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Why Your Business Needs Energy-Efficient Fixtures

Posted by on 25-05-2020

Businesses of all sizes need to understand the benefits of good commercial plumbing. Low-flow fixtures and toilets are important in restaurants and other service industries to cut down on utility bills. The modern small business or bigger company needs to look at the latest innovations to stay onside with environmental issues too.

Sustainable plumbing can include everything from timers on faucets to regular maintenance on sewer systems to spot and fix leaks. Are you still sitting on the fence about these energy-efficient, ecologically friendly choices?

Here are some great reasons why your business needs energy-efficient fixtures.

Saving Water Bumps Your Bottom Line Up

Consider the fact that toilets use up to one quarter to 30% of the water used in a residential home. Most of these use about 6 litres of water per flush. Now multiply that by the number in your restaurant or business.

When you do, you’ll see how high energy efficiency toilets save money without compromising on your bottom line. Why? Because these modern sustainable versions only use about 4.5 litres per flush.

Drain King Plumbers understands the commercial plumbing industry is moving towards green sustainable fixtures. Not only will you save on utility bills. The green options are designed to outlast older models.

New Faucets are Stylish and Cost-Effective

Retrofitting your food-service business with green faucets is another solid business environmental move. You should be looking for low-flow aerators and other accessories to save on your water bills.

Flexible Steel Hoses

For example, the best pre-rinse units come with a flexible steel hose body that combines sustainability and cost-efficiency. Of course, the big consideration is water flow. Metered faucets are one of the latest innovations that help your business conserve water through a low flow rate. Electronics are another way to help you stay green.

The Energy Star Program is Smart and it Saves

Most small businesses want to do their part when it comes to efficient commercial plumbing that’s green. Not all of them are sure about how to get started – that’s where the Energy Star program comes in.

Look for the Energy Star Symbol on any new appliances. You can get up to 30% in savings in energy use on appliances like commercial dishwashers, and even ice makers for your restaurant. We’re the perfect company to partner with you on installations and service.

Deciding on appliances that meet the Energy Star standards can help you save money and energy at the same time. There is more you can do for the planet and your pocketbook when it comes to these Energy Star appliances. By making sure the ones that you buy are eligible for certification through the program, you send the word out that you are going green.

Technology that Works for Your Bottom Line

Once you start scratching the surface of why your business needs energy-efficient fixtures, you’ll see there’s a whole industry working with you. The technology keeps advancing, and small businesses get bigger savings and more green credentials as they move along.

For example, placing tankless hot water heaters in your business is green in several ways. You’ll probably use the same amount of water; you’ll just spend less on the heating costs. The reason is there is no tank with sitting water. That means there’s no energy wasted, keeping it warm.

More Plumbing Choices

Commercial plumbing has come a long way, and that includes toilet choices. Businesses can now choose between low-flow, dual flush and high-efficiency options. They all save money and use less water. There are some new technologies to choose from in a modern version too.

These include features like automatic flushing. This is a good feature to control the number of flushes and the amount of water that gets used.

Longer Lifetime of Fixtures

Here are some bottom-line numbers that businesses should be interested in. A high-efficiency toilet can save up to $110 yearly, which is $2,200 over the lifetime of the appliance.

Finally, businesses should consider the benefit of commercial water heaters. To get the most from these, our dedicated professionals can clear up hard deposit buildups from the tank and water lines.

There are lots of different reasons why your business needs energy-efficient fixtures. Finding the right plumbing partner means looking for a company that has lots of experience in repair and installation.

To learn more about why you should get energy-efficient plumbing fixtures for your business, call Drain King Plumbers at 833-983-5301 or contact us here.

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