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The Top Reasons Your Toilet Isn’t Flushing Properly

Posted by on 25-05-2022

The top reasons your toilet isn’t flushing properly

There is nothing worse than a toilet that doesn’t flush properly. Not only do you have to call in a plumber, but it causes a significant dent in your time, schedule, and wallet. There are several reasons why your toilet is not flushing correctly. However, Drain King Plumbers can help you narrow it down and resolve it, too.

In this article, we’re going to address the most common reasons behind an inconsistent toilet flusher. Don’t fret; we have an array of solutions to offer, as well. We realize that your toilet is an important aspect of your daily chores, so a hindrance on that front could be immensely inconvenient. Let’s dive right into the reasons behind a bad toilet flusher, as well as the options we have at Drain King Plumbers to fix it.

1. Your water tank has insufficient water

This is a common yet easily solvable problem. If you live in an apartment, chances are the water tank in your toilet doesn’t have a sufficient amount of water due to maintenance issues or a bad leak in the building’s tank. Sometimes, it could be open taps or faucets in a neighbour’s house that have caused all the water to drain.

You might already be aware that a lot of water is required for a successful flush, so if there is less water than the mark on the indicator line, you know why you’re dealing with a problematic flusher. The water should be just about an inch less than the overflow tube, so if that isn’t the case, you will need to call a plumber to readjust your tank.

2. The overflow tube is damaged

The overflow tube usually prevents the tank from overflowing. It is designed to redirect excess water to the drain, so there are no clogged drains or water back-ups. This also prevents your tank from overflowing with water. So, having overflow tubes checked and inspected by a Drain King plumber is crucial.

3. The chain on the flush handle is loose

In your toilet’s tank, the flush handle is interconnected with the chains attached inside. However, if the chain is stretched beyond its capacity, or loses its elasticity, then the flapper in your toilet is going to malfunction significantly. A bad flapper leads to all kinds of concerns, such as clogged drains, debris buildup, damaged pipes, etc.

4. The flapper is warped

A loose, old, and warped flapper is the absolute worst. The flapper is made purely with rubber, thus it is not invulnerable to damage. Nor is it durable against debris and other damage within the toilet’s tank or flapper. So, this would hinder you from sealing the flapper when flushing, resulting in the water not getting refilled aptly.

5. Debris buildup in the inlet holes

Once the water from the tank goes into the tiny inlet holes, you know that the job is done. However, a damaged inlet would flush diagonally or in one direction only. This is a serious indication of a future problem. Inlet holes become damaged because the flapper beyond the inlet hole is not functioning correctly.

6. Your toilet is clogged

One of the most common reasons why your toilet doesn’t flush properly is because it is clogged. This would slow down or stop the process of the tank filling up with water for the next flush. So, this would require you to flush 2-3 times to ensure that every particle of waste is cleared and gone down the drain.

Additionally, if you have small children or toddlers around, chances are they may have unintentionally clogged the drain with a toy or trinkets. Clogged toilets can often be fixed with a plunger, but that really is only putting a band-aid on the wound. Narrowing down the issue and also fixing it in time is one of our many specialties at Drain King Plumbers. Fret not, though, clogged toilets can be easily resolved! However, if you’re experiencing clogs far too often, it’s time for a thorough inspection.

Top Ways to Resolve Toilet Flusher Problems

Whether you need a quick fix or a complete replacement, there are plenty of options that you and your family can choose from to minimize or completely eradicate the problem. Let’s talk about some of them.

1. Turning off the water supply

This is a classic way of rebooting your toilet’s flusher. This solution helps homeowners with an isolated flush valve. It ensures that you are treating the broken flush only, instead of cutting off the power from the entire residence or your house.

2. Opening the cistern

Opening the cistern reveals all the major issues that are contributing to a problematic toilet flusher. Once you open the cistern, the first thing to do is disconnect the tube that refills the water. Now, place the cistern aside and pull the old button.

This will immediately help with any clogs or blockages in your drainage system. Doing this will also tell you a lot about the health of your toilet and its flusher. Once your problem has been resolved, however, do not take it for granted. Dedicate an hour or two every once or twice a week to maintain your toilet.

3. Replacing the old flush valve

Once you can reach the bottom of the cistern, you should see the figured rubber band. Remove that band carefully and use your strength to undo the backside of the cistern. Taking off the metal and keeping it aside is ideal. Once you’re through with these steps, grab a metal clamp and keep it handy.

At this point, you should be able to use your flusher just like before. However, if the problem persists, reaching out to us at Drain King Plumbers is an excellent idea. Not only will we solve the issue, but also explain things to you that would be essential in maintaining your toilet.

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