Professional Drain Cleaning Services
Professional Drain Cleaning Services

Five Ways to Save Money Remodelling Your Plumbing for Your Renovation

Posted by on 06-01-2020

Cutting down the cost of professional plumbing services for your renovation doesn’t mean you have to settle for less. There are several ways that you can have your plumbing professionally remodelled without going over your budget. Here are some ways that homeowners have been able to save on their plumbing costs throughout the renovation process.

Five Money-Saving Plumbing Tips

Getting your renovation done on time and on a budget can seem like a challenge. However, there are some good ways that you can cut back on the amount of money you spend on your professional plumbing services. Many of these tips also make the plumber’s work easier so they will not only charge you less, but might even thank you!

  1. Scheduling: By planning and booking plumbing services for your renovation, you can avoid the high cost of emergency plumbing. Emergency calls are often time-sensitive, which can lead to higher costs. Scheduling your professional plumbing remodelling work reduces the expense as it is not treated as a rush job such as with a backed-up toilet or clogged drain.

  2. Plumbing-centric: When you hire a professional plumber, cutting down the non-plumbing work they need to do is another great way to cut back on the cost. This means, have the room prepared for the professional to step in and focus on the plumbing. Extra work like removing drywall to access the pipes, ensure proper lighting in the room, or moving unnecessary items out of the way can lead to a higher plumbing bill at the end of the work.

  3. Keep it simple: When renovating your home, work with the plumbing that you have. If you want to move the pipes around, expect it to cost more. Defining your project by keeping your pipes in place means you won’t have to pay your plumber as much.

  4. Materials: If you do need to have some materials replaced or added for your renovation, consider reliable, cost-efficient materials such as PEX pipes or crimp-fit couplings. Keep in mind that while copper is a popular piping material to request, it can cost twice as much as the plastic alternative PEX.

  5. Be prepared: The more time a professional plumber can spend focused on plumbing-related tasks, the less money it will cost you. This requires you to have a plan in place, including clearing the space they need to work. Keeping kids and pets out of the plumber’s way is a great way to reduce your labour costs.


Reducing the cost of your renovation can be as easy as cutting down the money you pay for professional plumbing services during the process. There are a number of things that you can do to help your plumber while cutting back your expenses. These include clearing the space so they can focus on their work, choosing materials that are more cost-effective, and scheduling a service instead of making an emergency call.

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