Plumbing Services in Ajax & Pickering: Burst Pipes, Clogged Drains, and Backed-Up Sewers

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East of Toronto is the Durham Region, a thriving cluster of emerging cities and towns that offer the perfect balance between city life and a refreshing escape from the hustle and bustle. Ajax and Pickering are two of these growing cities that are close enough to work and lifestyle attractions in Toronto while keeping living expenses affordable and greenspace accessible outside the constant rush.

Whether you live or plan to set up shop in the Ajax or Pickering area, you need a space that’s fitted with modern fixtures, including plumbing essentials. From everyday cooking and cleaning to serving customers and maintaining commercial establishments, you need working taps, flushing toilets, and quickly draining sinks, among other things. And when these break down due to wear-and-tear or seasonal extremities, you’ll also want to have someone to call and ensure that your plumbing system can be up and running again in no time.

Plumbers You Can Trust in Ajax and Pickering

Our certified plumbing experts at Drain King Plumbers are dedicated to helping homeowners like you enjoy the perks of modern plumbing. That is, we get your plumbing system to work for you, from the kitchen to the showers, toilet, and even outdoor faucets. We offer top-notch plumbing installation, repair, maintenance, and emergency services. We’ll get the taps running again in no time — and keep your water bills at bay.

Drain King Plumbers works with all types of properties and their unique plumbing requirements. From apartments and condo units to townhomes, detached homes, and retail or commercial spaces, we can respond to plumbing emergencies and repair or replace fixtures. But more importantly, we can help you become proactive property owners through our regular and custom-tailored plumbing maintenance program.

Our Plumbing Services in Ajax and Pickering

At Drain King Plumbers, we offer all the plumbing repair and maintenance services you need. From installing new fixtures to repairing broken pipes and leaks, unclogging sewers and drains, and responding to plumbing emergencies 24/7, we’re just one call away.

Our plumbers are equipped with the latest tools like drain and sewer cameras, mechanical augers, and hydro-jetting valves, as well as advanced techniques like the trenchless pipe, drain, and sewer replacement method. We bring these and our expert precision to every job, so you can turn the taps back on and flush waste as quickly as possible. All this without disrupting your home’s interiors and landscaping, as well as your daily routine. Trust us to repair and restore your home’s plumbing system and help you get the best use out of it for years to come.

Plumbing Repairs in Ajax and Pickering

1. Custom fixtures and installation

Ajax and Pickering homeowners trust us to install all plumbing fixtures. From sinks, bath tubs and toilets to faucets and showerheads, we help homeowners like you find the perfect options that match your home’s look and feel, and pack maximum water pressure and efficiency. You can trust our plumbing experts to help you design your living space with optimal access to water fixtures in mind, so you can cook, clean, and look after yourself with ease.

Our plumbers come equipped with the latest tools and techniques for fast and seamless fixture installation. We guarantee reliable connections between each water and drainage fixture to the water supply and waste disposal system. These fully functional and long-lasting fixtures allow you to cycle through the water supply and flush wastewater out for years down the line.

2. Plumbing repairs

Leaky faucets and pipes, clogged drains, frozen pipes, and burst pipes have no place in your home. Not only do these cause spikes in your water bill and monthly expenses, but these plumbing emergencies are also destructive to furniture and appliances when they cause flooding and can disrupt your daily routine. That’s why we respond to them fast — and prevent them from happening again.

Our plumbers are equipped to perform plumbing repairs using the latest tools and techniques. We’re quick to repair or replace broken fixtures and ensure sustainable fixes or replacement units. We also use fibre-optic drain cameras to inspect and locate damaged underground fixtures and employ trenchless or no-digging methods to replace pipes and drains.

We can patch up minor damages by applying protective layers like resin relining. For extensive damage, we’ll recommend replacing fixtures and pipes. But not to worry — this extra work won’t disrupt your day more than it has to, thanks to new and improved trenchless methods that allow us to install new pipes simply by threading a bursting pipe head to damaged pipes and breaking them up for fast removal. Trust us to restore your home’s plumbing system in no time.


3. Drain and sewer repairs

Our plumbers are also concerned about where waste items go. Pipes and faucets aren’t the only ones that bear the wear-and-tear of modern plumbing. With water supply comes waste disposal — everything you wash off or flush in the kitchen or shower has to go somewhere. These collect in the drains and are pushed out of your home through the sewers.

The drains and sewers work overtime to flush waste out of your home. But the combination of ageing pipes and foreign objects, food scraps, grease, soap and shampoo residue, loose hair, growing tree roots, and other waste items can cause clogged drains and, at worst, sewage backup and flooding. Our plumbers help you avoid these plumbing nightmares.

We inspect clogged drains and sewer lines using specialized fibre-optic cameras; from there, we can plan for hydro-jetting cleaning, relining, and replacement to remove the further build-up of debris. With expertly repaired drains and sewers, we can prevent messy backups, flooding, and broken plumbing fixtures.

4. Waterproofing and winterizing

Freezing temperatures, melting snow, and flooding are all harsh realities of winters in Ajax and Pickering. While there’s no way to prevent this natural cycle, we can prevent damage to plumbing fixtures. Trust our certified plumbers to thaw frozen pipes and repair or replace broken faucets and exposed pipe joints through our 24/7 emergency plumbing services. And because these are inevitable in such high-risk areas, we take extra precautions to prevent damage to your home’s plumbing system.

Our plumbers winterize faucets and pipes using heating cables, as well as install sump pumps, backwater valves, and other waterproofing fixtures to prevent indoor flooding. We’ll also assess and repair cracks in the foundation to prevent exposure to moisture and eliminate mould, mildew, and other damage to your home’s structural integrity.

5. Plumbing maintenance

At Drain King Plumbers, we believe that any plumbing emergency is 100% preventable with the right precautions. That’s why we offer a comprehensive plumbing maintenance program that includes a thorough inspection of the pipes, drains, and sewer lines using specialized fibre-optic cameras guided by flexible metal cables.

The real-time, high-definition feedback allows us to locate damage and clogs and patch them up, or plan for trenchless, no-dig replacement. This also helps us clean, reline, and hydro-jet drains and sewers to remove blockages and prevent clogs and backups. With regular maintenance, we can keep your home’s plumbing system functioning properly, maximize the use of fixtures, and save you up to thousands in emergencies.

6. 24/7 emergency plumbing services

Did you come home to a flooded basement, burst pipe, leak, or sewage backup? These plumbing emergencies are a nightmare when you don’t know whom to call, especially during the off-hours. But not to worry — Drain King Plumbers offers 24/7 emergency plumbing services.

Our plumbers are just one call away and ready to respond to any plumbing emergency. This fast response allows us to assess and repair the damage as soon as possible and prevent it from worsening and disrupting your lifestyle. Don’t wait to call us at the first sign of trouble, especially in case of leaks and flooding that cause water and structural damage.

  • Cracked, burst, or collapsed pipes: these disrupt the flow of water supply and wastewater disposal outside your home. Broken pipes cause anything from leaks to indoor flooding, resulting in expensive water bills and extensive water and structural damage to your home.
  • Overflowing toilets: your plunger may be the first line of defence against clogged toilets, but when they don’t work — or have to work often — you need an experienced plumber to fix your toilet. When left untreated, clogged and overflowing toilets can flood and cause further water damage. Our plumbers get to the root of leaky and clogged toilets to prevent sewage backups and leaks in the mainline.
  • Clogged drains: fat, grease, oil, loose hair, soap residue, grime, and other waste items collect in the drains. Without regular drain and sewer inspections and cleaning, these stay lodged in the pipes and cause clogs or at worse, backups and flooding. Certified plumbers can inspect clogged drains and locate blockages using specialized cameras and remove these to restore the flow of wastewater outside your home.
  • Failed sump pump and backwater valve: these fixtures are designed to prevent flooding and water damage, especially in moisture-rich environments like the basement. The risk of flooding in Ajax and Pickering homes is high during late winter and spring. Our plumbers can assess and maintain or repair these fixtures at the first sign of damage to prevent flooding.

7. Commercial plumbing

At Drain King Plumbers, we understand the demands of growing retail, commercial, and industrial establishments as Ajax and Pickering open their doors to an influx of businesses and capital. From food service operations to office buildings and plants, we know how important it is to access reliable and efficient water supply and safe wastewater disposal system.

Our certified plumbers work with business owners to map out the increased demands of maintaining multiple bathroom facilities and fixtures, as well as drainage and sewage requirements. We create custom plumbing designs to accommodate commercial water and waste volumes in day-to-day operations. Our goal is to make your plumbing system sustainable, eco-friendly, and budget-friendly.

Trust Our Plumbers: Homegrown Experience

Drain King Plumbers is proud to be a locally-owned and homegrown plumbing company. Our commitment to effective and sustainable plumbing stems from understanding the unique seasonal, financial, water supply, and waste disposal needs of Ajax and Pickering residents and business owners. This is why we offer fair prices, work with friendly and responsive technicians and experienced plumbers, and aim to help the community by providing reliable plumbing and waste disposal systems.

A Reputation for Fast and Effective Plumbing Response

We also know that plumbing emergencies can strike at any time. Whether it’s been a while since your last maintenance service, or it’s simply because of seasonal extremes, our plumbers are ready to respond to any emergency 24/7. Our guarantee is fast and reliable repairs so that we can minimize the impact of broken fixtures and backed-up sewers. Trust our plumbers to be at your door in minutes — no matter the time of day or year.

Frequently Asked Questions

What services do Drain King Plumbers offer in Ajax and Pickering?

Drain King Plumbers offer a wide range of plumbing services in Ajax and Pickering, including drain cleaning, pipe repair, water heater installation, faucet repair, toilet replacement, and more. We handle both residential and commercial plumbing needs.

Are the plumbers serving Ajax & Pickering licensed and insured?

Yes, all our plumbers are fully licensed, insured, and experienced professionals. We ensure that our team is up to date with the latest plumbing techniques and safety standards to provide you with top-notch service.

What should I do in case of a plumbing emergency in Ajax or Pickering?

In case of a plumbing emergency, such as a burst pipe or sewage backup, contact Drain King Plumbers immediately .We offer 24/7 emergency plumbing services to address urgent issues promptly.

Can you help with water heater repairs and installations?

Yes, Drain King Plumbers specialize in water heater repairs, maintenance, and installations. Whether you have a traditional tank-style or tankless water heater, we can provide expert service to keep your hot water flowing.

Do Drain King Plumbers in Ajax & Pickering provide free estimates?

Yes, Drain King Plumbers in Ajax & Pickering offer free estimates for most plumbing services. Contact us to schedule an appointment and receive a transparent cost estimate.

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Steph S
Very friendly from the first call with Kailee, to the updates provided, to the technician Tyler. On-site he provided me with options and suggestions for my emergency repair and was able to resolve it quickly. Kailee paid attention to my needs and offered personalized updates without me even asking! First rate customer connections made at every interaction!!
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Reuben Glasgow
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