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Advanced Plumbing Technology: Innovations Keeping Toronto Homes and Offices Safe

Posted by on 18-06-2024

Advanced plumbing technology: Innovations keeping Toronto homes and offices safe

The modern world keeps moving forward, and technology often leads the way in innovation and making our lives easier. From smart homes to smart cars, technology is involved with everything we do and use daily. However, did you know it is also an essential part of our plumbing?

Due to environmental impacts, the push for recycling is increasing. Electric vehicles are becoming more popular on the roads as well. It thus makes sense that in the construction of new homes, and in retrofitting kits for older homes, advanced plumbing technology is on the rise.

With their increased efficiency and money-saving abilities, there are a number of innovations taking the plumbing world by storm that you should consider adding to your home, office, or both.

Touchless Technology

As we are still in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, there are many safety factors that remain in place. For example, there are social distancing practices in certain areas, hand sanitizers everywhere, and touchless items to prevent the potential spread of germs.

This touchless technology has been creeping into modern construction for a few years, but it is now really taking off as people pay closer attention to their health.

Touchelss faucets in bathrooms and kitchens allow you to use the right amount of water, as they only operate when the sensor detects your hands. You can preset the temperature or install two faucets, one for hot water and the other for cold.

Soap and paper towel dispensers are commonly touchless and have been around for a few years as well. Again, they are designed to make our hand hygiene easier to maintain.

Touchless toilets (a more recent innovation) control the water used, prevent you from touching additional handles, and can even help prevent you from stumbling around in the dark if you are unable to turn the lights on.

Tankless Water Heaters

Today, hot water in our homes is just expected. You turn on a tap and wait a moment; then, hot water comes rushing out. There is a large water heater located in the basement that takes up valuable storage space and needs regular attention.

However, what if there was another way? Tankless water heaters are increasingly in use. They allow you to have instant hot water and at the pressure you need it. They free up more space and save time and money in the long run.

Those old bulky heaters often break and require an emergency plumber in Toronto. Our plumbers can help fix any such issues with old bulky heaters. Although, a tankless system needs less maintenance. With its unique method that heats water as it travels through a small section of pipe, this tankless system is the future.

Smart Home, Smart Plumbing

Smart homes are the future. They can wake you in the morning with gentle alarms and coffee already brewing, open your blinds, and so much more.

Your home alarm system is integrated, so you are safe and secure. Additionally, there are plumbing innovations on the market that help you to save more money in both the short and long term.

For example, there are sensors to monitor water flow, pressure, and leaks. There is also a voice command shower, automatic adjusting water heaters, and even Wi-Fi-enabled water filtration.

Such innovations make our busy lives much easier by monitoring the plumbing system and preventing issues, or alerting our Toronto emergency plumbing services in the case of an emergency.

Smart Gardening

There are also similar technological innovations available for our gardening and landscaping needs.

With the integration of smart irrigation sensors (for both residential and commercial spaces), you can set your landscaping watering as required. With programmable timers, your lawn and plants will get the exact amount of water they need, when they need it.

This saves on the amount of water used and prevents the over-watering of plants and grass simply because you forgot to turn off the sprinklers.

Why keep up with technology?

There are many benefits to keeping up with the latest technological trends. The innovations we see with plumbing and technology are all created to keep you safe, save money, help the environment, and increase efficiency. By keeping up with technology, you can reduce the instances of searching for the nearest emergency plumber in Toronto.

An efficient plumbing system ensures only water that is required is used. This reduces waste and increases sustainability. You also save money by reducing the power it takes to heat the water or pump it through to where it is needed.

When it comes to safety, there is more control over the temperature of the hot water, so there is little risk of injury by burning. Detection systems ensure that you are notified if there is a leak or broken pipe, which can cause flooding and damage to the property, resulting in mould, mildew, and rotting structures.

With New Innovations Come Risks

New technology is amazing, but it can also be unreliable and expensive. While there are many new and exciting features hitting the market, it is always worth calling a professional to install them and advise you if the component fits your needs.

Things can go wrong quickly, and for the home DIYer, this can result in costly expenses to have them repaired. You could also find that regular maintenance is required for certain products.

Working with a professional not only ensures that the technology is properly installed and maintained, but the work is guaranteed. Thus, if there is an issue later, you have a safety net in place in the form of a warranty.

Call the Plumbing Experts

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