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Professional Drain Cleaning Services

Five Preventive Maintenance Solutions for Commercial Plumbing

Posted by on 10-02-2020

When you own a business, you are bound to run into plumbing issues at some point in time. But, there is no need to panic.

People often underestimate the importance of commercial plumbing. Getting the help of a professional plumber is not the most cost effective solution; the good news is that there are a few problems you can solve on your own. Below, we have compiled a few tips to help you master preventive maintenance for commercial plumbing.

1. Identifying leaks

Dripping faucets and shower heads are simple annoyances that can indicate a bigger issue with your plumbing. This issue can cost you thousands of dollars, and the leaks will only get worse the longer they go unfixed.

Here is what you can do to help: Double check that the handles of your faucet are completely shut and then watch to see if they continue to drip. Also, inspect the area around your plumbing for any signs of water damage. If the problem persists, call a professional to make sure any repairs are done right.

2. Having low water pressure

Low water pressure equals many complaints from customers and a potential loss of business.

If you own a hotel or a gym, this is especially relevant for you. You can avoid this issue by checking the water pressure in all of the showers and sinks in your business regularly. Use a pressure gauge to test and measure the pressure of the water moving throughout your system.

3. Operating with clogged drains

You should be routinely checking the sinks in your commercial building. If any of them are draining slowly, this may mean there’s a clog in your pipes.

This is another plumbing issue that will only get worse with time. Luckily, the solution for slow drains is pretty simple. Here’s what you can do: Pour a mixture of hot water and white vinegar down the drains every three months. This will dislodge any debris clogging the drain.

4. Avoid silent leaks

Silent leaks occur in areas of a commercial building that are not readily visible. If there is a pipe leak in your building, you could be wasting thousands of gallons of water and dollars a year.

Keeping an eye on any irregularities in your water bill could help stop this from occurring, so can regular checks and maintenance. However, a higher than normal water bill is the first common sign of water damage.

5. Preventive maintenance is the way to go

The majority of the problems that appear in commercial plumbing creep up over time and you may not notice them until they become a serious problem. A great way to prevent any problems is to keep up with routine checks, practice preventative maintenance, and call a professional when needed. This way, you can catch any problems before they get worse.

With preventative maintenance, you can actually limit the frequency of repairs and cut costs.

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