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Professional Drain Cleaning Services

6 Reasons You Need to Enroll in a Plumbing Maintenance Program

Posted by on 08-08-2020

When was the last time you called a plumber — and was it simply because the toilet won’t flush, or the sink won’t drain?

One of the most common plumbing mistakes that Toronto homeowners make is waiting until it’s too late. Whether it’s from flushing too much toilet paper or pouring grease down the kitchen sink drain, many homeowners scramble to find their plumber’s number and book an emergency repair and avoid seeing them until the next emergency.

The truth is, holding out on regular plumbing maintenance only hurts you — and your wallet — in the long run. A plumbing emergency is often costly and time-consuming, and, in severe cases, damages other household items and appliances.

In contrast, plumbing maintenance services prevent this nightmare simply through regular inspections of your home’s plumbing system to detect the first sign of a clogged drain or backed-up sewer.

Thinking of calling a plumber for long-overdue plumbing maintenance? Here are reasons why you shouldn’t put it off anymore, and the common plumbing issues it can easily fix and prevent from worsening:

1. Detect leaks and clogged drains

Leaky faucets and clogged drains are two of the most common plumbing issues — and, when left unattended, the cause of major plumbing emergencies like back-ups, flooding, and expensive hydro bills. Luckily, a regular plumbing maintenance service can easily detect these issues and repair them early to prevent larger damage.

During a routine plumbing maintenance service, your plumber will check for leaks and drips, as well as common signs of clogged drains like standing water in the sinks and bathroom fixtures. Upon detecting these issues, they can easily repair or replace fixtures and restore your home’s plumbing system to normal function.

2. Protect pipes and plumbing fixtures

Corroded pipes are common in ageing and often overlooked plumbing systems whose last maintenance service was years ago. Corrosion is common in pipes constructed using galvanized iron in the 70s, which was used in older homes in Toronto. Over time, these pipes can degrade and break, resulting in major leaks, flooding, or back-ups.

With regular plumbing maintenance, you can stay ahead of breakdowns and get ageing plumbing fixtures replaced right away. When a professional plumber regularly inspects, cleans, and patches up the faucets, water heater, toilets, drains, and pipes, they’re guaranteed to function optimally over the years, without the risk of a costly emergency.

3. Plan for and prevent plumbing emergencies

Most Toronto homeowners only call a plumber when it’s too late — a pipe bursts, their basement is flooded, or the toilet is severely backed-up. But all of these plumbing emergencies are 100% preventable with regular maintenance.

Aside from refusing to call a plumber for routine maintenance, many homeowners also don’t know what to look for when checking plumbing fixtures for signs of damage. Major leaks only become apparent when the hydro bill skyrockets, or worse, when you come home to pooling water or a flooded room.

Fortunately, a regular plumbing maintenance service means you won’t have to deal with these emerging plumbing issues on your own. A professional plumber, like one from Drain King Plumbers, can identify ageing fixtures and necessary replacements, and even share tips for identifying leaks, clogs, and other common plumbing issues so they can be prevented early on.

4. Professional plumbing installation

Often, the worst thing homeowners can do is attempting a DIY plumbing repair or installation. Without the right training and experience, it’s easy to damage or dislodge pipe joints, break a new sink or toilet, fumble their plumbing connections, or accidentally shut off the water connection. What started as a simple fix could easily turn into an expensive and time-consuming plumbing nightmare.

On the upside, it’s easy for professional plumbers to keep track of necessary repairs and fixture replacements during a regular plumbing maintenance service. They can perform these plumbing repairs and installations quickly and correctly the first time to minimize the risk of costly damage and interruptions.

5. Long-term plumbing protection plan

Cost is the number one factor that discourages many homeowners from booking a regular plumbing maintenance service. A common misconception is that bills from these services can pile up and become expensive, especially when there are no necessary repairs. But that simply isn’t true or smart in the long run.

Many plumbing companies in Toronto offer budget-friendly plumbing maintenance and protection plans. These services are predictably and affordably priced, and cover the necessary services like inspection, cleaning, repairs, and replacements at a fixed cost.

So, while you think you’re saving money by skipping out on regular maintenance, a sudden breakdown can easily put a dent on these temporary savings — and require you to shell out more as the damage spreads to the entire drainage system, washroom, or underground pipe joints.

Enrolling in a plumbing maintenance program is much more affordable than paying for a one-time repair or overhaul of your home’s plumbing system when it breaks down after years of neglect. A regular plumbing maintenance plan covers unlimited service calls and extended warranty for replaced fixtures. Plumbers can routinely detect and diagnose plumbing issues and repair them right away to prevent major emergencies and water supply interruptions.

6. Professional service guarantee

When it comes to ensuring regular water supply and reliable waste disposal, there simply isn’t maintenance program, you’re guaranteed professional support from certified plumbers. an excuse to skip out on regular plumbing maintenance. Once you enroll in a plumbing

That means expertly backed diagnosis and repair of every plumbing issue, and even necessary liability insurance coverage to protect you and your savings in case of unforeseen plumbing disasters during repairs and large-scale parts replacement. This professional guarantee applies to every plumbing service, from maintenance to emergency repairs, so you can always count on the pipes, sinks, and toilets to work.

To learn more about the advantages of regular plumbing maintenance, call Drain King Plumbers at 1-833-983-5301, or contact us here.

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