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Professional Drain Cleaning Services

Why You Need to Add Plumbing Maintenance to Your Summer To-Do List

Posted by on 22-06-2020

Frozen — and eventually, burst — pipes are common during the winter, when freezing temperatures cause flowing water to ice and exert pressure on plumbing fixtures. But did you know that pipes can burst anytime, even in the summer?

That’s right — sunny days and unseasonably warm weather can also damage pipes and cause them to burst. No one wants to come home to burst pipes after an extended holiday, or deal with, them especially when the entire family is home over the summer. 

The resulting indoor flooding can easily damage furniture, appliances, and even your home’s structural integrity. That’s why it’s important to check your home’s plumbing system throughout the year and book a routine plumbing maintenance service in the summer to prevent leaks and pipe damage before they worsen.

Why do pipes burst in the winter?

Most Canadians know the toll that winter takes on plumbing fixtures — water lodged inside the pipes can freeze, causing pipes to burst. But did you know that extreme heat and increased use of ageing or worn out fixtures have the same effect? 

Here’s every reason why pipes also burst in the summer — and why you need to book regular plumbing maintenance to prevent this early on:

  1. Extreme heat

    Many of us wish for hot summer days to soak up some much-needed sun, but extended exposure to extreme heat can cause pipes to burst. That’s because when there’s a lot less rain, underground pipes can easily shift under dry soil, rather than staying lodged in place with damp and packed soil. 

    Older pipes are at risk of breaking due to this movement, causing them to burst and disrupt the flow of water in and out of your home. 

    A routine plumbing maintenance service over the summer can detect these shifts, along with ageing fixtures, so you can prepare for a replacement, rather than deal with the cost — and hassle — of an emergency repair.

  2. Increased use

    With the kids home for the summer throughout the day, your plumbing system struggles to keep up with increased demand. Many popular summer activities, like filling up the pool, watering the garden, washing cars, and even playing with sprinklers, all mean using a lot more water. While a regularly maintained plumbing system will have no trouble cycling through clean water and wastewater, failing and ageing pipes can easily burst or warp due to increased use over the summer.

  3. Clogged drains and pipes

    Drain clogs and blockages can cause pipes to degrade, as corrosive chemicals, grease, and other waste items stay lodged in the pipe walls. These exert pressure on the pipes as the flow of water is restricted, eventually causing them to burst. 

    To prevent burst pipes, make sure to dispose of waste items properly — such as refraining from flushing them down the drain — and book a plumbing maintenance service, especially in the summer, to detect clogs before they worsen.

  4. Rusty pipes

    Pipes aren’t designed to last forever — they need to be regularly maintained, cleaned, and replaced after about 25 years. Over time, pipes are prone to rust and ageing, making them likely to burst and cause flooding. To detect ageing pipes, make sure to book a plumbing maintenance service this summer, and schedule necessary replacements at an affordable cost, rather than an expensive emergency.

  5. Hard water

    While pipes are designed to supply fresh water and direct the flow of wastewater outside your home, they’re no match for water with high chemical content, such as calcium and magnesium. 

    These minerals often build up in pipes and other plumbing fixtures, resulting in blockages that restrict the flow of water. Over time, they can also corrode the pipes and cause punctures, leading them to burst as they degrade further.

    Do you live in an area with hard water? Book a plumbing maintenance service this summer and learn how to protect your pipes from lasting damage.

  6. Invasive tree roots

    Trees and greenery add a refreshing touch to every home, but their roots can quickly encroach on pipes, causing them to collapse or burst under pressure. These roots tend to grow in the direction of pipes, as they are attracted to nutrient-rich water that helps them survive. While it’s important to be surrounded by greens, you need to make sure that they don’t damage your home’s plumbing system.

    Make sure to book a plumbing maintenance service this summer when plants and trees are in full bloom. Plumbers can quickly inspect clogged pipes to detect encroaching tree roots and remove them, as well as install physical barriers around pipes to prevent tree roots from reaching them.

  7. Poor installation

    A poorly installed plumbing fixture spells a lot more trouble than the occasional leak or low water pressure. When left unattended, poorly soldered or ill-fitted pipe joints can burst, resulting in flooding and damage to your home. Don’t cut corners when it comes to plumbing repairs and installations — trust a certified plumber to repair or replace broken pipes, and maintain these regularly to ensure long-term use.

Is it time to replace old pipes?

The best way to prevent pipes from bursting is regular maintenance — a certified plumber inspects your home’s plumbing system to detect and repair clogs. They will advise you if pipes are old and worn out so you can schedule a replacement. Watch out for these common warning signs of leaking and ageing pipes:

  1. Wall stains

    Check for water stains on walls close to pipes, as these indicate leaks that may be caused by punctured pipes that can burst anytime.

  2. Discoloured water

    You need clean and working taps, so if the water running from the faucet is yellow or brown, this points to rusty pipes. These deteriorated — and possibly leaking — pipes need to be replaced as soon as possible to prevent them from bursting and to eliminating the health hazards they pose.

  3. Low water pressure 

    A drop in regular water pressure may be a sign of mineral build-up caused by hard water or leaky pipes. Book a plumbing inspection to detect these and schedule repairs before pipes burst.

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