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Professional Drain Cleaning Services

The Top Drain Maintenance Methods

Posted by on 07-06-2021

The Top Drain Maintenance Methods

Your drainage system is often ignored when it comes to day to day occurrences. After all, from your perspective, the water just comes out and then you use it as you wish. However, this complex system of pipes and tubing is actually one that requires careful attention to ensure that block-ups and leaks don’t occur.

It’s one of those things that while not particularly glamorous, will be appreciated by your future self. It’s all too easy to overlook maintenance entirely, but you do so at your own risk.

So, before you end up with a flooding sink or a clogged toilet, try these drain maintenance methods today. Some may require an expert’s touch, but the expenses are well worth it, especially if you’re working with reputable contractors like those at Drain King Plumbers.

What is drain maintenance?

This is the first big question to answer. In a nutshell, maintaining your drains is how you avoid full-on plumbing emergencies.

Basically, like any fixture, drains can suffer wear and tear due to waste buildup, as well as corrosion caused by chemicals and grease. When this begins to happen, you’ll notice clogs, before eventually moving to the much grosser areas of rotting odours, and possibly even sewer backups and indoor flooding, which can be an absolute nightmare.

Typically, then, to avert this worst-case scenario, you will want to call a professional plumber ahead of time, before the disaster strikes. Maintenance is crucial for saving on potentially big losses in money and time. Remember that the best medicine is prevention.

You’ll also know it’s time to call a drainage expert when you notice certain symptoms in the house. This can include clogged kitchen, bathroom, utility room, and sewer drains.

What Is Involved

This is what’ll happen when you call in a professional to check your home’s plumbing system. They’ll first do a full drain inspection using specialized cameras and probes to identify potential issues. From there, they can patch up minor damages and clean the drains thoroughly to get rid of any clogs or backups that are causing waste to build up.

Remember that clogged drains are the number one enemy of any healthy and reliably working plumbing system, and this sort of consequence tends to happen after years of everyday activities through the slow accumulation of detritus like hair, sludge, grease, and other residues.

This is why you need preventative drain maintenance that cleans out all this built-up and space-consuming gross waste. While it may be a small one-time fee, the costs you’ll save on in the future make it an absolutely vital thing to do. You need someone with the insight and tools to dig into your drains and sewers, and clean up all the clogs before they become fully blocked and cause the absolute nightmare of flooding and sewer back-up. Just imagine years of excess waste pouring out and back into your home, and you’ll start to see why preventive maintenance is so critical.

The Methods

So, you have a basic understanding now of what is involved in cleaning out your plumbing systems. However, you likely still aren’t aware of why and how they’ll actually clean out your systems beyond the basic camera usage and examination of the interior.

Well, here are the methods that can be used, and, unfortunately, they’re all rather intensive and will require an expert. If you start to falter at the cost, though, just remember how much you’re investing in your future and the financial pain will almost surely subsist.

There are three main methods that will be used in your preventive drain maintenance plan that all build off the initial drain camera inspection. The bonus of working with a pro is that you can talk over these options and their costs, allowing you to pick the best one for your budget. In fact, you can even go so far as to establish a schedule and routine treatments to keep your drains and your entire plumbing system performing at the best capacity possible.

So, the first choice you can use is the technique known as hydro-jetting. While it sounds very intense and futuristic, it’s really as simple as using high-pressure water to flush out the drains and remove built-up and pipe-blocking waste. Any good plumber will guarantee that this method is completely effective and toxin-free, meaning you don’t have to worry about damaging corrosive chemicals.

The next method is called treatment. Here, the plumber will use safe, eco-friendly enzymes to break down and remove stubborn waste items, like hair proteins, oils, and fat that have found their way into your drainage system. This technique will break things down while emitting a fresh scent.

Finally, this can all be followed up with method three, which is simply ongoing maintenance. Regular checks and camera-guided inspections will allow you to constantly monitor the state of your pipes while providing a preventative maintenance plan and small repairs on an as-needed basis.

Closing Thoughts

There are many reasons to maintain your drains. Aside from the general ickiness of knowing how dirty your pipes and drains are, preventative maintenance can be vital in stopping small problems from growing into home-destroying ones. After all, you definitely don’t want waste flooding your home. While the methods available require an expert touch, they’re well worth it and come with the added benefit of working with a pro that can assess your needs and provide top-notch service.

Now that you’ve dived deep into the world of drain maintenance methods, you may find yourself desiring to call some experts and get all the nitty gritty details worked out so that your drains are running in tip-top shape. For that expert touch, please feel free to reach out to us at Drain King Plumbers at 833-984-1810. Alternatively, try our web portal for drain maintenance services in Toronto.

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