Drain Hydro-Jetting and Cleaning Service in Toronto & GTA

Drain Hydro-jetting And Cleaning Service

Your plumbing system needs thorough cleaning. That’s right — just because you flush waste items with water doesn’t mean they flow right out of your home. Common household waste like oil, grease, fats, soap residue, loose hair, particles from chemical cleaners, and other debris often stay lodged in the drains and block them over time.

You might not realize that you have a plumbing nightmare on your hands until it strikes. Most homeowners are left unpleasantly surprised when they come home to backed-up drains or worse, wastewater flooding. But they’re even more shocked to find out that the signs were right in front of them — frequently standing water and weak flushing power indicating thoroughly clogged drains.

Drain Hydro-Jetting Service

It’s easy to clean dust, grime, and other debris on the surface, but clogged drains are hard to visualize — and reach — on your own. Even with the best housekeeping habits, you’ll still need a professional drain cleaning service to thoroughly flush out pesky waste items that stay lodged in your home’s plumbing system and cause large emergencies over time. That’s why we offer drain hydro-jetting.

Drain hydro-jetting is the fastest and most effective way to clean and unclog drains, ridding them of damaging waste build-up for good. Instead of harmful and corrosive chemical cleaners, pipe snakes, and other traditional methods, a professional hydro-jetting service scrubs drains clean using high-pressure water. There’s nothing more effective than a burst of water to get rid of sludge and restore drains to their optimal performance. Drain hydro-jetting is completely safe and toxic-free, so your drains get the thorough clean they need without being exposed to further damage.

Trust Our Drain Hydro-Jetting Experts

Drain King Plumbers works with certified plumbing experts and uses the latest hydro-jetting equipment to flush waste lodged in the drains that cause harmful blockages and messy backups. Trust our plumbers to provide fast and reliable service for proactive maintenance of both ageing and modern drainage systems.

After a camera-led drain inspection, our plumbers recommend hydro-jetting for removing blockages and restore optimal drainage. We use industry-standard imaging tools to locate and assess areas that need drain hydro-jetting remotely and hassle-free, and deploy hydro-jetting equipment to clean drains thoroughly and remove blockages.

Our advanced equipment and plumbing practices allow us to move away from traditional methods like pipe snaking that can’t effectively flush out “soft deposits” like oil and grease lodged in pipe walls. Using high-pressure water and no harmful and corrosive chemicals, our guarantee is safe and effective drain cleaning. Save money by preventing emergencies and extensive repairs, and live cleaner with a healthy plumbing and waste disposal system.

Clean Home, Better Living: Drain Hydro-Jetting Benefits

Drain hydro-jetting is a professional plumbing service that eliminates waste buildup that blocks and stresses the drains, causing breakage and major plumbing issues. Whether part of your preventative maintenance plan or a separate service, it’s the best way to get through to pipework for an effective, long-term clean.

Not sure you need drain hydro-jetting? These unique benefits from a professional service remove blockages and restore pipes to brand-new condition for optimal function:

  • Thorough drain and pipe cleaning, including soft deposits on walls and lining
  • Reduces routine maintenance requirements
  • Restores drain performance and speed
  • Reduces water consumption and utility bills
  • Increase the longevity of the plumbing system, avoiding costly replacements.

When to Book Drain Hydro-Jetting

Just as with any plumbing service or repair, many homeowners don’t know when it’s the right time for drain maintenance. Drain hydro-jetting is an essential part of your preventative maintenance plan, as it deep-cleans the drains to restore their optimal performance. But how regularly does it need to be done — and why?

  • Slowly draining pipes, especially when occurring in multiple areas of your home
  • Odd noises coming from the drains or pipes
  • Foul odours circulating indoors, even when the surroundings are clean
  • Increasing water bills due to poor flow of water and resulting drainage performance
  • Old plumbing fixtures like deteriorating pipes.

A thorough inspection of the drains can reveal just how backed-up and blocked they are. Based on this, our plumbers recommend how much — and how often — hydro-jetting you’ll need as part of your regular plumbing maintenance plan, and to restore optimal drainage performance.

Drain Hydro-Jetting: Frequently Answered Questions

How does hydro-jetting work?

Hydro-jetting is a leading drain cleaning technique that involves high-pressure flushing of water into the drains. Each cycle uses up to 18 gallons of water per minute, with a pressure rating of up to 4,000 psi. That’s an extremely high amount of pressure — enough to safely remove debris lodged in the pipes, including soft deposits lining the walls, without using harmful and corrosive chemicals. It’s also less prone to damaging plumbing fixtures compared to methods like mechanical rodding.

How effective is hydro-jetting?

When done by professionals, hydro-jetting can remove 100% of grease, debris, and other waste items lodged in the drains and causing damaging build-up. Depending on your lifestyle and the condition of your plumbing system, it’s a regular, preventative maintenance service that keeps the drains functioning properly for longer to avoid large plumbing emergencies.

Can I do a DIY hydro-jetting?

Hydro-jetting is extremely effective when done right — that means done by professional plumbers and technicians using industry-standard equipment. Our plumbers and technicians are both well-equipped and specially trained to use hydro-jetting equipment properly, ensuring a safe and effective clean that you can count on to maintain your home’s plumbing system.

For more information about drain hydro-jetting and the benefits of an all-natural, professional clean, contact Drain King Plumbers here or give us a call at 833-983-5301.

What is Drain water jetting?

Drain water jetting is a form of drain cleaning commonly known as "Hydro Jetting". Hydro jetting is one of the most effective ways to clean the entire interior of a pipe and its interior walls using high pressure water!

When Do I Need Professionals For Drain Hydro Jetting?

You should call a professional for Hydro Jetting if you are experiencing symptoms of a clogged drain or if your drains have not been cleaned in a while. Operating these machines require an experienced plumber. These machines can work wonders if used properly, however, they can also cause property damage or bodily injury if the operator is inexperienced.

What are the benefits of using Hydro-Jetting?

The benefits of hydro jetting include; Cleans debris clinging to pipe walls, Flushes out unwanted debris, Years of un-interupted drainage!

What is the difference between hydro jetting and drain snaking?

While "Drain Snakes" are used to clear through an obstruction. A Hydro Jetter is used to thoroughly clean and wash your drain free of all unwanted grease and debris!

Can Hydro-Jetting damage pipes?

Hydro Jetting alone should not damage pipes unless the pipes integrity is compromised due to old age, poor installation, or enviromental change.