Sewer Camera Inspections in Toronto & GTA

Sewer Camera Inspections

A lot of homeowners don’t realize that their drains are backed-up until the worst happens — wastewater and other waste items flow back indoors, causing cosmetic and structural damage, and even health hazards. This happens because the drains are severely clogged, whether due to flushing waste that doesn’t belong there, or obstructions like growing tree roots. And without regular sewer inspections and maintenance, a back-up is often impossible to tell.

But with the latest sewer maintenance technology, plumbers can now inspect sewer lines for backups and diagnose drainage and waste disposal issues before a full-scale plumbing emergency occurs. That’s all thanks to state-of-the-art sewer cameras that can be lowered into underground plumbing systems without digging large trenches and messing up your lawn and sidewalk.

Sewer Camera Inspection: Find the Cause of Backed-Up Sewers

It’s not easy to find the cause of a backed-up drain or sewer and locate it in time to prevent plumbing emergencies like wastewater flooding. It also doesn’t help that traditional plumbing methods involve digging up trenches and messing up landscaping. We can’t blame homeowners who are worried about this mess.

But not anymore! The latest upgrade to sewer maintenance comes through camera inspections. Using a specialized imaging system, plumbers can lower a small fibre-optic camera down the sewer lines and navigate through clogs and backups using flexible metal cables.

This provides high-definition feedback real-time aboveground, eliminating the need for digging up trenches. With real-time feedback, plumbers can quickly locate leaks and sources of backups, and formulate plans for necessary repair or replacement.

Book Your Sewer Camera Inspection

At Drain King Plumbers, our plumbing and sewer line experts are no strangers to clogged and backed-up sewers — and homeowners hesitant to book regular maintenance services. That’s why we use only the latest technology to inspect your sewer lines and diagnose problems in the plumbing system. With a specialized sewer camera, we can locate the cause of clogs and back-ups and repair them without leaving a mess and disrupting your living space.

Our certified plumbers and sewer experts recommend regular sewer camera inspections as part of your preventative maintenance plan. These regular inspections allow us to monitor the health of your plumbing system and perform quick fixes on emerging issues. This saves you up to thousands of dollars — and the nightmare of an indoor flood, leak, and other big plumbing emergencies.

When to Book a Sewer Camera Inspection

Don’t wait until it’s too late — a backed-up sewer can quickly turn into a plumbing emergency. Without regular sewer camera inspections and maintenance services, you’re not far off from coming home to messy and damaging wastewater flooding.

Not sure when to call a plumber? Here’s a quick guide to some of the most common signs of sewer line issues that we can locate — and plan to repair — with a thorough sewer camera inspection:

  • Foul odours: is there a foul smell circulating around your house no matter how clean it is? Lingering odours often indicate sewer problems, such as a clog or leak in the line that’s slowly releasing waste items back into the pipes when they should have been pushed out.
  • Slow drains: do you find yourself using the toilet plunger and unclogging the drains more frequently? Slow drains in different areas of the house often point to problems in the main sewer line. A thorough camera inspection allows our plumbers to locate encroaching tree roots, grease build-up and even lost items causing the blockage.
  • Higher water bill: without major lifestyle changes, your monthly bills should be predictable. That’s how you budget and stay on top of your expenses. If you notice an unusual spike in your water bill, it’s worth finding out why. In many cases, it’s because of a leak — and a sewer camera inspection can tell you where and how it can be fixed.
  • Problems with the water main: problems in the main water supply line can impact the sewers and how they flush waste outside your home. In most cases, the city will let you know. To fix this, your first step should be to book a sewer camera inspection and look at available options for repair or replacement.

Sewer Camera Inspections: Your Frequently Asked Questions

How do sewer camera inspections work?

Our plumbers and sewer technicians use a state-of-the-art fibre-optic camera that provides high-definition and real-time feedback on the condition of your sewer lines. Guided by flexible metal cables, we can navigate the sewer camera along the sewer lines and locate clogs and backups. We won’t even have to dig holes and trenches or leave a mess on your lawn.

What types of sewer issues can a camera inspection find?

A regular sewer camera inspection is the first step in your preventative maintenance plan. With the use of this advanced and hassle-free technology, we can locate these drainage and waste disposal problems, and fix them in no time:

  • Clogs and leaks
  • Tree root intrusions in pipes and drains
  • Find cracked, broken, collapsed, or misaligned pipe joints
  • Retrieve lost items that have fallen down the drain
  • Inspect ageing pipes and plan for replacement
  • Assess the condition of the septic system
Why do I need a regular sewer camera inspection?

From your health to that of your home’s plumbing system, prevention is always key — and more affordable. A sewer camera inspection provides regular updates on the condition of the pipes, drains, and sewer lines, so plumbers can quickly plan for repairs and replacements.

Sewer camera inspections are a key part of the no-dig, trenchless method. This means no mess and little to no disruption in your daily routine as our plumbers lower the camera into underground pipes and diagnose plumbing issues. These cameras also offer precise feedback which takes the guesswork out of completing quick fixes and extensive replacements.

For more information about sewer camera inspections and locating waste disposal issues, contact Drain King Plumbers here, or give us a call at 833-983-5301.