Drain Root Infestation Removal Services in Toronto & GTA

Drain Root Infestation Removal Services

Plants and trees give us life, but how they grow can greatly affect your home’s comfort, including access to water and waste disposal. It’s easy to prune trees or keep an eye out for the height of garden shrubs, but what about underneath? Depending on where they’re planted, their growing roots can easily infiltrate underground pipes, causing stress or tension that leads to breakage — and that’s a massive plumbing nightmare.

We all want to be surrounded by healthy greens and need them for survival, but we also need to make sure that they’re not causing extensive damage to our plumbing system. Growing plants and trees need lots of water absorbed by the roots, and these are often attracted to a steady water source, like underground pipes. So, how do you get the best of both green living and modern plumbing?

Root Removal for Working Drains

Roots that grow over pipes and drains can cause severe blockages and stress resulting in damage, but that doesn’t mean you should cut them down. A professional root removal service eliminates pesky branches encroaching on plumbing fixtures since these are attracted to the plant-rich nutrients like phosphorus flushed out in wastewater.

With careful pruning and hydro-jetting, as well as a trenchless pipe replacement, encroaching roots can be effectively removed and prevented from growing back in the same direction. Early root removal from pipes and drains eliminates clogs and blockages, as well as prevents larger damage to septic tanks and the entire plumbing system. It’s time to look at your lawn and make sure that you get the best of both green living and modern plumbing.

Trust Our Drain Root Removal Experts

At Drain King Plumbers, we know how important it is to be surrounded by plants and trees — but we also know that when their roots grow in the wrong direction, you could be sitting on a plumbing nightmare just waiting to happen. Depending on where trees are planted and how they grow, they can easily encroach on drains and cause blockages leading to anything from clogs to backups and breakage. Our certified plumbing experts are here to eliminate that risk.

Using advanced drain cameras and root removal techniques, we can replace damaged fixtures using a hassle-free trenchless method. But best of all, early — and regular — drain inspection and maintenance allows us to monitor the growth of tree roots and remove them before they cause clogs, leaks, and even damage to the septic tank. Whether it’s a hassle-free replacement or early removal, you can count on us to keep your plumbing system functioning properly, and even allow these greens to grow safely without encroaching on the drains.

How Are Tree Roots Removed From Drains?

A professional plumber can use several different techniques to clear blocked drains and remove encroaching tree roots:

Chemical Barriers: The Old, Toxic Way

Previously, plumbers used chemical solutions and installed barriers to break down encroaching roots and curb their growth in the short-term, but this method isn’t completely toxic-free. It can pose health and safety concerns for the entire family. As well, chemical barriers are not as effective when tree roots have already infiltrated the sewer line, and manual removal is needed to clear the pipe. Without it, chemical barriers can only clear fringe growth from the bottom ¼ of the pipe, instead of the substantial roots.

Drain Hydro-Jetting: Safe and Toxic-Free Removal

Our certified plumbers recommend modern, toxic-free tree root removal. Drain hydro-jetting is the safest and most advanced solution for removing blockages, including tree roots encroaching on the drains. Using high-pressure water flushed through the pipes, tree roots, sludge, and other waste buildups are effectively removed to keep the drains clear and functioning properly. This method is completely toxic-free and safe for the entire family.

Drain Root Removal in 4 Steps

Our certified plumbing experts can remove encroaching tree roots — and keep them away for good. We can restore your home’s plumbing system to optimal performance in just four easy steps:

  1. Drain camera inspection: using a specialized fibre-optic camera and flexible metal cables, our technicians can probe the drains and locate encroaching tree roots remotely and their extent — without digging up trenches and large holes.
  2. Drain snaking: depending on the location and size of the encroaching tree roots, we can snake mechanized and rotating augers down the drains. The augers can cut through the roots for easier removal and restore the optimal flow of water and waste items in the drains.
  3. Drain hydro-jetting: we use high-pressure water to flush the drains and remove tree roots blocking the flow of wastewater, as well as other soft deposits like fat, grease, and sludge lining the drain and pipe walls for a thorough and toxic-free clean.
  4. Barrier installation: our plumbers install physical barriers like metal or thick wood surrounding the pipes to prevent tree roots from encroaching on them and causing long-term stress and breakage. This allows you to maintain a green and refreshing yard or lawn while enjoying modern plumbing solutions.

Drain Repair for Tree Root-Damaged Drains

Not a lot of homeowners realize the extent of damage that encroaching tree roots can cause until the pipes burst or the drains become too clogged that waste backs up into the plumbing system. In the case of tree roots, their growth causes tension on the pipes and drains, leading to breakage and massive leaks, or worse, indoor flooding. When any of these plumbing emergencies happen, you can trust Drain King Plumbers to respond with the right equipment and provide effective repairs.

  • Traditional drain repair: our plumbers repair tree root-damaged pipes and drains by digging trenches where the damage is located, and place replacement units for long-lasting performance.
  • Trenchless drain replacement: instead of digging up massive — and messy — trenches, our new, state-of-the-art drain repair technique is trenchless. It uses a bursting pipe head placed directly into the damaged pipe for fast removal and hassle-free replacement. This new technique eliminates the risk of destroying streets, sidewalks, parking lots, and your lawn or yard.

Drain Root Removal: Frequently Asked Questions

How do tree roots block drains?

Depending on where they’re planted, tree roots can easily grow in the direction of underground pipes, encroaching on them as they absorb nutrient-rich water. Older pipes made of clay or other unsealed and weaker materials can easily crack under strain, allowing roots to grow larger inside the pipes and cause massive blockages.

I had tree roots removed — are my drains clear now?

Our plumbers use specialized, high-definition drain cameras from inspection to root removal, drain repair or replacement, and ongoing maintenance. This allows our plumbers to confirm whether the drains are finally clear — and roots are prevented from growing back in the repaired or replaced fixtures.

How can tree roots be prevented from growing back in the drains?

The most important part of a tree root removal is making sure that encroaching roots don’t grow back. Our plumbers conduct regular drain camera inspections to keep an eye on the drains and causes of clogs. Then we’ll recommend relining, or early repair and replacement when necessary. As well, we recommend planting slow-growing trees and positioning them away from the main sewer line to prevent encroaching growth while maintaining green living.

For more information about removing tree roots growing inside drains, contact Drain King Plumbers here, or give us a call at 833-983-5301.