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Benefits of Getting a New Water Heater

Posted by on 03-02-2020

Has your water heater stopped working?

Don’t panic! There are several major benefits to replacing your water heater that you may not even know exist. At Drain King Plumbers, our experts can help you choose and install a water heater that works for your home and budget.

Here are some of the benefits of getting a new water heater.


If your home is running on an old and outdated water heater, you are likely hemorrhaging money as well. Water heaters continue to improve in terms of efficiency and design. That’s why, without exception, the number one benefit of betting a new water heater is efficiency. Water heaters are generally given an Energy Factor rating that measures their efficiency. This rating describes how much actual hot water is produced per unit of fuel consumed. The higher the energy factor, the more efficient the water heater. Just think of the money you could be saving.

Check out this nifty calculator from the Department of Energy to calculate your potential energy savings. Or, let us send a qualified professional to inspect your home and water heater.

Hot Water Recovery Rate

Has your family grown over the years? Perhaps you are just tired of taking cold showers?

Another reason to invest in a new water heater is if you find yourself without enough hot water to meet the needs of your household comfortably, even though you already have a relatively well-functioning, large hot water heater in your house. You may just be looking for a better water recovery rate. What is important for you to know is the First Hour Rating, which measures the availability of water during the period of highest demand. The Recovery Rating is also important because it describes the water heater’s ability to replenish hot water after it has been depleted. A new hot water heater will have a better recovery rating, leaving nobody stuck with a cold shower.

Not sure if you are ready to make the investment? One of our professionals can give you a solid recommendation for whether your needs justify the expense of a new water heater or if a product like a hot water booster is right for you.

Space Savings and Produce Less Waste

Unlike water heaters of the past, today’s water heaters are not only more efficient, but they also take up less space. If you are thinking about upgrading your water heater, why not go tankless? Tankless water heaters are small, rectangular units that can be mounted on a wall and can free up space in your storage area for other items.

Just think, investing in a smaller unit also means that you are decreasing the impact you have on the environment in the long run. Efficiency, saving hot water, and a unit that requires less materials to build—what are you waiting for?

If you are ready to talk to a professional about the benefits of getting a new water heater, contact us today at 833-983-5301.

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