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Expect nothing less than the “best of the best” when using Drain Kings North York plumbing services. Guaranteed! We will do everything we can to earn your trust as your go-to North York Plumber. Our goal is to provide you with the best plumbing skills and superb customer service every time.

Plumbing Experts In North York

Drain Kings employs North York’s plumbing experts to help you deal with any plumbing issues you may have. All plumbers are fully certified and trained to help and respond professionally to all plumbing service calls related to repairs, maintenance, cleaning, and more.

If you are in need of North York plumbing services, Drain Kings is here to help and repair.

Why Drain King Plumbers Are The Best In North York?

What makes Drain Kings North York plumbers unique? We make it our mission to handle all calls in a timely, honest, professional and respectful manner.

If you are looking for a plumber in North York that is trained and has the knowledge to quickly identify solutions at a reasonable price, look no further than Drain Kings. Whether you are looking for a residential or commercial plumbing company, we are fully trained to handle both.

If you are located in North York and in need of plumbing services, Drain King technicians can offer innovative, efficient plumbing solutions that meet your budget.

Maintenance & Repair Services We Provide In North York

We provide plumbing services in North York for customers looking for both residential and commercial plumbing solutions.

Our plumbing services extend to:


We provide all plumbing services to all areas in North York. Plumbing services range from re-piping your home, repairing leaks and broken pipes, installations, you name it.

If you live in North York and need plumbing solutions for your home or business, Drain Kings can help.


Drain cleaning service is an absolute necessity when it comes to offering plumbing solutions. Drain Kings plumbers have significant experience in North York dealing with any and all issues related to drains.

We deal with blocked drains in North York in which we identify where the drain is clogged or backed up and immediately eliminate the blockage. This helps provide efficient plumbing within your home or business.


Drain Kings offer sewer backup and treatment options all over North York. We ensure that all waste and wastewater flows efficiently outside your home or business and into the appropriate municipal sewage system or treatment facility.

Installing the proper sewer backups in North York helps us prevent flooding and provide proper elimination of all waste. Sewer cleaning, repair, maintenance, emergency, and backup plans are our specialty.

Flood Protection

Flooding in North York is a relatively common issue for some homes and commercial buildings. North York experiences maybe different seasons and extreme weather throughout the year which can cause serious damage to their foundations.

Local drainage systems may not be able to help prevent floods in certain situations. Drain Kings steps in to offer sump pumps, backwater valves, and overflow protection to help prevent floods in North York.

Fixture Installation & Maintenance

At Drain Kings, we help homes and businesses with a variety of different installations and plumbing maintenance in North York.

Our North York Plumbers help accommodate any of your plumbing installation needs, ranging from faucet installations, sink installations, toilet installations, water heater installations, and tub installations. If additional issues occur, or you have problems with existing plumbing devices, our plumbers have the maintenance qualifications to step in right away.

Commercial Plumbing

As North York’s construction ramps up and more commercial buildings are built, the demand for commercial plumbing service increases. Whether it’s an office building, apartment, or strip mall the right plumbing solutions need to be installed and maintained.

Our plumbers in North York implement the correct commercial plumbing services such as using energy-efficient fixtures that minimize water and waste consumption. This is achieved by using modern plumbing equipment and custom plumbing solutions that are specific to commercial buildings.

Wherever you are in the GTA, we are not far away. Our experienced, licensed North York plumbers and technicians are standing by to provide you with the Royal Treatment. Call 24/7 for the best service! (833) 983-5663.