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10 Benefits of Drain Hydro-Jetting

Posted by on 11-05-2022

Benefits of drain hydro-jetting

If you’ve had a plumber come over to unclog a drain in or around your house, you must be familiar with hydro-jetting. It is a process where high-pressure water surges into drains and pipes that are blocked. This process cleans the drain thoroughly without much effort or fatigue to the body. Are you unsure about where to start? The first step is to ring a Drain King plumber to schedule an inspection.

Once the Drain King plumber arrives at your doorstep, they’ll ask you for a brief summary of the issues that you’re facing. Then, they insert a video camera into the clogged drain and its pipes to inspect the severity of the damage. However, what happens after? Well, we’re here to walk you through the top 10 benefits of opting for hydro-jetting.

The Top 10 Benefits of Hydro-Jetting

1. Thorough pipe cleaning

Hydro-jetting is a highly effective method for cleaning drains and pipes. Essentially, pressurized water streams are ejected in different directions. This helps target a wider surface area that is clogged or has a buildup of unwanted debris and other materials.

The benefit is simple: cleaner pipes ensure a safer plumbing system. A majority of the time, plumbers are called on an emergency basis for a problem that can be prevented. This is done by scouting pressurized streams of water annually.

2. Removes residue

This process removes unwanted residue from corners of the drain and pipe that you wouldn’t normally be able to clean or sanitize. Hydro-jetting makes this process simpler, and most importantly, shorter, thanks to its powerful streams of pressurized water.

All waste and buildup such as dirt, debris, grime, and residue can be tackled. If you want to maintain the sanitation of your house, Drain King Plumbers encourage hydro-jetting to the fullest extent!

3. Cleans sewer drains

If you’re particular about the cleanliness and maintenance of your neighbourhood or community, cleaning jobs can be quite a hassle. A single hydro-jetting session can unclog the sewer drains and prevent any future damage from occurring. It also protects the drainage system from getting backed up in the future, saving the community from a big, gross and expensive mess.

4. cost-friendly and affordable

Pipe cleaning is steadily becoming an outdated method of cleaning and maintaining drains and pipes. Not only is it a slow task to accomplish, but it is also an expensive option. Hydro-jetting, on the other hand, is cost-friendly and affordable.

It saves you the time and effort that would be required when plunging your sink or bathroom drains if debris were to get stuck in the pipes. Hydro-jetting helps you bid a much-needed farewell to water and waste backups, repeated clogging of drains, and other issues such as burst pipes.

While hydro-jetting feels like an extensive type of plumbing, it prevents you from spending money on future plumbing or service calls. So, not only are you saving money through the process of hydro-jetting, but you’re on top of the recommended annual inspections.

Additionally, when your Drain King plumber inspects the drains and pipes with a video camera, it can foretell any additional issues that need to be addressed. This way, you would be able to mitigate problems before they arise.

5. Easy on your plumbing

Just like pipe cleaning, plumbers are saying goodbye to old plumbing techniques such as underground digging or opening walls. In fact, if you live in a generational or older home, doing the aforementioned could severely damage the exterior and interior of your house.

The myth around hydro-jetting is that the pressure of the water streams damages your drainage system or the pipes around it. However, this couldn’t be more untrue. Regardless of the intense pressure of water, hydro-jetting is completely safe and does not damage pipes in any shape or form.

6. Sustainable and environmentally friendly

The only component used for hydro-jetting is high-pressure water. Unlike drain or pipe cleaners, there is absolutely no use of toxic or harsh chemicals that are added to the high-pressure water. The sustainable aspect of hydro-jetting kills two birds with one stone.

Not only is the water recycled and clean, but it also does not contaminate lakes, soil, streams, or rivers and the aquatic ecosystems that depend on them. Moreover, hydro-jetting maintains sanitation levels for your home since there are no chemicals added to the water. It also preserves and encourages the durability of your drainage system and the pipes around it. Additionally, it acts as a natural preservative for the environment and any wildlife that surrounds it.

7. Prevent clogs from forming

One of the most challenging aspects of being a homeowner is the maintenance that surrounds your pipes and drainage system. While annual inspections are great, hydro-jetting prevents the additional buildup of debris, chemicals, and residue from forming.

Not only is this convenient for you as a homeowner, but it also saves you from future bills and dents to your wallet. A well-kept drainage and pipe system is a durable one, too.

8. Eliminates odours

A frustrating moment as a homeowner is living in a space that smells foul. Not only are chemical exfoliants and preservatives damaging to your drainage system, but they also collect and solidify on your pipes, which creates a pungent stench. With hydro-jetting, you only endure strong and pressurized streams of water to dissipate stuck-on debris and other smells. It takes you back to the basics of sanitation through its one core ingredient: water.

9. Modern and effective

In a world of reinventions, modernity, effectiveness, and versatility are crucial. Not only is hydro-jetting a sustainably excellent decision to make, but it also cleans your drainage system with the pipes surrounding it. Usually, snaking or plunging a clogged drain or sink only helps the problem to an extent, and that too is temporary. On the other hand, a highly pressurized jet or stream of water (that can even move the strongly embedded roots of trees) is a versatile choice to clean sewers, drainage systems, or pipes.

10. Versatile

Versatility is both a necessity and a want when it comes to the world of plumbing. Hydro-jetting can not only take care of minuscule, domestic matters, but also plays a large role in the commercial sector. While quick solutions often wear out, hydro-jetting is a solution that is fast, effective, and promising. Less is more, and water being used for hydro-jetting is proof of it. If there’s one essential ingredient that you can trust when it comes to plumbing, it is water.

Flushing away waste removes it from your sight and far from the pipes attached to your commode, but that is not enough to ensure a seamless drainage system. Hydro-jetting helps identify any soap residue or debris that is present (and sometimes even stuck) in the flapper of your toilet.

Let Drain King’s plumbers rectify these trials and errors. Not only do we promise you a positive outcome for your drainage system, but we also make it a point to answer all your questions, and educate you about your toilet.

If you’re intrigued to know more about our full-fledged system, we look forward to hearing from you. We offer services on public holidays and weekends at no additional charge. Available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, Drain King Plumbers are accessible 365 days a year. For more information on drain hydro services in Toronto, call us at 833-983-5663 or contact us online.

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