Faucet Repair and Installation Service in Toronto & GTA

Faucet Repair & Installation Services

When we think of plumbing and water supply, the most common things that come to mind include fixtures like faucets. Designed to keep the tap running or shut it off, faucets serve as a gateway to the rest of the plumbing system — essentially, how much water we use in a day. Unfortunately, this means heavy wear-and-tear every day, and over time can result in broken or leaky faucets.

Ageing and heavily used faucets are prone to the most common plumbing issues, such as dripping taps, low water pressure, slow heating and cooling, and broken or cracked fixtures, which make it impossible to control the flow of water. When these happen, it’s time to install new faucets and keep your water bill to a minimum.

Custom Faucets

For those looking to update the decor of your bathroom or kitchen, new faucets can be the perfect complement. Whether you opt for modern or traditional decor, finding the perfect faucets can be the finishing touch to your perfect room. We offer a selection of faucets available for your renovation. If you already have the perfect faucets, we can install them. When you’re renovating your kitchen or bathroom, you can trust that we will install your fixtures with the precision and care necessary to ensure they will last for years to come.

Professional Faucet Installation

On the surface, faucets seem like simple fixtures that can be installed using DIY methods. But do you want to run the risk of leaks, breaking or cracks, ending up with the wrong kind, or malfunction?

Drain King Plumbers works with certified plumbing professionals to install reliably working faucets in your home. Whether it’s an emergency or a long-overdue replacement, we offer complete faucet installation services from finding the best faucet of your needs to installing it and ensuring optimal function. Our quick response, hassle-free faucet installation service, allows you to get the water supply you need in no time.

Faucet Installation Services

The kitchen and bathroom are the two most common areas that require working faucets and reliable water supply. Cooking, cleaning, and taking care of even basic hygiene wouldn’t be possible with a functioning plumbing system and fixtures that regulate the flow of water for every activity.

  • Bathroom faucets: our certified plumbers can repair and install new faucets, including the cartridge, ball, disk, and compression types, whether it’s an emergency or as part of home renovations.
  • Kitchen faucets: eliminate pesky drips and leaks, no matter how many new dishes you whip up — and have to wash. Aside from faucet installation, we also offer sink and garbage installation for a complete suite of kitchen plumbing fixtures.
  • Custom faucets: for the stylish and innovative, truly cohesive interior design and modern lifestyle extends to the fixtures that allow you to enjoy these. For access to water, this includes custom fixtures that fit your home’s aesthetic and enable precise, ergonomic function.

Faucet Repairs

Faucets are used multiple times in a day — just think about how many times you wash your hands, shower, need drinking water, wash dishes, and clean. It’s no surprise that they suffer through so much wear-and-tear, resulting in breakage or cracks. A malfunctioning faucet can also result in problems with water pressure, as it’s difficult to regulate the flow of water with a broken fixture. When you can’t twist and turn the knobs to shut the taps off fully, you could be looking at drips, leaks, and higher water bills.

Trust our professional plumbers to repair faucets in the kitchen, bathroom, or even on the lawn to restore their optimal function. Conserve water, earn savings, and enjoy reliable access to water supply 24/7.

Faucet Maintenance

It’s a good practice to pay attention to plumbing fixtures beyond installation or repair needs. Just because your faucet isn’t broken doesn’t mean it doesn’t need maintenance.

Faucet maintenance allows a certified plumber to check and restore water pressure and flow across taps. This routine maintenance plan also includes cleaning by soaking faucets in solutions that break down mineral deposits and remove grime, removing blockages in the flow of water. Protect your taps — and your pockets — from constant, costly replacement, and get the water supply you need when you need it.

For more information about faucet installation and maintenance, call us at 833-983-5301 or contact us here.

Drain Cleaning: Frequently Asked Questions

What equipment is needed to install a faucet?

Most faucets require tools like plyers, a basin wrench and a screwdriver to install securely. However some faucets will require special tools in order to install them.

How much does it cost to have a faucet installed?

Most faucet installations cost between $150 to $350. However some higher end faucets will cost more.

Do you need a plumber to replace a faucet?

Although you may be able to tackle installing a faucet yourself, it is a good idea to have a professional install it to ensure it's done right.

How long does it take install or replace a faucet?

A typical faucet will take under an hour to install. Removing the old one can often take longer than installing the new one.

What are some risks with installing faucets without a plumber?

Risks of installation a faucet without a plumber include; flooding, and damage to property or even people.

What brand of faucets do plumbers recommend?

Moen is a common choice for many plumbers.