Sewer Maintenance Services in Toronto & GTA

The waste from your home has to go somewhere. It’s like taking out the trash but think of the items that don’t belong there. Waste materials like kitchen grease, residue from hygiene and sanitary products, chemicals, loose hair, kitchen and bathroom grime, and other items are usually flushed down the drains. But they don’t always belong there.

A functioning sewer system gets rid of everything you flush down the drains. It directs this flow of wastewater safely outside your home and towards the city’s main lines for proper treatment and disposal. However, it doesn’t always work. When this happens, you could easily be looking at poor water quality and health hazards. As most of these problems start at home, it’s important to look after your sewer lines with regular maintenance.

What is Sewer Maintenance?

Your sewer system works nonstop to flush wastewater outside your home. This cycle makes it prone to wear-and-tear, as well as clogs and leaks over the years, depending on what you flush down the drains.

Sewers are tough — they’re built to be put through a lot as the years go by. Because of this, they’ll need the occasional push or reset to work correctly. Without regular maintenance, you could easily come home to a flooded basement, heavily clogged drains, and large and expensive pipe leaks. These plumbing nightmares cost much more and take longer to fix. A simple sewer maintenance plan complete with a sewer camera inspection, cleaning, unclogging, and hydro-jetting can prevent all that. This can save you thousands of dollars in plumbing and overall productivity.

Book a Sewer Maintenance Service

At Drain King Plumbers, we know that working sewers and a reliable water supply and waste disposal system is a long-term investment. That’s why we recommend regular sewer maintenance. For this, we use the latest sewer camera technology, as well as industry-standard tools for removing clogs and thorough hydro-jetting.

Regular sewer inspection and cleaning allows our plumbers and sewer technicians to stay on top of drainage and waste disposal problems. With regular maintenance, we can help make sure that you don’t come home to a flooded basement or a severely clogged drain — and the expensive emergency plumbing bills that come with them. Trust our plumbers to provide exceptional service and proactive sewer maintenance every time, keeping sewer lines clear for proper wastewater disposal.

Your Sewer Maintenance Plan

1. Sewer camera inspection

Our plumbers need to know what they’re dealing with. Whether it’s clogged drains, pipe leaks, or encroaching tree roots, there’s only one way to find out. Forget digging up massive holes in your garden and ruined landscaping. Our advanced sewer camera technology is changing how checking sewers is done.

A thorough sewer camera inspection is the first step in your regular sewer maintenance service. We use a specialized fibre-optic camera attached to flexible metal cables for reliable navigation. The camera provides real-time feedback in high-resolution to our sewer technicians aboveground, which allows us to locate causes of clogs, leaks, and other issues in the sewer line.

2. Sewer cleaning

Waste items don’t belong in your home. From fat and grease to sludge, tree roots, and other debris, these need to be flushed out properly. But how?

A lot of these items are often flushed down the drains, but over time, they build up instead of flowing out and cause clogs. You won’t know that this is happening until you notice standing water, indicating slow drains, eventually leading to back-ups. To avoid this, you need regular sewer cleaning and unclogging. Regular sewer cleaning removes these damaging debris and keeps the flow of wastewater clear for proper disposal.

3. Drain clog removal

One or two clogged drains at a time may be quickly unclogged with a mechanical auger or a plunger, but multiple and frequently recurring clogs point to a problem in the main sewer lines. This means that many drains are not functioning correctly, which blocks the flow of wastewater to the sewers.

Regular sewer maintenance allows our plumbers to diagnose problems in the sewer lines. Using sewer cameras that provide real-time feedback, we can locate clogs and blockages beyond individual drains. We can then plan for permanent fixes in the main system to restore the flow of waste items from all over your house to the main sewer.

4. Water Jetting

Waste removal has never been easier. Unlike in traditional plumbing techniques, water jetting is exactly what it sounds like — it uses highly pressurized water fed into the drains to shake debris loose and break up large blockages like tree roots that block the flow of wastewater to the sewers.

This method is toxic-free and much safer than chemical removal, and when done right can remove 100% of fat, oil, grease, sludge, tree root, and other sediment deposit in the pipes and sewer lines. Effective sewer hydro-jetting is achieved using up to 18 gallons of water, streamed at 4,000 PSI. This extremely high pressure rids sewer lines of blockage-causing build-ups and ensures the health and long-term use of essential plumbing fixtures.

Sewer Maintenance: Your Frequently Asked Questions

What do the sewers do?

Here’s a little refresher — sewer systems are designed for sanitation. When functioning properly, it’s a network of underground pipes, manholes, and pumping stations that direct a safe and leak-free flow of wastewater flushed throughout your daily cooking, cleaning, and showering outside your home.

This cycle of water supply and waste disposal allows the plumbing system to deliver clean, potable water. Your home’s sewers are connected to the city’s main lines, which direct the wastewater collected to treatment plants where they are refined for a safe return to the environment.

What does sewer maintenance include?

Sewer maintenance is a complete check-up of your home’s plumbing and waste disposal system. It includes inspecting the sewer lines remotely, as well as cleaning, patching up, and removing blockages. You can expect your sewer maintenance service to include these fixtures:

  • Main sewer lines
  • Branch sewer lines
  • Storm sewers
  • Leader drains
  • Yard and lot drains
  • Roof drains
  • Toilets and urinals, bathtubs, and showers
  • Kitchen, vanity, and slop sinks
  • Stack lines.

What are the most common causes of clogged sewers?

Sewer clogs point to a problem in the main system — that is, it includes multiple clogged drains and large blockages that make it impossible to dispose of waste collected from various drains and fixtures correctly. These include:

  • Grease clogs: grease collects in kitchen drains and pipes and coagulates, resulting in a clog that blocks future waste items from being flushed out.
  • Tree roots: trees make up a green, refreshing space, but their roots are attracted to nutrient-rich wastewater. This causes them to grow over the pipes and block the flow of wastewater. When left unpruned, they can eventually crush the pipes or cause them to collapse, which leads to leaks and flooding.
  • Other debris: sludge, grime, soap, shampoo residue, and other deposits also collect in the drains in multiple areas of your house, resulting in clogged drains and blocked sewers. In some cases, the chemicals from these waste items can also cause the pipes to corrode and degrade over time.

For more information about sewer maintenance and restoring the optimal flow of wastewater outside your home for proper disposal, contact Drain King Plumbers here, or give us a call at 833-983-5301.

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