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Professional Drain Cleaning Services

Seven Plumbing Issues You Can’t Ignore

Posted by on 01-07-2019

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Your home plumbing system is critical to the safety of your home. When something goes wrong with your plumbing, you need to get professional assistance from a qualified plumber on short notice. But how do you know when a plumbing problem poses an imminent danger? Let’s explore seven residential plumbing repair issues you cannot ignore.

No Hot Water

When you have no hot water in the home, this is a clear sign that there’s a problem with your plumbing. The issue could be related to a frozen pipe or to a broken connection within the system. Make sure you work with professional plumbers in analyzing the issue and finding a quick solution.

Leaking Water Heater

A leaking water heater is a common problem for those who have older plumbing systems within their home. When the equipment begins to degrade with age, the material might crack and leaks will appear. If you notice puddles or pooling water by the water heater, call a professional to examine the equipment and ensure a swift resolution.

Clogged Drains

This is a problem we continue to find that homeowners ignore. Clogged drains might be resolved if you use the plunger for your toilet or if you’re able to remove the blockage in the sink. But when a drain continues to clog over time, this is an indication that you have a serious issue with your plumbing. Instead of wasting hours of your time trying to resolve the clogs, simply call a professional. Professionals use the latest drain cleaning equipment so you can avoid clogging issues in the future.

Dripping Taps

It might seem like an easy problem to fix. You find that your tap is dripping throughout the day and night so you simply go to turn your tap off. But often, the washer for the tap is loose, or another component is allowing water through the tap’s seal. Professionals can resolve issues with dripping taps quickly so that you can achieve a great night’s sleep and save on water costs.

Water Staining on Your Walls

We know when we see a puddle on the floor by an appliance in the home that we have a leak, but it’s not always simple to detect a leaking pipe behind a wall. Take the time to review ceilings and walls and look for noticeable paint chipping or bubbling, or set-in stains. Staining on the walls could be an indication you have a significant leak. And if you allow the leak to set over time, it can damage structural elements throughout your home.

Continually Running Toilet

When you flush your toilet and the water continues to move through the system, you might be able to wiggle the handle a little to stop the movement. But sometimes this common trick doesn’t work, and the water continues to pour through the system. Over a few hours, you’ll waste thousands of gallons of water with a continually running toilet.

The Main Valve is Broken

Sometimes, you may find that the main shut-off valve that controls water flow to your home is broken. It could be that a connection is loose or that there is a structural issue deeper in the home. This is a significant problem that should be resolved on an emergency basis. You can call your local professionals to have an immediate inspection of the main valve when you notice it isn’t responding.

Our trusted and experienced plumbers at Drain King can handle all plumbing challenges. When you require access to qualified professionals quickly, call our team directly!

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