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Northwest of Toronto sits Vaughan, a sprawling landscape of growing business centres and large, cozy neighbourhoods. Vaughan offers a perfect balance of city living, green space, and lifestyle attractions like large retail locations and amusement parks. With a growing business district, good schools, and a healthy balance of green space and commercial developments, it’s no surprise that more and more Ontarians are flocking to live or work in Vaughan to own a piece of its steady growth.

Whether you live or run a business in Vaughan, you need a comfortable and productive space that allows you to cook, clean, and take care of your basic needs, as well as create a pleasant environment that customers and employees love. For these, you need the basics to function, including a plumbing system that works 24/7, 365 days a year. With the right plumbing essentials, you can count on working taps and fast drainage, instead of leaks, clogs, and messy back-ups.

#1 Plumbers in Vaughan

At Drain King Plumbers, your home or business’ plumbing system is our mission. Our team of certified plumbers are equipped to handle any plumbing repair or emergency in Vaughan. Whether it’s a leaky faucet, burst or collapsed pipe, clogged or backed-up drains and sewers, or failed sump pumps and backwater valves, we can perform fast and effective repairs to minimize costly downtimes. We only use the latest drain and sewer cameras, as well as trenchless replacement methods, to restore your plumbing system to 100% function.

But more than the latest plumbing tools and techniques, our plumbers understand the unique concerns of Vaughan home and business owners. These include weatherproofing plumbing essentials for seasonal extremes, as well as fitting entire properties with sustainable fixtures for affordable plumbing repairs, replacements, and maintenance services. We can scale these plumbing solutions across residential and commercial properties, including apartments, condos, and houses, as well as retail stores and office buildings.

Commercial Plumbing Services in Vaughan

  • 24/7 plumbing: we’ll be there when you need us — even after regular business hours and on weekends or holidays, without the extra charge. We offer 24/7 plumbing repairs for broken fixtures, burst pipes, clogged drains, and backed-up sewers.
  • Advanced tools and techniques: we use advanced drain and sewer cameras, mechanical augers, and high-pressure hydro-jetting valves to inspect, clean, and repair damaged pipes and drains. For severe damage, we’ll recommend the fast and hassle-free trenchless pipe replacement method.
  • Preventative maintenance: we can custom-tailor a plumbing maintenance plan according to your lifestyle and budget — and prevent emergencies by up to 100%. With regular maintenance, we can inspect and repair fixtures at the first sign of damage, and prevent costly and disruptive emergencies.

Plumbing Repairs in Vaughan

1. Custom fixtures and installation

Commercial Plumbing in Vaughan

When you own a piece of Vaughan, you’ll want to maximize this real estate investment by ensuring a comfortable and conveniently furnished living space. This includes fitting your home with lifestyle essentials, such as modern plumbing fixtures for reliable water supply and waste disposal.

Our plumbers work with you to select and install the right faucets, toilets, sinks, pipe joints, and drainage fixtures, so you can cook, clean, shower, and flush waste out of your home. Our guarantee is a fast and seamless installation, as well as maximum water pressure and affordable water bills for years to come. Avoid frequent — and costly — replacements with our recommendations, and get these fixtures to match your home’s look and feel where possible.

2. Plumbing repairs in Vaughan

Leaks, burst pipes, clogged drains, backed-up sewers, and flooded basements are all disruptive to your savings and daily routine, and even your property when they cause structural damage. You shouldn’t have to deal with these plumbing nightmares for longer — or even at all.

Drain King Plumbers is available 24/7 for any plumbing repair in Vaughan. With locations and mobile response units across the GTA, we can be at your door in minutes, ready to repair or replace broken fixtures and restore your home’s water supply and waste disposal system. Our guarantee is a fast and effective response to leaks, clogged drains and sewers, and cracked or collapsed pipe joints — even on weekends and holidays.

Trust our plumbers to use advanced drain and sewer cameras guided by flexible metal cables to locate damage to underground drains and sewer line pipes. We can also flush out clogs and back-ups safely and toxic-free using hydro-jetting. If these pipes and drains turn out to be severely damaged, we’ll recommend a no-digging, no-mess trenchless pipe replacement for minimal downtime and disruption to your lawn or landscaping. To prevent these from happening again, we’ll reinforce pipe walls with protective resin lining to maximize their function.

3. Drain and sewer repairs in Vaughan

Cooking, cleaning, showering, and even maintaining refreshing green space all make up a daily routine for maximum comfort. These activities require clean water and effective drainage for waste disposal.

But what happens when the drains stop working? This happens because waste items like fat, grease, oil, loose hair, residue, and other debris such as growing roots from nearby plants and trees, collect in the drains. Since they don’t belong there, they often build up instead of getting flushed out, resulting in harmful blockages that cause clogs and messy back-ups.

Our plumbers are equipped to handle the toughest clogs and sewer back-ups. We start by locating their source using drain and sewer cameras guided by flexible metal cables. But instead of chemical solutions that corrode or degrade pipe walls, we’ll flush out these clogs and back-ups safely and toxic-free. Known as hydro-jetting, we’ll aim high-pressure water through pipes to remove waste build-up and keep pipe walls intact. For longer-lasting function, we’ll also reinforce pipe walls with protective resin lining, or plan for a hassle-free trenchless pipe replacement.

4. Weatherproofing and winterizing Vaughan homes

Known as “the city above Toronto,” it’s no wonder that Vaughan residents always sit a few degrees cooler than the heart of the GTA, especially in the winter. Outdoors, this means biting cold and icy roads, and indoors, the risk of sub-zero temperatures affecting exposed pipes and faucets, causing them to freeze, or worse, burst.

Call our plumbers the moment you notice empty taps — it’s the first sign of frozen pipes. We’ll quickly thaw them to prevent bursting. But if it’s too late, we’ll quickly replace burst pipes to minimize large leaks and flooding. We’ll also inspect and repair failed sump pumps and backwater valves to restore flood protection, especially in areas where it gets extra cold, like the basement.

Why wait for pipes to freeze or burst? Our plumbers recommend proactive weatherproofing and winterizing to prevent harsh winters from affecting your water supply and drainage systems. We’ll attach heating cables to exposed pipes and faucets, and install or regularly maintain sump pumps and backwater valves for flood protection. We’ll also repair cracks in the foundation to prevent further water damage, as well as mould and mildew from forming. Trust us to weatherproof your home and ensure a working plumbing system no matter the weather outside.


5. Plumbing maintenance in Vaughan

Did you know that you’re in the best position to prevent plumbing emergencies? That’s right — most homeowners wait until they’re already dealing with a leaky or broken faucet, burst pipe, clogged drain, and backed-up sewer. But all of these are 100% preventable with regular plumbing maintenance.

Like you, we don’t like plumbing emergencies either. That’s why beyond repairs, we recommend a plumbing maintenance plan tailored according to your lifestyle and budget. This regular service includes drain and sewer camera inspections, hydro-jetting for removing clogs, and pipe relining to maximize their use. With regular maintenance, we can help you save up to thousands of dollars in plumbing expenses and overall comfort. Get the taps and drains working for reliable water supply and waste disposal 24/7, 365 days a year.

6. 24/7 emergency plumbing repairs in Vaughan

You need running taps for cooking, cleaning, showering, and other everyday activities. But what do you do when they break down? An emergency plumbing repair is exactly what you need to prevent small leaks and broken fixtures that turn into expensive water bills, major clogs and back-ups, and indoor flooding. Don’t wait for these plumbing emergencies to worsen and cost more with damaged furniture, appliances, and your home’s structural integrity.

Our team of certified plumbers are available 24/7 for emergency repairs in Vaughan. Trust us to repair broken faucets, burst pipes, backed-up sewers, and failed sump pumps or backwater valves, even on weekends and holidays. Our mobile repair units are on the road all night so that we can be at your door in minutes. Our guarantee is a fast and effective repair to restore your home’s plumbing system in no time.

  • Cracked, burst, or collapsed pipes: you need working pipes to supply clean water and flush waste out of your home. When even a single pipe collapses, you could be dealing with anywhere from a large leak to a full-on flood that damages your home’s structure.
  • Overflowing toilets: the plunger is put to work when you can’t quite flush the toilet, but it shouldn’t be used every single time you’re in the washroom. Call our plumbers if you find yourself using the plunger with every flush, so we can locate and remove clogs and other drainage issues that cause toilets to overflow, leak, or back up.
  • Clogged drains: your daily activities produce waste, but a lot of them, like fat, grease, oil, loose hair, and other debris shouldn’t be flushed down the drains. Over the years, these build up instead of flowing with wastewater out of your home. These cause clogs and messy back-ups. Trust our plumbers to use drain and sewer cameras to locate this debris and remove them using safe and toxic-free hydro-jetting.
  • Failed sump pumps and backwater valves: these flood protection fixtures are essential in moisture-rich areas like the basement. But without regular maintenance, these can easily break during flood season, causing damage to furniture, appliances, and your home’s structure.

7. Commercial plumbing services in Vaughan

Vaughan is a quickly emerging business district north of Toronto. This influx of industry players and small businesses setting up shop in the city all require productive workspaces and pleasant storefront environments for both employees and customers. One of the most basic ways to ensure comfort and productivity is fitting commercial properties with modern plumbing essentials.

At Drain King Plumbers, we work with you to understand the scale and goals of your growing business in Vaughan. Based on this, we’ll custom-tailor a plumbing system design, and fit multiple bathrooms, kitchens, and other facilities with eco-friendly fixtures to ensure high-volume water supply and effective drainage.

Our guarantee is a seamless installation and long-lasting function through regular maintenance so we can prevent leaks, clogs, back-ups, and flooding. Trust us to provide fast and effective service 24/7, especially for plumbing emergencies, so it’s business as usual in no time.

Our Plumbers in Vaughan: Proud to Be Local

Drain King Plumbers is proud to be locally-owned and widely available in the GTA, including Vaughan. Our plumbers aren’t just equipped to handle any plumbing repair — we’re also trained in specific requirements for weatherproofing, drainage, and other concerns that Vaughan home and business owners face when it comes to functional plumbing.

We use advanced tools and techniques like drain cameras, mechanical augers, hydro-jetting valves, and trenchless pipe replacement methods to restore your home or business’ plumbing system. With fast, effective repairs and regular maintenance, we can prevent costly emergencies and disruptions to your savings account or regular business hours.

Fast and Effective Plumbing Response in Vaughan

Leaky faucets, burst or collapsed pipes, clogged drains, backed-up sewers, and flooded rooms all cost you in damages and productivity. For businesses in Vaughan, these plumbing emergencies can even cost customers if the washrooms can’t be used, or worse; you’re forced to close up until the plumbing repair is done. That’s the last thing we want to happen — and it’s why we offer 24/7 emergency plumbing repairs in Vaughan.

Our plumbers can be at your door minutes, even on weekends and holidays. We’ll repair these broken plumbing fixtures right away to prevent costing expensive damage to furniture, appliances, and even the building’s structure. We’ll also custom-tailor a preventative maintenance plan to prevent these emergencies from happening again, ensuring clean water and effective waste drainage year-round.

Frequently Asked Questions

What plumbing services does Drain King Plumbers offer in Vaughan?

Drain King Plumbers offers a wide range of plumbing services in Vaughan, including but not limited to:
Drain cleaning and unclogging
Pipe repair and replacement
Leak detection and repair
Water heater installation and repair
Fixture installation (sinks, toilets, faucets, etc.)
Sewer line repair and replacement
Backflow prevention
Emergency plumbing services

Are your plumbers licensed and insured in Vaughan?

Yes, all our plumbers are fully licensed, insured, and certified to work in Vaughan and the surrounding areas. You can trust us to provide professional and reliable plumbing services.

How quickly can Drain King Plumbers respond to plumbing emergencies in Vaughan?

We offer 24/7 emergency plumbing services in Vaughan. Our team is always ready to respond to your plumbing emergencies promptly. In most cases, we aim to arrive at your location within an hour of your call.

How can I prevent common plumbing issues in my Vaughan home?

We provide valuable tips and advice on plumbing maintenance and prevention of common issues on our website and during service visits. Regular maintenance and addressing minor issues promptly can help prevent major plumbing problems.

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Steph S
Very friendly from the first call with Kailee, to the updates provided, to the technician Tyler. On-site he provided me with options and suggestions for my emergency repair and was able to resolve it quickly. Kailee paid attention to my needs and offered personalized updates without me even asking! First rate customer connections made at every interaction!!
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Reuben Glasgow
We had a great experience with Drain King Plumbers. The plumber arrived on time and wore shoe covers. He was polite, friendly, and he explained what needed to be done properly. It was also good quality and affordable work.
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