Drain Replacement Services in Toronto & GTA

Drain Replacement Services

The fact is, you put your home’s plumbing system through a lot every day — the taps run for cleaning, cooking, cleaning, and showering, and the toilets flush the waste down. Throughout these activities, it’s the drains that work overtime, so wastewater and other items can be safely channelled out of your home. That’s why it’s no surprise when these clog.

Clogged drains are the number one enemy of every plumbing system. Even if water flows through the pipes, it won’t go anywhere if it can’t be flushed down the drain as you go about your cooking and cleaning errands. While a professional plumber can quickly resolve the occasional clog, recurring clogging indicates that it may be time for a full drain replacement.

Do I Need a Drain Replacement?

Unlike typical household appliances and other plumbing fixtures like faucets and showerheads, drains aren’t as visible. Many homeowners don’t even notice problems with the drain until it clogs. While some drains can be unclogged simply by removing the blockage, ageing, deteriorated fixtures, and recurring clogging require replacement.

Drain replacement is a great option for houses designed with old, underground clay pipes — and the GTA sure has a lot of them. Unlike metal pipes, these are highly prone to cracks and leaks, combined with recurring clogs in drains; this can result in a major plumbing emergency like backups and flooding. If you find that you have to unclog your drain regularly, it’s time to look at a more sustainable solution.

Ask Our Drain Replacement Experts

You use the taps and flush the waste down the toilet multiple times in a day, but have you noticed water pooling in the sink, toilet, or shower longer than it should? This is the first sign of drainage issues

At Drain King Plumbers, our certified plumbing experts are trained to look beyond every clogged drain we encounter. We know that while a few mishaps can be fixed with a simple unclogging, recurring issues require a more extensive and lasting solution.

When you call in a drainage issue or plumbing emergency, our plumbers inspect the entire plumbing system, including the individual and main drainages. We use advanced tools like drain cameras to inspect the drains before recommending a full replacement. We’ll replace malfunctioning and damaged drains expertly, so you can count on them for years to come.

Trenchless Drain Replacement

Just because we perform extensive plumbing work on your property doesn’t mean it has to look like it, leaving a huge mess behind. A lot of homeowners are wary of plumbing repairs, like drain replacements, because these typically involve digging holes into the ground and unearthing lots of waste buildup in the process. However, this is no longer the case.

Our certified plumbing experts now offer trenchless drain replacement. This new, innovative technique uses pipe bursting to minimize excavation and cleanup.

  1. We drill a small hole in the collapsed drain
  2. A bursting pipe head is inserted and threaded along the path of the drain
  3. With minimal debris, we can thread a new drain pipe to replace the old, broken one
  4. We then install a backwater valve to prevent sewage backups and indoor flooding

Our guarantee is a clean, hassle-free drain replacement service — you’ll never even know that we were there. That’s because our certified plumbing technicians use drop sheets to minimize dirt and debris on your property and clean up afterward, leaving the place spotless.

When to Replace Your Drain

Clogs are the number one sign of drainage issues, but most homeowners don’t even notice these or realize the extent of the issue until it becomes a recurring problem. By then, it’s only a matter of time — or a few washes, greasy pans, and toilet flushes — before the sewer backs up and wastewater floods the place. Because of this, drain replacement becomes a plumbing emergency and not a proactive solution or lasting guarantee for reliable water supply and waste disposal.

The sewer doesn’t have to back up, and you don’t have to come home to a flooded basement before you call a plumber. Watch out for these common — and sometimes, less obvious — signs of drainage issues to book a drain replacement:

  • Slow drainage: everything you wash down the sink or flush out goes to the drains. These waste items can build up in the drains over time, creating blockages that lead to clogged, collapsed, and broken drains and pipes.
  • Recurring clogging: slow drains are a symptom of clogs. If this happens frequently, it’s a sign of a larger drainage issue in the main system rather than just in individual units. Other signs of clogged drains include strange, foul smells, and at worse, can even result in leaks, backups, and wastewater floods. Aside from waste buildup, clogged drains are caused by tree root intrusion into the pipes, as well as collapsed or cracked pipes.
  • Leaks: leaky pipes and drains can be observed from constantly dripping faucets, as well as excess moisture and mould. This water damage can result in flooding, as cracked pipes are unable to handle the water pressure.
  • Ageing: a lot of old houses — usually over 25 years old — still have their original plumbing. This means ageing, malfunctioning pipes and drains can fail anytime, resulting in massive emergencies like major leaks and backups. Start with a drain inspection and replacement to avoid this and save on long-term plumbing costs and water bills.
  • Growing tree roots: the big, beautiful tree in your backyard might be playing a huge role in your home’s unique charm and comfort, but their roots could very well have wrapped around the pipes by now, causing tension and breakage. A full plumbing inspection and drain replacement provides an overhaul of the entire system, allowing you to avoid these intrusive roots.

Drain Replacement: Frequently Asked Questions

What does drain replacement include?

Drain replacement is a full service that starts with underground plumbing, fixture inspection, and removal of old clay pipes, ending with the replacement of broken, collapsed, cracked, and shifted ones. As well, Drain King Plumbers offers ongoing maintenance through drain cleaning to ensure optimal function for years to come.

What can happen if old drains are not replaced?

Because old drains and pipes are exposed to long-term wear-and-tear, these are likely corroded and can easily break, causing massive leaks, clogging, and bacteria-filled, smelly wastewater flooding. Unfortunately, these plumbing emergencies take longer — and cost more — to fix. That’s why it’s important to book a regular drain cleaning and maintenance service. Based on the condition of your drains, a plumber may recommend a replacement to resolve drainage issues before they become emergencies.

Do all the drains have to be replaced at the same time?

A full drain replacement sounds expensive upfront, but the truth is, it’s an investment in your home and quality of life. Sometimes when you call a plumber, it’s only for one leaky fixture or standing water in the tub when you shower. The fact is, each plumbing system is different — it’s why our plumbers take time to inspect the entire system, recommending the exact repair and replacements you need to prevent emergencies.

For more information about drain replacement, contact Drain King Plumbers here, or give us a call at 833-983-5301.