Toilet Installation, Repair and Maintenance in Toronto & GTA

Toilet Repair Maintenance & Installation Services

The reality in life is that toilets are a necessity. We all need to expel waste out of our bodies, and thanks to modern plumbing, we can do this with one quick press on the flush — without having to squat in the woods.

But what happens when the toilet is clogged? With everything flushed down it, a clogged toilet is no small nightmare; it’s a huge, smelly mess that’s hard to clean up. Even then, you’re left with a broken fixture that can’t be used when you need to go. This calls for an emergency plumbing service, which includes repair, and for severe clogging, new toilet installation and maintenance.

Professional Toilet Installation and Repair

Drain King Plumbers sends certified plumbing technicians to your home to respond to plumbing emergencies and install new toilets and fixtures. Our full suite of toilet installation and repair services include unclogging toilets, fixing and sealing off leaks, repairing flushing mechanisms, and installing new units.

Our certified plumbing experts are available 24/7 and can respond to any toilet emergency. From recurring clogging, continuous running, low flushing strength, cracks, and breakage, we can repair and install toilets to restore optimal function. Skip the mess and smell and go exactly when you need to, with full trust in a toilet that does its job perfectly.

Toilet Installation Services

What We Fix

Toilets are a staple in every house — we all need a minute or two to sit and do our business, and we’ve been so used to having them around that it’s become impossible to survive without one. That’s why a toilet plumbing emergency is inconvenient and disruptive. Even just being unable to flush after a single trip can quickly become a nightmare, and indicate larger plumbing issues.

So, when do you need to call Drain King Plumbers?

Toilet Repairs

Aside from fixing flushing and draining mechanisms, our toilet installation and maintenance services also include repairs for cracked or broken porcelain. Minor chips can be patched up in no time, which ensures both comfort and structural integrity. For severe damage, our plumbing experts recommend and install a replacement unit, complete to your size and style specifications, as well as add-ons.

Toilet Maintenance

Checking the flushing and draining mechanisms, as well as the surface of the toilet bowl for cracks and chips, should be part of your regular plumbing maintenance plan. Our certified plumbing experts routinely inspect and test your toilet’s function to repair or replace malfunctioning fixtures. This proactive maintenance plan prolongs the lifespan of your unit and prevents the need for unexpected and expensive replacements during a full breakdown.

For increased maintenance and improved toilet use, make sure to check the rubber cover at the bottom of the tank. Call our plumbers at the first sight of warping, as this indicates continuous running that can result in expensive water bills. As well, make sure that your toilet is re-caulked periodically to prevent expensive and damaging leakage.

To learn more about our toilet installation and maintenance services, call Drain King Plumbers at 833-983-5301 or contact us here.

Drain Cleaning: Frequently Asked Questions

How do you properly install a toilet?
Installing a toilet will generally require removal of the old toilet, installation of a new gasket and supply line. Set the new toilet, tighten the bolts, and secure the water line.
How much should it cost to have a toilet installed?
Toilet installations will cost on average between $250 to $350.
How often should you replace a toilet?
Toilet replacement is recommended after 7-10 years.
What equipment is need to install a toilet?
A toilet can be installed with just a pair of plyers and a screwdriver.
How long will it take to install or replace a toilet?
An average toilet replacement will take approximately 1 hour.