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Professional Drain Cleaning Services

Commercial Plumbing Emergencies: What to Do

Posted by on 13-05-2019

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Plumbing emergencies always seem to happen at the most inopportune times. If you own a commercial property, you’ll know that a clogged toilet or burst pipe can hurt your business. This is particularly true if your plumbing issue happens in a public bathroom or other common area.

Commercial plumbing emergencies can be more complex than the problems that crop up at home. For this reason, we always advise property management to contact a plumber. Here are some tips on how to handle common plumbing emergencies until a professional arrives on site.

Overflowing Toilet

Whether you manage a shopping mall or recreational facility, clogged toilets are bound to happen. With the number of patrons flushing each hour, this is a common plumbing emergency. Excess toilet paper can cause a backup in your pipes or there could be a malfunction of the toilet’s float mechanism. Whatever the case, the first step is to shut off the water flow. The water valve is located at the bottom of the water line on the side of the toilet. Turn it completely counterclockwise. Once the toilet’s water flow is stopped, the plumbing issue can be addressed.

If you suspect a clog, you can use a plunger to dislodge the backup. But never pour anything, like store-bought drain cleaners, down the toilet. Wait until a professional plumber arrives to inspect the issue. In the meantime, let patrons know the toilet is out of service. Further use will only make the problem worse.

Clogged Sink

Although clogged sinks are common in public bathrooms, food court kitchens often run into this problem, too. The best way to avoid a stopped-up sink is to avoid dumping grease or other dense materials down the drain. But sometimes a clog is unavoidable. If using a plunger isn’t effective, you’ll have to call on a plumber instead.

A professional drain cleaning will often solve the problem. But first, the plumber may have to use an auger, or “snake”, to fish out the material clogging the sink. One of the most effective ways to avoid a plumbing emergency like this is to invest in sink maintenance. By having your drains and pipes inspected regularly, your business can save money on costly repairs in the long-run.

Burst Pipes

This is by far the most damaging when it comes to plumbing emergencies. Pipes often burst due to years of corrosion, and can release nearly 400 litres of water over an 8-hour period. If you encounter a burst pipe, shut off the water supply immediately. Remove nearby items to avoid further damage, and keep patrons away from the area.

Never attempt to fix a burst pipe on your own. This is not a DIY project. Call on a professional plumber who can determine the burst’s exact location. Drain King Plumbers offers 24/7 emergency service for issues as serious as this.

No Hot Water

When there’s no hot water in your bathrooms or cafeteria, this can certainly be a nuisance for customers and kitchen staff. Hot water issues are usually a sign of problems with your tank. There could also be a plumbing leak or electrical malfunction. To diagnose this emergency properly, you’ll have to call in an experienced plumber.

Drain King Plumbers has the expertise to repair your water heater and diagnose any accompanying problems. In some cases, your commercial facility may require a new water tank installation. Speak to one of our plumbing professionals to determine which model is right for you.

Sump Pump Failure

Many commercial properties have a sump pump to help prevent flooding. These devices are installed in a pit, and pump excess water out of the basement. A sump pump failure can cause a buildup of moisture and mildew. If left unaddressed, harmful bacteria can be released into the air, creating foul odours and endangering the health of your patrons.

If you suspect a sump pump malfunction, call a professional right away. Drain King Plumbers specializes in pump installation and repairs. Our team is equipped with all the tools necessary to ensure your device is working properly.

Rely on Drain King Plumbers 24/7

At Drain King Plumbers, we understand a well-run plumbing system is crucial for good business. No emergency is too big or small for our team, which has trucks on the road 24/7 waiting for your call. Whether you have a cracked pipe in the parking lot or a leak in the boiler room, rely on Drain King Plumbers to fix the problem right away!

For more information on dealing with commercial plumbing emergencies, call Drain King Plumbers at 1-833-983-5301 or contact us here.

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