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9 Water Heater Safety Tips: What You Need to Know Before and After Installation

Posted by on 16-08-2023

A water heater is absolutely essential in every household. Be it a residential or industrial setting, a water heater allows you to get hot water whenever you want and, with modern solutions, as much as you want. Water heaters have a cylindrical container that stores water that is heated using gas or electricity.

While the advantages of having easy access to hot water are obvious, some safety concerns should be addressed both before and after installing a water heater system. Hiring a professional water heater installation service in Toronto is ideal for getting started.

With the above in mind, here are nine safety tips to consider when installing a water heater and maintaining its longevity:

Choose the right location

An important step in installing a water heater is finding the right spot for it. You should ensure there are no fire hazards in the vicinity of where the water heater will be installed.

If a gas-powered water heater is being used, make sure no combustible items are nearby. Also, keep clothing, any kind of garbage, or gas cans far away from the water heater. If fumes leak from the system, it could cause a chemical reaction, leading to an explosion.

It is advisable to keep the water heater out of reach of children to avoid tampering, accidental damage to the system, or injury.

Provide proper ventilation

Proper ventilation is of the utmost importance when installing a water heater system. Water heaters typically have duct vents that expel gasses like carbon monoxide (CO), so you should make sure that these vents are not obstructed.

Furthermore, if there is a draft in the area around the water heater, the fumes may enter the house instead of being ventilated out. Optimum ventilation can be tricky, so make sure you call professionals, such as Drain King Plumbers, to install your water heater system.

Install carbon monoxide detectors

Both gas and electricity-powered water heaters generate carbon monoxide, which is an odourless, invisible gas. It is also highly toxic if inhaled. In fact, according to Parachute Canada, there are over 300 deaths and 200 hospitalizations related to CO poisoning every year in the country.

Therefore, it is advisable to install carbon monoxide detectors to keep track of the CO levels inside your home. Detecting high CO levels will not only benefit you health-wise but also points toward a problem with the water heater.

If you ever detect unusually high levels of CO, immediately exit your house and call for help.

Check temperature settings

Water heaters come in various capacities for their use in differently-sized locations. The first step is to figure out the right size for your use purposes, which our professional plumbers can help you with.

To avoid scalding or injury, a typical home-use water heater should be kept at or below 120 degrees Fahrenheit (about 49 degrees Celsius). Your water heater may not have a temperature reading, but you can use a meat thermometer to get a better idea of how hot the water becomes when the heating is done and then set the temperature accordingly.

Check pressure relief valve regularly

After installation, be certain to regularly check the pressure relief valve of the water heater. The pressure relief valve and the temperature valve regulate the pressure buildup and ensure the water heater does not get too hot beyond operating temperatures.

These valves should be examined at least once a year to make sure they are functioning properly. If you come across any issues regarding the maintenance of your water heater system, we offer maintenance services as well as repairs.

Clean the water heater/tank routinely

It is good practice to flush out your water heater once every year to get rid of all the sediment buildup, dirt, and debris that may have accumulated. This buildup can lead to corrosion, which not only reduces the longevity of the system but can also affect performance.

General maintenance and cleaning will help you save money on unnecessary water heater repairs.

Monitor for leaks and unusual noises

Another step in maintaining your water heating system is just being cognizant of any unusual noises like rumbling or hissing and also monitoring for leaks. These could indicate a problem with the system that requires immediate attention.

At this point, it’s best to avoid trying to fix the problem yourself. Don’t hesitate to call Drain King Plumbers anytime, any day, as we operate around the clock, seven days a week, providing the best water heater installation service in Toronto and the GTA.

Check temperatures before going on vacation

When planning a vacation, ensure adding another task to your checklist: lower the temperature of your water heater. If you are going to be away from your house for a longer duration, we advise lowering the set temperature on your water heater or switching it to the lowest setting so as to avoid any strain on the system or risking a malfunction in your absence.

Keep updated on recalls

Water heater manufacturers can sometimes issue recalls for certain models. This happens when either the manufacturer discovers a fault in a particular series or model, or receives multiple complaints about the same series or model from customers.

First, know exactly which water heater you are using, and then try to keep yourself updated about recalls. If you happen to be using a model that has been recalled, contact the manufacturer immediately to get information on how to proceed.

Call the Plumbing Professionals

Water heater safety should never be taken lightly. By following these essential tips, you can minimize the risk of accidents, ensure optimal performance, and extend the lifespan of your water heater. Remember, if you are uncertain about any aspect of your water heater’s installation or maintenance, give us a call and our professional plumbers will be at your service.

To book an appointment for water heater installation service in Toronto and the GTA, call Drain King Plumbers at 833-983-5663 or contact us here.

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