Plumbing Services in Markham: Burst Pipes, Clogged Drains, and Backed-Up Sewers

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Markham is the complete package — with bustling business centres ushering an influx of capital and growth in the York Region, this city bordering Toronto in the northeast has also become an enviable residential hub.

Anyone who lives or runs a business in Markham is lucky to call this bustling city their home. This means accessing modern spaces and lifestyle solutions — including those of the plumbing variety. Your home, office building, or retail store needs these fixtures to function to ensure a consistent supply of water and proper waste disposal from the sink and toilet.

But when these break down because of ageing, heavy use, or even seasonal extremes, it helps to know that you won’t be stuck for long without running taps and waste disposal down the drains. Get clogged drains, burst pipes, broken faucets, and backed-up sewers fixed in no time with Drain King Plumbers.

#1 Plumbers in Markham

Drain King Plumbers is proud to be locally owned — that means, we understand all your plumbing needs and concerns, especially those affected by the local weather and lifestyle in a growing urban hub like Markham.

For this, we offer essential plumbing repairs and replacements to restore your water supply and waste disposal systems. Trust our expertly trained and certified plumbers to repair broken faucets and pipe joints, unclog drains and sewers, and maintain these fixtures to maximize their usable life.

We use the latest tools and equipment to locate damage in fixtures, pipes and drains, and plan for their fast repair or replacement to restore optimal function, as well as your daily routine. Our plumbers can handle any plumbing emergency, whether it’s at an apartment, condo, and house, or retail establishments and commercial developments. Turn the taps back on and flush out waste effectively, while keeping hydro bills affordable.

Plumbing Services in Markham

  • 24/7 response: our plumbers are equipped to respond to broken faucets, burst pipes, clogged drains, sewage backups, and indoor flooding anytime, anywhere. Our 24/7 response team can repair or replace these fixtures the moment the damage occurs to prevent further damage.
  • Advanced tools and techniques: we use drain and sewer cameras, mechanical augers, and high-powered hydro-jetting valves to inspect, clean, and repair damaged drains and pipes. We also use the no-dig, trenchless pipe, drain, and sewer replacement technique for a clean and hassle-free installation of new underground fixtures.
  • Ongoing maintenance: every plumbing emergency is preventable with regular maintenance. Our preventative maintenance program is tailored according to your lifestyle and budget, so you can ensure the optimal function of your water supply and waste disposal systems at the most affordable prices.

Plumbing Installations & Repairs in Markham

1. Custom fixtures and installation

Plumbing Installation Markham

Markham homeowners like you deserve a modern living space designed according to your busy lifestyle, the needs of a growing family, and personal aesthetic. Whether it’s an apartment, condo, or single-detached home, a comfortable living experience requires properly functioning kitchens, bathrooms, and even green space. All these require essential plumbing fixtures to ensure reliable water supply and waste disposal systems.

Our team of certified plumbers work with you to select, install, and maintain plumbing essentials like faucets, new pipe joints, and drainage systems. Not only will these fixtures match your home’s interior design and ensure quick and easy operation, but these guarantee maximum water pressure and sustainable use.

We’ll use advanced tools and techniques to ensure fast and seamless installation of these fixtures. These enable reliable water supply and drainage connections for proper waste disposal. So go ahead — turn on the taps and cook, clean, and go about your daily routine knowing that your plumbing system can deliver the water you need and simultaneously flush out waste.

2. Plumbing repairs

The constant drip of leaky taps and pipes aren’t just annoying, but they can also become quickly expensive as the bills pile up. But weakened, collapsed, or burst pipes cause even more damage, as these can result in indoor flooding that damages furniture, appliances, and even your home’s structural integrity. These broken fixtures need to be repaired as soon as possible to avoid larger damage — and keep your water bills from racking up.

Our plumbers can quickly locate leaky or broken faucets and cracked or collapsed pipes, including those underground. We use specialized fibre-optic cameras guided by flexible metal cables to thoroughly inspect pipes and locate the damage.

We can also patch up minor damages simply by applying protective layers like resin lining. This restores the optimal function of pipes to ensure maximum use before they’re due for replacement. For severely damaged pipes and drains, we can employ a trenchless, no-dig replacement method to avoid messing up your lawn or yard. With these advanced tools and techniques, we can restore your home’s plumbing system.

3. Drain and sewer repairs

Cooking, cleaning, and looking after your personal care all use water to flush out some of the most common waste items. Fat, grease, oil, loose hair, sludge, residue from hygiene products, and other debris, as well as growing roots from nearby plants and trees, all collect in the drains. And while these should be flushed out with wastewater, they often build up and cause blockages.

As these blockages accumulate, they cause clogs, and eventually sewage back-ups. First, you’ll notice standing water and slow drainage; at worst, the back-ups can flood back indoors, leaving you with a large mess and even safety hazards.

Our certified plumbers use drain and sewer cameras to locate built-up waste and clogs. We use high-powered drain and sewer hydro-jetting to flush the pipes and remove these blockages safely and toxic-fee — that means no corrosive or harmful chemicals. We’ll also reinforce the pipe walls with resin lining to restore their performance. For severe clogs and back-ups, we’ll work with you to plan for an affordable and hassle-free trenchless pipe, drain, and sewer replacement.

4. Weatherproofing and winterizing

Just like the rest of the GTA, Markham residents enjoy the perks of the changing four seasons — that is, until the temperatures drop well below zero and become unbearably freezing. From chilly air and slippery roads outdoors to the risk of flooding from frozen and burst pipes indoors, it’s no secret that some days are less of a winter wonderland and more of a plumbing nightmare.

Empty taps are often the first sign of frozen pipes, which can easily turn into burst ones as the pressure mounts and cracks the pipe joints. This leads to indoor flooding, particularly in moisture-rich areas like the basement. The good news is, we can quickly get the taps running, and the flood drained. Our 24/7 plumbing emergency services include thawing frozen pipes, repairing burst ones and failed sump pumps to restore flowing water, no matter how cold it gets.

But that’s not all — our plumbers can even help prevent pipes from freezing and bursting to begin with. Our weatherproofing and winterizing services include fitting exposed pipes and fixtures with heating cables, as well as installing sump pumps and backwater valves to prevent indoor flooding. We’ll even assess and repair cracks in the foundation to prevent water damage and eliminate moisture and mould.


5. Plumbing maintenance

The simple truth is — every plumbing emergency is 100% preventable. Unfortunately, most homeowners only call a plumber when it’s too late: the pipes have already burst, and the clogged drains are so severe that the sewers are backed-up and even start to flood. All of these could have easily been prevented with regular maintenance.

Drain King Plumbers offers a comprehensive plumbing maintenance program that we tailor to your lifestyle and budget. This routine service includes sewer and drain camera inspections to locate waste build-up and blockages, as well as patching up minor damage with drain and sewer relining. We can also plan for trenchless repair and replacement of ageing fixtures, rather than wait for an emergency to strike.

6. 24/7 emergency plumbing

A flooded basement, burst pipe, sewage back-up, or even the constant drip from leaky pipes and faucets are all disruptive — and even costly — plumbing nightmares. Aside from the spikes in your water bill, there’s also the mess, hassle, and damage to your furniture, appliances, and even your home’s structural integrity.

But don’t panic — Drain King Plumbers offers 24/7 emergency plumbing services anywhere in Markham. Trust our certified plumbers to be at your home in minutes, ready to patch up leaky faucets, burst pipes, clogged and backed-up drains, and flooded basements. We’ll restore your home’s plumbing system to make it good as new. All you need to do is call us at the first sign of trouble. Emergency plumbing services include:

  • Cracked, burst, or collapsed pipes: pipe joints are interconnected throughout your home to provide water supply and ensure the proper flow of wastewater outside. Even a single disconnection disrupts the entire network and causes anything from expensive water bills to indoor flooding and structural damage.
  • Overflowing toilets: the plunger is your first line of defence against minor and occasional clogs. But do you find that you have to use it a lot more lately? This could indicate drainage and sewage issues. Our plumbers can locate the source of these clogs and back-ups and remove them to avoid leaks and flooding.
  • Clogged drains: your daily activities produce waste, such as fat, grease, loose hair, residue from personal care products, and other debris, as well as tree roots from nearby plants and trees. These are often flushed down the drains to flow towards the sewer lines for disposal. But what often happens is that these stay lodged in the drains, building up to cause clogs. Our plumbers inspect, clean, and hydro-jet clogged drains and sewers to prevent back-ups and ensure the proper flow of wastewater.
  • Failed sump pump and backwater valves: these flood-protection fixtures prevent melting snow and heavy rains from impacting your home, especially moisture-rich areas like the basement. But when they fail, you could come home to a flooded basement. Our plumbers can repair these fixtures to prevent flooding.

7. Commercial plumbing

Just northeast of Toronto is one of the busiest and fastest-growing business districts. The city of Markham is proud to host some of the biggest commercial, retail, and industrial players in the market. But with this flurry of employee, guest, and customer activity comes a demand for productive workspaces and a comfortable environment. These start with installing and maintaining modern fixtures, including plumbing essentials.

Our certified plumbers understand the needs of kitchen operations, office buildings, and industrial facilities. For these, we scale our plumbing solutions to meet the high-volume water supply and drainage requirements of large properties and busy stores or offices. Our guarantee is an efficient and budget-friendly water supply combined with a smooth flow of wastewater disposal. Our scalable plumbing solutions are designed to eliminate clogs, back-ups, and flooding.

As well, we also work with you to select and install sustainable fixtures and maintain multiple bathrooms, kitchens, and other facilities. Our plumbers offer custom plumbing design options and custom-tailored, budget-friendly maintenance plans to ensure the optimal function and sustainability of your plumbing system.

Our Plumbers in Markham are Local Experts

Drain King Plumbers is proud to be locally owned and widely available in the GTA. Our certified plumbing and sewer technicians are expertly trained not only in the latest tools and techniques but also in the unique seasonal requirements of residents and businesses in Markham to prevent fixtures from freezing and causing a damaging indoor flood.

We’re proud to offer fast and effective 24/7 emergency plumbing services in Markham. This allows us to respond to any plumbing issue as soon as possible and restore your water supply and waste disposal systems to optimal function. Best of all, we offer all of these services at fair prices and ensure excellent customer service at every step — it’s the least we can do to make every plumbing emergency a little less of a nightmare.

Fast and Effective Plumbing Response & Installation in Markham

No one should come home to a leaky faucet, burst pipe, or worse, backed-up and flooded sewers. These plumbing nightmares are disruptive to your home or business, and without the right provider can even become very expensive. That’s why we work to undo all of these nightmares. We use the latest tools and techniques to repair or replace plumbing fixtures and set you up with a regular maintenance plan to prevent these from reoccurring. We’re available 24/7, 365 days, to restore your plumbing system.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do in case of a plumbing emergency in Markham, Ontario, before Drain King Plumbers arrive?

In case of a plumbing emergency, turn off the water supply to the affected area, if possible. It’s also a good idea to shut off the main water supply to prevent further damage until our team arrives in Markham, Ontario.

Do you offer warranties on your plumbing services in Markham, Ontario?

Yes, we provide warranties on our plumbing services in Markham, Ontario. The warranty period may vary depending on the type of service. Be sure to ask our technicians about the specific warranty for your project.

Can Drain King Plumbers handle commercial plumbing projects in Markham, Ontario?

Yes, Drain King Plumbers is equipped to handle both residential and commercial plumbing projects in Markham, Ontario. We have the experience and resources to tackle plumbing needs of all sizes.

Are your plumbing services available 24/7 in Markham, Ontario?

Yes, Drain King Plumbers offers 24/7 emergency plumbing services in Markham, Ontario. You can count on us to be there whenever you need us, day or night.

Are Drain King Plumbers licensed and insured for work in Markham, Ontario?

Yes, we are fully licensed and insured plumbing professionals in Markham, Ontario. Our team is trained and certified to handle various plumbing tasks safely and efficiently.

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Steph S
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Reuben Glasgow
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