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Is Hydro-Jetting Better Than Snaking a Drain?

Posted by on 09-01-2023

Is hydro-jetting better than snaking a drain?

Many homeowners tend to miss out on cleaning the drainage of their homes regularly and end up having to deal with a clogged drain that requires professional cleaning. Clogged drains are a common problem, but they can be solved using some basic tools. Drains get clogged by things like hair, oil and grease, feminine products, mineral buildup, or even paper towels. 

Blocked drainage destroys the structure of your home by allowing water to seep into its foundation. In some cases, it can also cause your home to become flooded, thereby severely destroying your floors and walls. The only way to prevent a blocked drainage from ruining your home is by ensuring that all the drains are properly cleaned. 

There are multiple methods to get your drainage cleared. The two common ways that plumbers use to get rid of debris and blockage arehydro jetting and snaking the drain. Let’s examine both approaches and see which one is most suited for your type of home.

What is hydro jetting?

Hydro jetting is a drain cleaning service in which professional drain cleaners use a hydro jet machine to clear blocked drains, sewer lines, and even tree roots.

A hydro jet has a high-pressure hose that goes deep inside the drainage system and pipes to blast high-pressure water and clear all the blockage material, like toilet paper, grease, debris, and other clogging material.

Hydro jet machines are small, electronically-powered jetters that are usually effective in clearing up sink and shower drains. Gas-powered hydro jet machines can also handle stubborn clogs in sewer lines and drains.

Hydro jetting services are a fast and effective way of clearing up your pipes and getting them back to brand new. Let us look at some advantages of hydro jetting:

  • Hydro jetting is extremely fast and effective. High water pressure cleans out clogged sewers and maintains an unclogged sewer line without using any corrosive substances that may wear down your pipes from the inside.

  • Hydro jetting services can be used for commercial properties, like restaurants, with commercial pipes and where there is a higher capacity for clogging.

  • Water jetting is effective in clearing up years of drainage accumulations and does not require a pipe replacement or excavation for your sewer line.

  • Hydro-jetting is a non-invasive process. There is no need for digging to reach the clogged pipes or area, and the high-pressure blast is enough to gain access and passage into the pipe.

  • Hydro jetting is safe and environmentally friendly. Since no active chemicals are used to dilute the clog, it is one of the best ways to keep your pipes smooth and running without using corrosive materials.

What is snaking?

Drain snaking uses a long, flexible metal cable with a coiled tip at the end to snake its way into the pipes and push all the clogging out of the narrow passage. The cable’s flexibility allows it to snake its way, navigate through your drainage system, and locate the blockage.

Depending on the location, severity of the clogged area and blockage, and size of the pipe, you can use toilet augers or other machines to clear out the blockage effectively. Let’s look at some advantages of snaking and how it can be useful to you:

  • Snaking is a time-tested and proven method used for decades by plumbers to clear basic clogs in sewer drains. It is considered to be simple to execute without using big machines.

  • It does not damage fragile or narrow pipes, especially in older constructions where the draining blueprint is unavailable or the building has undergone multiple structural changes. It is a relatively gentle process and can be done by anyone.

  • There is no usage of chemical drain cleaners, as such toxic ingredients can erode PVC pipes and corrode cast iron pipes. Drain snakes are effective and safe on any type of pipe.

Can I use a drain cleaner to unclog pipes?

Drain cleaners are not effective at preventing blockages in the long run. They often corrode the blockage so that water can flow through slowly, which eventually builds up again. They also don’t clean a drain as effectively as a jetter. Chemical drain cleaners can cause damage and affect the longevity of your plumbing system. If you want to fix a drain clog, a plunger is the safest and most effective tool.

If the blockage is bigger and needs more supervision, it is always wise to get it professionally treated by plumbers. Professional plumbers know how to handle different types of blockages in such a way that they do not damage your pipes. 

Drain snaking and hydro jetting are both effective for clearing basic clogs. However, hydro jetting is a more powerful and effective method for long-term or recurring blockages. It not only removes clogs, but reduces the natural buildup of oil, grease, and minerals in the inner lining, the interior of your pipes, and the sewer line.

Drain snaking is better for small blockages that can also be fixed using a plunger. Overall, it is wise to get your blockage inspected by a professional before implementing any of these techniques so that you do not damage your pipes in the long run.

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