one factor that you should consider when upgrading to reduce water bills.

Newer homes may already have eco-friendly solutions in place. If not, however, then older toilets can be retrofitted. There are even some rebate plans in place to help you do so.

Low-Flow Toilets

These toilets use less water than normal systems to effectively flush liquid and solid waste. This can be achieved either by a gravity system or a high-pressure system.

A gravity system uses natural gravity to eliminate all waste while using minimal water. With a siphoning system in place, gravity toilets easily and quickly remove waste. They are also fast to repair in the event something goes wrong.

High-pressure toilets use pressurized air stored in the tank to forcefully push the water and waste out of the bowl and into the drains. While effective, these can be loud and may thus be disruptive to the household. If you notice excess noise, do not hesitate to call an emergency plumber to take a look at your plumbing.

Dual-Flush Toilets

These are a common system in most homes now, and are identified by two buttons on top of the cistern.

One button will use enough water to wash away liquid waste, while the other button will use a little more water to remove solid matter. This approach allows you to take more control over the utility bill and save money.

High-Pressure Appliances

Showers, faucets, dishwashers, and washing machines all use water to perform their roles. This water is typically placed under pressure in order to be effective.

There are systems that you can add to these appliances to maintain the pressure, while reducing the amount of water needed, and still allow them to function properly. Most of these systems are also made from recycled materials, thus reducing your carbon footprint even further.

Low-flow systems for showers work similarly to low-flow systems for toilets, allowing you to shower with the same pressure, just with less water.

Choosing different settings, such as cooler water temperatures for washing machines, all add up to great savings both financially and for the environment. Do know that high-pressure appliances may require regular maintenance as they utilize powerful equipment. In cases of sudden malfunction, contact your nearest emergency plumber.

Recycle the Rain and Grey Water

You can easily purchase rainwater systems online, from your local hardware store, or through some community programs led by the city. These systems allow you to collect the rainwater and use it either in the garden or through a filtration system and back into the house for certain appliances.

Toilets are a great appliance to filter this rainwater back into, providing the necessary amount to clear away waste. It can also be used in washing machines and showers with the proper system installed.

This helps you reduce your utility bills, while using a resource that is readily available for free.

You may have heard of the term “grey water”. This refers to the water generated in residential and commercial buildings that do not contain organic waste material.

This water can be easily cleaned without the use of a treatment plant and, in many rural areas, is recycled back into the building. It’s another great way to recycle water, keep impurities out of the local environment, and reduce waste and utility bills.

Regular Maintenance and Upgrades

The older the home, the more likely it is to have pipes that are worn out and damaged, thus requiring replacement.

By using recycled materials, you can easily do this while saving the environment. With regular maintenance, you can prevent worn pipes from bursting and creating larger, more expensive issues.

These materials are also typically easier on the budget, too. So, making the decision to upgrade, or even installing new eco-friendly systems, doesn’t have to break the bank. This can be done in stages, thus avoiding large invoices that all need to be paid at once.

Contact the Plumbing Professionals

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