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What Is Considered a Plumbing Emergency?

Posted by on 17-05-2023

What is considered a plumbing emergency?

Over time, you may have heard a few plumbing horror stories, like when people come home to find their house flooded by a burst pipe. Such scenarios are quite obvious plumbing emergencies, but is it always this simple? Unfortunately, the answer is no, as some plumbing emergencies are much harder to detect until it is too late.

If you sense that something is off with the plumbing in your home, your best bet is to call an emergency plumber in Oshawa as soon as possible. Emergency plumbers are equipped to help you in a dire situation, no matter what it may be.

Emergency plumbers have the tools and expertise to assess the cause of the emergency and come up with an optimal solution. In fact, they may be the only ones to help salvage your home from maximum damage in such a situation.

Common Signs of Plumbing Emergencies

Before you call an emergency plumber in Oshawa, you have to know what you are looking for. Fortunately, there are some signs that you can keep an eye out for that will let you know if you have a plumbing emergency that requires immediate attention. 

The following are some of the most common signs of plumbing emergencies that you should always be on the lookout for:

1. Water leaks

Although water leaks are not necessarily a huge emergency, they can occasionally go unnoticed and lead to significant structural damage. Thus, it is best to have them taken care of as soon as possible. 

Water leaks can also result in a build-up of mildew or mould, which can lead to respiratory problems, asthma, and potentially even life-threatening allergic reactions if you are exposed to it. In addition, if leaking water ever seeps through the floor and reaches the electrical wiring, it could short the circuitry and become a major fire risk.

2. Slow or clogged drainage

Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to avoid clogged drains at one point or another, as, over time, drains collect everything from soap scum to hair to wipes and paper towels. Eventually, the system becomes clogged.

This kind of clogging causes delayed water drainage and occasionally blocks drainage altogether. This situation can especially get out of control when there are several people using sinks and having showers in your home simultaneously. 

Some clogging issues are easy to fix on your own and can be prevented simply by cleaning your drains regularly. If it seems like every drain in your house is backed up, though, it could be that one or more sewage lines are blocked, which is more of an emergency situation.

3. Sagging or discoloured ceiling

If you notice any areas in your home where the ceiling seems to be sagging, this could be a sign that a water leak has occurred over that space. If you see that the ceiling appears to be discoloured as well, it means that the leak has likely been going on for some time.

This is definitely a serious emergency situation, as it can lead to a total ceiling collapse, which can be both incredibly dangerous and expensive to fix. As soon as you notice this kind of sagging or discolouration, you should turn off your water and call an emergency plumber.

4. Damaged or burst pipes

Pipes can burst at any time, but they are more likely to do so in the winter, as freezing water can damage them. If you notice that there are damaged or burst pipes somewhere in your house, it definitely constitutes a major plumbing emergency. Leaving such pipes unattended will almost certainly lead to flooding, which can damage the structure of your home. 

Even just one burst pipe can release gallons of water quickly, damaging your walls, flooring, and furniture. The best approach in this kind of situation is to immediately shut off your main water supply and call an emergency plumber right away.

5. Water heater failure

You may not consider having a lack of hot water an emergency during the warmer months. However, if your water heater fails and you have only cold water in the winter, this can definitely be an emergency, especially for the elderly or young children.

Water heaters can fail for a number of reasons, including the build-up of sediment, which can block water passages. In most cases, an emergency plumber can fix your water heater and get the hot water flowing again.

6. Sewage smells

If you ever turn on your faucet and notice an unpleasant sewage-like odour, this could be something to worry about. If you smell sewage, it likely means that there is an issue with your sump pump, septic system, or some other part of your plumbing.

If the issue is a backed-up sewer, the excess water could end up flowing into your home at any time. This is yet another situation where it is necessary to call an emergency plumber as soon as possible.

7. Overflowing toilet

This is one of the plumbing emergencies that is definitely more obvious, as an overflowing toilet can quickly lead to flooding and a major mess. There are many potential reasons why your toilet may overflow, including clogged pipes or a damaged float mechanism. Sometimes, this can occur when you least expect it. 

If your toilet ever overflows, turn the water valve behind it clockwise to shut off the flow of water. Then, call an emergency plumber, as they can assess the source of the problem and provide a quick fix.

Why You Should Call Drain King Plumbers for All Your Plumbing Emergencies

If you notice any of the signs mentioned above or anything else that you believe to be an indication of a plumbing emergency, call Drain King Plumbers for an emergency plumber in Oshawa

Whether you have leaking faucets, cracked or collapsed pipes, clogged drains, backed-up sewage, or flooding, one of our skilled and experienced plumbers can assess the situation promptly. They will then come up with the best and fastest solution to minimize the damage that an emergency plumbing situation could cause to your home. 

We understand that plumbing emergencies can happen when you least expect them. This is why we are here to help with any emergencies that you may have 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year.

For more information about our emergency plumbing services, or to learn more about our other plumbing services, call Drain King Plumbers at 833-983-5663 or contact us here.

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