Commercial Plumbing & Repair Services

Plumbing for Commercial Properties

Commercial properties offer a variety of challenges different from residential properties. To start, commercial properties and large buildings such as office buildings, apartment buildings, and strip malls must be able to accommodate significantly more people than smaller buildings. This requires much more bathroom facilities, which means more fixtures and more drainage to accommodate the demand.

Common Commercial Plumbing Issues

There are a variety of plumbing issues that are common for commercial properties. These issues range in severity and can include:

  • Toilet clogs

    Unfortunately, commercial toilets see a lot of traffic, which can lead to drainage and clogging issues. Because of the increase in traffic, it is important to properly clean toilets and their plumbing systems on a consistent basis.

  • Drain clogs

    Like toilet clogs, drains also see a lot of traffic in commercial buildings. Many people disregard paper towel, toilet paper, and other debris that ends up in the sink. Drain clogs can lead to more serious problems including flooding and water damage.

  • Running toilets

    Running toilets also waste a significant amount of water, resulting in higher energy bills and increased waste. With a move towards sustainable plumbing, efficient toilets can save a great deal of money on your water bills, even if they require a higher initial investment.

Energy-Efficient Fixtures

Modern plumbing is transitioning to more energy-efficient and sustainable plumbing practices. This includes high-efficiency toilets that minimize water consumption and timers on the faucets to prevent water waste. We value the impact that sustainable plumbing has on the environment and on our local community. Not only does it save money on energy bills, but it helps minimize the ecological impact of our fixtures. We are happy to find suitable, energy-efficient fixtures for your commercial property.

Modern Installation Equipment

Our team of trained plumbing technicians are equipped with some of the best modern plumbing tools to ensure they install and repair your equipment with maximum efficiency and effectiveness. We utilize cutting-edge equipment to install, maintain, and repair your plumbing. From finding leaks in your sewage system to repairing damaged toilets, we have you covered.

Custom Plumbing

At Drain King Plumbers, our team of professional plumbing technicians offer exceptional plumbing services for commercial properties. We are happy to accommodate the unique needs of your building. From bathrooms and showers to portable water tanks, we are capable of fully-equipping your building with the plumbing it requires.

For detailed quotes and custom services, contact our office or give us a call at 416 661 5464.