Jason Genah

When an unexpected problem arises in your home choosing a service provider can be a difficult task, and I can relate!

With first-hand experience being both the consumer and the service provider I know exactly what customers are looking for.

Honesty, Reliability, and Affordability.

I started Drain King with these core values in mind, and I ensure that each and every Drain King employee shares the same values.

As a Master Plumber with over a decade of experience feel comfortable knowing that I have seen it, and done it before.

If you are experiencing a Plumbing or Drain issue don’t sweat it, I am here to help!

Drip… drip… drip…

Posted by on 16-04-2018

A leaky faucet is a nuisance that every homeowner will probably face at some point. A slow drip can lead to high water bills, wasted water and even water damage! On top of that, the sound of incessant dripping is enough to push anyone over the edge!READ MORE