Professional Drain Cleaning Services
Professional Drain Cleaning Services

Why You Need to Hire Professional Drain Cleaning Services

Posted by on 11-05-2020

It doesn’t matter whether they’re in a restaurant you own or your kitchen at home. Sinks get clogged, and they need a professional drain cleaning service to protect you from bigger issues. Water that overflows from a clogged toilet or sink can cause expensive water damage. If you let clogs go unchecked, grease and chemicals can build up and corrode your pipes over time.

Here are some other excellent reasons why you need to hire professional drain cleaning services.

Professionals End Constant Clogs

Whether you’re a business or a homeowner, nothing can be more frustrating than a drain that keeps getting clogged. Tackling the problem over and over again with store-bought drain cleaners is usually just a quick fix.

Professionals bring the right tools to get the job done permanently. They carefully assess the situation and use their experience to take on a clog from the right angle. We use a collection of professional-grade drain rooters and snake augers.

Professionals Get the Job Done Better

Getting the job done professionally means knowing how to go the extra mile. For example, professionals understand when it’s a good idea to remove the P-trap. In some cases, that’s the best way to do a thorough inspection and cleaning.

There are even situations where it’s a good idea to remove the trap arm. The idea here is simple. A professional plumber takes the long view about clogs and how to fix them, so they don’t keep happening, not just fixing the most immediate issue.

Hiring professional drain cleaning services puts an end to constant clogs. After the experts do their work, you’ll only need to follow routine maintenance.

Professionals Tackle Nasty Smells

Things get stuck in your pipes even before a clog shows up. Pour enough oil, fat, and grease down any drain over time, and you wind up with some nasty odours. Everything from flushable wipes to food and hair can cause this type of issue.

Sometimes, the problem is farther down the line. Tree roots can block sewer mains and cause clogs in water. They seek moisture and, over time, can cause the kind of backups that result in nasty smells.

When you hire a professional company to come in and clean your drains, they know what to look for. Professional plumbers have years of experience solving the kinds of drainage problems that occur in both commercial and residential buildings. In other words, the pros know what to look for.

Even hair can build up over time and create a total blockage or slow the flow down. One of the other big advantages of using professionals is guaranteed results. Picking the right professional drain cleaning services means getting warranties.

Professionals Boost Your Bottom Line

If you run your own business, you know how costly even temporary shutdowns can be. A clogged drain can be a big problem for a restaurant, diner, or even a food truck. Even office buildings and other bigger businesses don’t need this kind of hassle.

For businesses, this can be more than just an inconvenience. Staying on top of it means having professional drain and sewer cleaning services at your disposal. Businesses of all shapes and sizes want to avoid unpleasant financial surprises. Keep in mind a sewer backup or discharge due to poorly maintained pipes can cost you in unscheduled downtime.

Remember, there’s no quick way to unclog a drain or sewer line without using professionals who know the right equipment. We are always happy to give you an estimate and a complete inspection. Sometimes, the problem is with the sewers and pipes.

An annual cleaning can help keep these lines free of debris like leftover food products. Our professionals have seen many cases where oil and other debris can solidify in the pipes.

Professionals Deal with Emergencies

You might be a busy business owner or someone who owns a house. Either way, you’ve more than likely not set aside a block of time for plumbing emergencies. This is another good reason to have some contact information for your local professional drain cleaning services in Toronto.

Overflowing toilets are one of the more common emergencies that drain cleaning services tackle. And if you don’t get to these quickly enough, they can cause damage to the flooring in your business or home.

Regular Drain Cleaning

Having a regular drain cleaning routine means visits from professionals who can spot other issues like leaking pipes. Not only can these cause severe damage, but they can also add to your utility bills if they’re not caught and corrected.

Keep in mind that we provide drain cleaning services 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Best of all, our prices are the same at any time of the day or night. Using the right tool for the job is just one of the ways that we’ve built a solid reputation here at Drain King Plumbers.

We like to recommend hydro-jetting your sewers and drains regularly. This cuts down on the chances of a backup that can cause emergencies. Along with that tool, we have a variety of snake machines that get the job done.

Pinpoint Structural Issues

Here’s another reason why you should go with a professional service. If you’ve got drains that keep getting blocked, the chances are the problem is structural. We have the experts and equipment to be able to pinpoint and fix those issues. Quite often, the problem is a combination of a clogged drain and an issue with your pipes.

To learn more about why you need to hire professional drain cleaning services, call Drain King Plumbers at 416-661-5464 or contact us here.

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