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Professional Drain Cleaning Services

Why Drain Snaking Should Always Be Left to the Professionals

Posted by on 23-01-2023

Why drain snaking should always be left to the professionals

People who live in an apartment or townhouse will someday need to deal with a clogged drain. When you have lived in a house for several years, there is always a buildup of oil, grease, hair, and food particles. This buildup causes some amount of blockage to the drains at some point; inevitably, most people use a plunger to clear it out. 

When it comes to overall home maintenance, most tend to ignore the drainage and pipes until there is a blockage that makes it difficult to carry out daily activities. Therefore, it is important to hire a drain snaking expert who knows what needs to be done without causing further damage to the home’s pipes or drainage system. 

What is drain snaking?

A drain snake is a long snake-like tool that professional plumbers use to remove blockage and unclog pipes that lead to drains. There is a long, metallic cable with a hooked or corkscrew tip that allows the tool to penetrate the depths of the pipes in a screw-like motion.

When a plunger cannot remove a blockage, a drain snake is the next best option to reach the blockage and get rid of it. Plumbers will slowly extend the snake down the drain while the hooked, metallic tip works to remove the clog.

Drain snakes can come in multiple sizes and range between 25 to 50 feet long, depending on the extent of usage you need. There are electric drain snakes that can dig deeper into a drain and extend up to 75 feet. Sewer drills are used by plumbers to reach up to 100 feet.

Why should drain snaking be done professionally?

Although drain snaking seems easy to do and requires little plumbing knowledge, it is still best done by professionals who know what they are doing and do not end up damaging anything in the process. Let’s examine some reasons why drain snaking should be done by professional plumbers:

Damage to Pipes

Many homes are several decades old and have an outdated plumbing system. A drain snake needs to be used very carefully on these pipes; otherwise, it can cause bigger problems, like destroying the pipes from the inside. Since older pipes are made from different materials, it is difficult to guess how this method can adversely affect them in the long run.

Professional plumbers understand how to handle these scenarios and are trained to use the equipment properly so that it does not destroy the pipes. If your pipe is already rusting or corroding, this damage can quickly become serious, leading to constant leakage that may require replacing the entire piping system.

Damage to Bathroom and Kitchen Fixtures

The hooked and screwed tip of the drain snake is extremely sharp and can scrape your fixtures if not used correctly. Additionally, it can cause permanent scarring to taps and toilet bowls if not used carefully. This can destroy the look of a home, as fixtures are mostly expensive and permanent.

Usage of Incorrect Tools

Depending on the magnitude of the blockage, a standard drain snake may not be the right tool for you. There are various kinds of drain snakes that are used for different types of piping systems and blockages. The main types of drain snakes are the following:

  • Top snake is the standard drain snake that is usually used for simple blockages in sink and washing machine drains.

  • >Mini-rooter is a more powerful drain snake that is electrical. It works by cutting apart the blocked debris in your pipes that is causing the backup. These are extremely tricky to use, as a non-professional may end up destroying the pipes from the inside.

  • Toilet augers are used to clean out clogs in your toilet. They extend into the pipeline by using a hand crank. Professional plumbers know how deep to go without ruining the inner lining of the pipes.

  • Sewer drain machines are mostly used commercially or to clear off extreme blockages. These drain snakes can extend up to 200 feet and are used in pipes at least three inches thick.

Possible Injuries While Using a Drain Snake

Many people are often accidentally injured trying to execute DIY drain snaking without any experience. The tip of the tool is sharp and can cause cuts and injuries. 

When the snake is already in the drain, there are chances that some may try to yank it out forcefully. This could result in cuts. 

If the drain water comes into contact with the fresh cut, it could lead to an infection. Additionally, you may pull a muscle trying to access pipes that are not easily reachable, which could lead to long-term physical pain.

Direct Contact With Drainage Water

If you try to clear a blocked drain by yourself and are not experienced, you may come into contact with dirty drain water, which leads to exposure to contaminated water. You will inevitably come in contact with toxic waste while maneuvering the drain snake into the pipe as well.

It is best to get this done by a professional because they are better equipped to deal with these situations, and can take the necessary steps to avoid contact with toxic water and waste.

Call the Professionals at Drain King Plumbers

When it comes to drain snaking, it is always advisable to have it conducted by an expert who can finish the job without initiating long-term damage that shows up later. Plumbers are trained to identify the risks and the steps to be taken while clearing out blockages, and can do the job better than someone without such experience. 

If you have a recurring blockage in your home, we advise you to get it checked professionally. For more information on drain repair in Markham and throughout the GTA, please book an appointment with Drain King Plumbers and call 833-983-5663. To find out more details about our different drainage clearing services, visit our website here or contact us.

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