Professional Drain Cleaning Services
Professional Drain Cleaning Services

Top 8 Signs You Need Professional Drain Cleaning

Posted by on 15-02-2021

Drains are one of the most crucial feats of modern plumbing. Without them, we wouldn’t have a mechanism for flushing out waste from toilets and sinks. While they’re designed to withstand constant flushing for waste disposal, a lot of homeowners don’t really pay attention to them until a clog occurs.

However, did you know that your daily habits can do much to prevent drainage issues? With proper waste disposal habits and regular plumbing maintenance, you can avoid clogs and other expensive emergencies. All it takes is regular drain cleaning.

What is drain cleaning?

A key plumbing maintenance service, professional drain cleaning services in Toronto includes removing blockages to prevent clogs and back-ups. Unlike DIY methods, drain cleaning services don’t use harsh, over-the-counter cleaners that can damage your plumbing system, and worse, don’t repair the problem.

When was the last time you had a drain cleaning? Read on to learn about common signs your home’s plumbing system is long overdue for one:

Signs You Need Drain Cleaning Services

1. You’ve tried DIY cleaning hacks

It’s a good habit to keep your drains clean, and you can do this regularly to prevent clogs and drainage issues. Common hacks include pouring hot water down the sink, or a mixture of white vinegar and baking soda to dislodge small blockages and get rid of foul odours. Just remember, though, these DIY hacks are only good for one minor clog; recurring and multiple stoppages require a professional plumber.

2. Slow drainage

Drains are designed to be fast—they rely on gravity to flush waste farther down and outside your home. So, when they’re slow, waste items and wastewater pool in the sink, shower, or toilet, causing dirt and grime to linger.

When the drains are slow, it’s time to book a professional drain cleaning service. A plumber can detect a waste build-up inside the pipes, causing them to clog. Early and regular drain cleaning will prevent blockages from building up and causing worse plumbing problems.

3. Multiple slow drains

While a single slow drain might not alarm you right away, multiple slow drains on the same plumbing line should. These indicate a bigger problem nestled in your home’s plumbing system. Book a drain cleaning service right away to evacuate the build-up, and prevent worse clogging that can lead to a back-up. Trust only a professional plumber to clean these drains, as they use advanced tools that can reach the source of the clog and evacuate it right away.

4. Gurgling and other unusual noises

While it’s easy to pinpoint where creaking noises come from, other unusual sounds like gurgling are a real head-scratcher. Often, the last things most homeowners look at are the pipes and drains.

Gurgling and other unusual sounds are caused by air trapped in the pipes due to a build-up. The sound occurs when air is released by water flowing down the drain. Pay attention to these gurgling or bubbling noises when you flush the toilet or turn on the faucet sink, as these indicate a drain clog that needs to be cleaned out.

5. Recurring and multiple clogs

What causes clogs? The most common culprit is improper waste disposal. Constantly flushing down oil and fat, food scraps, hygiene products, and even soap scum all lead to a build-up, which clogs the drains. While a single blockage can be easy to fix, recurring ones indicate a bigger clog or build-up caused by gunk that wasn’t previously cleaned out.

Similarly, multiple clogs happening at once indicate that the stoppage is not an isolated case. In fact, these point to a main sewer clog, which can trigger a messy back-up at any time. Book a drain cleaning service or repair right away to fix these clogs and prevent a worse plumbing problem.

6. Standing water

A slow drain will inevitably cause water to pool or stand in the shower, sink, or washing machine. While a slow drain will eventually allow for wastewater to be flushed down, pooling or standing indicates a worsening of the drainage problem. Book a drain cleaning service right away to mitigate these issues and restore normal drainage.

7. Foul odours

The “home sweet home” feeling appeals to multiple senses, not just sight and touch. Scents and aromas do a lot to induce feelings of calm and relaxation. However, if a foul odour persists even after you’ve used up your supply of air freshener or scrubbed everything down, it’s time to look down the drains.

No matter how much you clean or mask their stench, these foul odours will still waft around your home. These are caused by severely clogged drains that lead to sewage and waste build-up in the pipes. Foul smells are a lot more common during the warmer months, since waste festers in the pipes. To restore your home’s clean and cozy vibe, make sure to book a drain cleaning service immediately.

8. Fruit flies

First comes the smell, then the flies. Fruit flies, in particular, are a nightmare because they appear to materialize overnight. A sudden increase in fruit flies means more and more of them are attracted to food waste building up in the drains. Book a drain cleaning service to get rid of fruit flies once and for all, and the food waste drawing them in.

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