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Drains are one of the most important features of any plumbing system, and it is important to take care of them. Blocked drains can cause wastewater to back up through your pipes and end up back in your home, which can cause a great deal of damage – not to mention, it can make quite a mess. Because of this, monitoring your drains and keeping them clean is of the utmost importance.

Signs of a Blocked Drain

Blocked drains are not always easy to spot until they are completely clogged and backing up. However, there are a few simple signs that can tip you off to the presence of a blockage before it makes a mess or causes any significant damage. Because you will have the most familiarity with your drainage system, you will be the first to notice when something is not working properly.

Warning signs you may need a plumber to take a look at your drains:

  • Flushing your toilet is difficult
  • Your sink or bath empties slowly or water pools when the drain is not plugged
  • A noxious smell of mould, bacteria, or rot comes from your pipes

Causes of Blocked Drains

Drain blockages can be caused by a wide variety of things, which makes it important to check your drains on a regular basis. Here are some of the most common causes of residential drain blockages:

  • Leftovers and Food Products

    The fats, oils, and debris that come from cooking your food can settle in the pipes and congeal, which catches other debris and promotes clogging.

  • Hair and Hair Products

    Like food debris, oils, and fats, hair and hair products also contribute to blocked drains. Hair products contain a variety of oils and chemicals that can make blockages larger, while hair that goes down the drain sticks to these blockages until the drain is completely clogged.

  • “Flushable” Wipes

    Although many companies advertise that their wipes are flushable, they are often the cause of pipe blockages. When these flushable wipes do not break down in the plumbing system, they create a blockage that can clog your entire system.

  • Sanitary Items

    Paper towels and other sanitary items can clog your toilet or your drains as well. Especially if a small blockage has already occurred, larger items that cannot break down get caught in these blockages and create larger plugs. In these cases, a plumber is almost always necessary, as the clogs are often too large for drain cleaners found at your local store.

For more information about how to keep your plumbing system healthy, call Drain King Plumbers at (416) 661-5464 or contact us here.


How do you unclog a drain system?

Using different types of drain cleaning equipment. Such as “Snake Machines” and “Hydro Jetters”

What do you do when drain cleaner doesn’t work?

Consult with a Plumber! The drain will likely need to be serviced by a plumbing professional.

How do you unclog a deep-clogged kitchen sink?

“Hydro Jetting” is the only true way to properly clean out a dirty kitchen drain line. If the drain has “structural issues” it may need to be repaired or replaced.

Why does my drain keep getting blocked?

The drain is likely suffering from a structural issue, and should be inspected by a plumbing professional.

What kind of drain cleaning product could I use to get my drains flowing better?

Environmentally safe, and drain friendly products can be used to maintain a clean, and healthy drain. Products such as “Bio Clean” are available from select suppliers.

Should I purchase a pipe snake?

No, Unless you are a trained professional, it is recommended to call in a plumber as to avoid possible damage to yourself and/or personal property while using a pipe snake.

Should I have my lines jetted and will they be clean longer?

Yes, it is highly recommended to periodically “Hydro Jet” your drains. This will greatly reduce the chances of a drain back-up.

Does baking soda and vinegar unclog drains?

No. The best way to clear a drain clog is by using the right “drain cleaning equipment”.
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