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What to Know About Hydro Jet Sewer Cleaning

Posted by on 01-03-2021

Do you ever wonder where your waste items go once you’ve flushed them down the sink or toilet? Once discarded, these flow out of your plumbing system through the sewer lines. Sewer lines are crucial for keeping your property clean and safe—and they work non-stop to do so. However, what happens when they can’t do their job?

Sewer lines are not completely impenetrable; depending on your waste disposal habits, they can be prone to waste build-ups and blockages. As well, depending on where you are located, tree roots can penetrate this intricate network of pipes, causing damage to the joints. Too much build-up of waste and blockages, and you could be looking at pesky clogs that slow down drainage, or worse, a sewer back-up.

Are your sewer lines backed up? Flush too much grease, too many wet wipes, and other waste items down the sink or toilet, and you could be dealing with pooling water, or waste backing up in the pipes and into your property. Here, we will learn how hydro jet sewer cleaning in Toronto restores normal sewage and prevents extensive property damage:

What is hydro jetting and how does it clean the sewers?

Hydro jetting is the answer to all your sewer problems. It’s the fastest way to clean the sewer lines and remove waste items clogging up the pipes. Basically, it relies on a really strong blast of water to dislodge waste build-up that’s causing clogs and back-ups, allowing them to flow freely out of your plumbing system.

Can a strong rush of water really do that? The answer is yes: hydro jetting uses extremely high pressure exerted through a specialized hose nozzle to blast water onto surfaces long overdue for a deep clean. This force is so powerful that it can even cut through metal. When directed towards built-up waste items, it can dislodge them from the pipes, break up the debris to flow faster, and restore normal sewage flows.

Three Easy Steps to Clean Sewers: How Hydro Jetting Works

Don’t just blast high-pressure water through the pipes—ask the pros to locate clogs and waste build-ups that require hydro jetting. Here’s how:

1. Drain camera inspection: Before cleaning the sewer lines, a professional plumber will use a drain camera to locate clog-causing waste build-ups.

2. Hydro jetting: The plumber will hydro jet the sewer lines to dislodge built-up waste, and evacuate these dangerous clogs. They will use a specialized hose nozzle to push high-pressure water through the pipes to clean them, and allow waste to flow out of your home and into the municipal sewer lines.

3. Future maintenance: If the inspection reveals other damage, such as a weakened or collapsed pipe joint, your plumber can also perform emergency repairs once the sewer lines are clear, and ensure that any grease or grime build-up is removed to prevent future clogs.

Why You Need Hydro Jetting to Clean the Sewers

The sewer lines work non-stop to flush waste out of your property and keep your plumbing system fully functional. It’s only right that they should be part of your regular plumbing maintenance service, and a good reason to start booking one if you haven’t already. Out of all the components of a routine plumbing maintenance plan, hydro jetting is one of the most crucial.

Sewer cleaning through hydro jetting is perhaps the most effective way to clear out serious clogs and restore the flow of proper waste disposal. Blockages in the sewer lines can easily build up and obstruct the flow of waste, resulting in a back-up and overflow. Also, because sewer lines are inside your property, they are your responsibility to clean and maintain to avoid damage that can extend to your neighbours or impact municipal waste disposal.

Benefits of Hydro Jet Sewer Cleaning

As with any property maintenance and upkeep, hydro jet sewer cleaning is a long-term investment in your health, lifestyle, and safety, as well as the condition of your property and its value. Clean sewers are much less prone to costly—and potentially damaging—plumbing issues, resulting in a clean and comfortable property. Check out more of these benefits:

Hydro Jetting Cleans Everything

Tired of dealing with pesky clogs, or worse, experienced a bit of back-up or overflow? Even the most serious clogs are no match for hydro jetting.

With laser beam precision and extremely high-pressure water, hydro jetting can clear out built-up waste items, such as grease and grime, toilet paper, dried concrete, wood, and even tree roots. This high-pressure water beam can cut through these waste build-ups clinging on pipe walls, and dislodge them to flow out of your property more easily.

Hydro Jetting is Preventative

Beyond immediate sewer cleaning and unclogging, hydro jetting provides long-term benefits. As clogs and waste build-ups are evacuated, you are guaranteed grease-free and thoroughly cleaned pipes. These clean pipes will be more conducive to the flow of wastewater, and with proper waste disposal, will be a lot less prone to damaging clogs.

Hydro Jetting is Environmentally-Friendly

Hydro jetting may not be the only sewer-cleaning method, but it’s definitely the best for the environment. Unlike chemical cleaners, hydro jetting is completely natural, as it is all water and non-toxic.

Since it doesn’t use harsh substances, it won’t cause further structural deterioration to pipes already damaged by years of encroaching tree roots and waste, nor will it generate more waste. The result is a safe, harm-free clean, with lasting health and safety benefits for your entire household. Eliminate debris and sewage waste once and for all, and prevent future clogs and the threat of damaging back-ups.

To learn more about hydro jetting and how it cleans the sewer lines, call Drain King Plumbers in Toronto at 833-983-5663, or contact us here.

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