Drain Camera Inspections in Toronto & GTA

Drain Camera Inspections in Toronto

You put your drains through a lot — everything you wash, clean, or flush makes their way down the drains and needs to flow outside your home for proper waste disposal. But what happens when they stop working?

From standing water to clogs and backups, a damaged drain can quickly become a plumbing nightmare. But where does the repair start? Forget traditional — and messy, time-consuming — plumbing techniques. Trust a leading professional plumber to do a drain inspection using the latest camera and imaging equipment for a fast and hassle-free repair.

What’s a drain camera inspection?

A lot of homeowners don’t like calling a plumber because it often leads to extensive work that leaves the entire house in disarray. That’s because traditional plumbing techniques include tearing out drywall, digging up your lawn, and making a giant mess to find the problem — and then more to fix it.

But that’s changing. With new plumbing technology, clogs, leaks, and drainage issues can be identified without tearing down walls and digging trenches. Drain cameras are now used to inspect drains and entire plumbing systems so that problems can be identified and repaired in no time with no mess.

Trust the Experts

At Drain King Plumbers, your convenience is our priority. That’s why we use the latest plumbing technology like drain cameras to thoroughly inspect your plumbing system, identify issues, and perform repairs in no time.

With the help of advanced drain cameras, our certified plumbers can locate and assess clogging, leaking, backups, and even pipe deterioration. This quick but thorough inspection allows us to recommend the fastest and most effective repair or replacement solutions. With a drain camera inspection, we can address drainage issues before they become large emergencies, and restore your home’s plumbing system to conserve water, lower hydro bills, and improve waste disposal.

Drain Camera Inspection vs. Traditional Plumbing

We’re all used to plumbers digging trenches — and causing a mess — when locating and repairing clogs, leaks, and drainage issues, but specialized cameras and imaging equipment are quickly changing that. Compared to traditional plumbing, a drain camera inspection is noninvasive: all it takes is a small camera and thin probes that go into the drains, providing real-time feedback to plumbers regarding the location and extent of the damage.

Aside from locating plumbing issues and indicating repair needs, a drain camera inspection also comes in handy for finding small valuables accidentally flushed down the sink or toilet. Recover heirloom jewelry and other items that escape your grasp, and live better knowing that these valuables aren’t lost forever and clogging up the drains.

Not many homeowners realize this until they’re left to deal with a plumbing emergency, but you wouldn’t want to invest your life savings — and your comfort — in a property with faulty plumbing. A thorough drain camera inspection helps you make smart financial choices, starting with checking your potential new home’s plumbing system before you’re locked down on a 25-year mortgage.

Why You Need a Drain Camera Inspection

A drain camera inspection is a proactive and potentially cost-saving investment in your home’s plumbing system. With fast and early diagnosis, our plumbers can easily locate drainage issues and repair them, or perform preventative maintenance like drain cleaning to keep the plumbing system working at its best — thoroughly flushing, water-conserving, and budget-friendly.

  • Identify and repair plumbing issues, including ageing fixtures before they become large and expensive emergencies that require extensive repair or parts replacement
  • Recommend patches, drain relining, and other minor or temporary fixes to keep fixtures at an optimal function before they’re due for a full replacement
  • Find leaks and patch up leaky fixtures to cut back on utility bills and save you hundreds every month
  • Sleep soundly and use water and waste disposal systems knowing that your plumbing system is healthy and working optimally
  • Go to work, run errands, and go on with your day knowing that the plumbing inspection won’t involve tearing down drywall, digging up large trenches, and making a mess that you need to fix
  • Resolve to large plumbing emergencies like backups and burst pipes much faster with the help of precise camera systems that guide plumbers in and out of the system.

FAQs About Drain Camera Inspections

How does a drain camera inspection work?

A technician inserts the specialized fibre-optic camera in the pipes, attached to a long, flexible metal cable that allows it to travel through the drains and provide real-time feedback aboveground. The drain camera is small — just about the size of a smartphone, so it’s much less invasive than digging up trenches or tearing down drywall.

How long will a drain inspection take?

A complete drain camera inspection of standard houses takes just about three hours to complete. That’s a thorough — but noninvasive — inspection of basically the entire plumbing system to identify and locate issues to plan repairs or replacements.

What do I need to do during a drain camera inspection?

Nothing — sit back and relax, or go on about your day. This diagnostic plumbing service is meant to be hassle-free. We may ask you questions about your lifestyle and water consumption throughout the process, but for the most part, the drain camera does all the work. The best thing you can do is to leave this process to us. It’s a professional service that requires specialized equipment to fully visualize underground pipes in high-definition and training to avoid damaging them while the fibre-optic camera and its cables are down there.

For more information about state-of-the-art drain camera inspections and locating plumbing issues, contact Drain King Plumbers here, or give us a call at 833-983-5301.