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Professional Drain Cleaning Services

6 Signs it’s Time to Call a Professional Plumber for Drain Repair

Posted by on 10-11-2022

6 signs that say it’s time to call a professional plumber for drain repair

Nobody plans for drainage problems, but they do occur, and it is thus necessary to have a solution for such instances. An excellent solution to drainage issues is hiring a professional plumber who can make your drainage system as good as new.

If you require drain repair services in Markham, our team of qualified and dedicated plumbers at Drain King Plumbers is fully prepared to examine, diagnose, and repair any issues.

However, before calling a professional plumber for drain repairs in your home, you should be able to recognize the signs that help you know that your drains need to be repaired.

For this reason, we have provided a detailed outline that will help you identify the need for a professional plumber to fix your drainage system and why hiring drain repair professionals is your best decision.

Why You Need a Professional Plumber for Drain Repair

Before we go into the signs you should look out for, it is essential to note that detecting drainage issues early on will save you time and money. However, repairing your damaged drainage systems is not always a viable option.

Therefore, you should contact a professional plumber to repair your drains because they will understand the problem and can easily find a solution. Below are three reasons why you need a professional plumber for drain repair:

  • They have the necessary tools. While you may have a plunger or wrench in your tool shed, it may take more than that to fix a drainage problem. You’ll require the right tools to put an end to the havoc a drainage problem can cause.

    These types of equipment are usually expensive, and unless you are a drain repair specialist, you may not know how to use them effectively.

    For this reason, you should leave the drain repair to the professionals who have the necessary tools to fix your drainage issues and achieve the desired results.

  • Professional drain repairs are safer. It is safer to hire a professional plumber to repair your drains because they reduce the risk of complicating issues. If you do it yourself, a minor mistake could worsen your drainage problem, thus costing you more money.

    Additionally, it can be quite dangerous to repair the drains yourself because you risk exposing yourself to harmful bacteria.

    Moisture that has been trapped for days can also lead to mould growth, and it only takes a few deep breaths to become afflicted with an illness.

  • They are qualified. Drain repair requires a certain level of expertise, skill, and patience.

    At Drain King Plumbers, you are guaranteed the services of professionally trained plumbers who will come to your aid and get the work done properly.

6 Warning Signs it’s Time to Call a Professional Plumber

Just as you cannot fix all drain problems on your own, it is possible to overlook certain signs that indicate a drainage problem if you are unaware of them.

Here are six warning signs that you should call a professional plumber to fix your drains.

1. Clogged drains

When your bathrooms or sinks refuse to drain, it is a common sign that you need to repair your drainage system.

Sometimes, unclogging your drains with a plunger does the trick. If the problem persists, you will need a skilled drain repair specialist or plumber.

They can determine the root cause of your drainage problem by inspecting the pipes and the septic tank. Furthermore, if your toilet is repeatedly clogged, it could be a sign that you need to replace it, which is best left to a professional.

2. Smelly drains

Foul smells are one of the nasty side effects of a clogged or damaged drain. So, if your home has a noticeable bad smell coming from one or more drains, you should consider hiring a professional plumber for drain repair. The drain problems that cause air pollution could either be a collapsed drain or a pipe blockage.

If a collapsed drain causes a bad smell, the odour will most likely return until the issue is resolved.

Furthermore, if it is due to a pipe blockage, your drains will most likely need to be unblocked. Your plumber can determine the source of the bad smells and provide a good solution.

3. Overflowing toilet

If your toilet begins to malfunction and water overflows from the toilet bowl, it could be a drainage problem. A blocked drain and vent pipe, or a high filler float, are some common causes of a toilet overflow.

In any of these instances, it is best to have a professional plumber inspect your toilet and use the best methods to resolve the drainage problem.

Additionally, toilets stop working properly as they become old, which may necessarily require their replacement. Your plumber can help you decide whether to replace or repair your toilet.

4. Rodent infestations

If you discover signs of a rodent or animal infestation in your home (such as chewed-up items, holes, or animal droppings), it could be caused by a poorly installed or faulty drainage system.

A professional plumber can use the right equipment to locate the rodents’ entry point and repair the drain pipe to prevent further infestation.

5. Noisy pipes

If you hear noises from your pipes, there could be a problem with the water flow or pressure.

This drainage issue is known as a water hammer, which occurs when the valve is abruptly shut off. To solve the problem, release the trapped air in the pipes. If that fails, you may have to hire a professional plumber to inspect the pipes.

If your water pipes are gurgling, it is most likely due to a drainage problem. The sound indicates a blockage in your plumbing system, which could be caused by debris or a foreign object.

If you cannot unclog the pipes, you should leave the job to the professionals.

6. Damp patches and mould

Damp and mouldy patches are often signs of drainage problems. The source could be a leaking drain, which a plumber should repair as soon as possible.

A professional plumber has the best tools and experience to effectively determine the source of damp and mouldy patches on your property.

To ensure that your drains are in good working condition, your plumber will detect and repair a leaky, broken drain or repair collapsed drain. This drain repair will help protect your health as well as that of everyone on your property.

Contact Drain King Plumbers for Drain Repairs

If you notice any of the indicators we have outlined, it is best to call a plumber to help you fix your drains rather than doing it yourself.

Indeed, you cannot go wrong when professional plumbers handle your drain repairs.

At Drain King Plumbers, our professional plumbers can help you pinpoint the source of your drainage problems and recommend the best solution for effective, long-lasting repairs. You can count on us for a prompt response and reliable service.

To learn more about our drain repairs, call Drain King Plumbers at 833-983-5663 or visit us online to get a quote

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