Professional Sewer Repair Services in Toronto & GTA

There’s no clean, usable water without a working plumbing system, and it only takes one leak, burst pipe, and virtually any other plumbing emergency for anyone to realize that. Not only are emergency plumbing issues expensive to repair, but these can also cause major inconveniences — and more financial losses — in your daily routine. After all, what are you supposed to do when you can’t shower, cook, or even flush the toilet?

While a leaking faucet or one clogged drain can be easy to fix, some plumbing issues aren’t that simple. Leaks and clogs in the actual sewer line cause much larger problems such as sewage backup and wastewater flooding and even damage to the entire plumbing system. When these happen, you’ll need a professional sewer repair to restore the plumbing system, efficient water supply, and reliable waste disposal.

Trust a Professional

Unlike using a toilet plunger or keeping loose hairs from collecting in the drain, sewage backup and wastewater flooding require the help of a certified plumbing professional. Drain King Plumbers offer sewer line repair and replacement services to restore a plumbing system to optimal function and prevent further damage to the building structure.

Equipped with specialized drain cameras, navigation systems, and plumbing tools, our certified plumbers can perform advanced and reliable sewer repairs to restore optimal water supply and eliminate blockages caused by waste buildup. Enjoy the utmost peace of mind, minimal lifestyle disruptions, and long-term savings compared to DIY solutions that risk further damage.

When to Book a Sewer Repair

Whether it’s a large-scale sewage backup or pesky leaks and clogging that won’t go away, Drain King Plumbers can respond to plumbing emergencies and perform high-quality sewer repairs 24/7. Here are the most obvious signs that you need to call in a repair crew:

  • Burst, cracked, collapsed, or punctured pipes
  • Consistent clogs, backups, and slow draining in multiple areas of your home, indicating blockages in the main sewer line rather than just the individual drains
  • Foul odours throughout the house, which point to sewage backup caused by grease and waste item buildup that can result in wastewater flooding anytime, especially during flood season
  • Low water pressure caused by clogged or deteriorated pipes as a result of corrosion due to the buildup of chemicals
  • Leaky or misaligned joints in plumbing fixtures
  • Tree root intrusion into pipes and the sewer line, which may not be visible right away until a pipe bursts, but can be prevented by regular sewer and plumbing maintenance
  • Wet or muddy areas on the lawn, indicating excess moisture or leaky pipes or worse, wastewater leaking from the sewer line.
  • Should a leak occur underground, it is possible that the wastewater leaking from the sewage line could actually fertilize your yard. If you notice an uncharacteristically green patch of grass on your lawn, it could suggest an underground leak. This leak could cause flooding in your house and yard.

Sewer Replacement

Depending on the amount of damage, a sewer repair may not be enough to restore the plumbing system. For ageing systems and fixtures, as well as particularly large backups, a sewer replacement may be more effective at addressing drainage and water supply issues. A sewer inspection using a drain camera can confirm problems in the sewer line and help our plumbers recommend either a repair or a full replacement.

Here are the most common indicators that a full sewer replacement is the better, smarter option for resolving plumbing issues:

  • Older homes (i.e. over 50 years old) complete with the original plumbing system that has since deteriorated due to waste buildup and clogs
  • Recurring clogging, draining, leaking, and low water pressure issues
  • Presence of old, big trees in the yard with roots that are very likely hitting or wrapping around underground pipes.

Trenchless Sewer Repair

No one likes the thought of undergoing a massive sewer repair. Aside from the scheduling hassle and higher cost of emergency repairs, homeowners also run the risk of being left with a lawn in disarray as massive holes or trenches are dug into the ground to install a new sewer line. But that’s quickly changing.

Trenchless sewer repair is the latest plumbing technique for hassle-free line repair or replacement. By using a trenchless pipe, a new sewer line can be installed without the need for excavation.

Instead of digging trenches, two access holes are drilled into either end of the damaged pipe, and a cable with a pipe bursting head is inserted and pulled along the length of the entire length. This fractures the old pipe and allows for a corrosion-resistant sewer line to be pulled into position. Get back to using your home’s plumbing fixtures in no time — without the risk of sewage backup and wastewater flooding.

Don’t wait for sewage backup and wastewater flooding to damage your property. Not sure if your sewer line is up-to-date? Book a sewer inspection and repair or replacement with Drain King Plumbers. Call us today at 833-983-5301 or contact us here when you’re in need.

Sewer Repair: Frequently Asked Questions

What is the average cost to repair a sewer line?

The average cost to repair a sewer line can range from a few hundred to several thousands! A Drain Specialist would be able to determine the scope of work and costs associated with the repair!

How do you know if your main sewer line is broken?

A drain camera inspection by a plumbing professional will determine if your main sewer line is broken.

How long does it take to repair a main sewer line?

Repairs to a main sewer line can take anywhere from a day to several days depending on the scope of work.

What happens if you have a broken sewer line?

If your sewer line is broken you will likely experience a sewage backup

What work is involved in repairing a sewer line?

Generally, repairing a sewer line will require excavation to access and repair the lines
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Steph S
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Reuben Glasgow
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