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6 Plumbing Tips for Your Bathroom Remodel

Posted by on 24-10-2023

Remodelling your bathroom is exciting but, at the same time, can be pretty stressful. Depending on the scale of the remodel, the entire process can be straightforward or challenging.

You may want to relocate your toilet, the tub, or the shower, which can pose problems when considering fixtures, plumbing, pipes, drains, and other vital components. There are many things to consider before starting the project, and the best way to do it is to involve professional plumbers in Toronto.

Here are some plumbing tips for your bathroom remodel to make the process less stressful:

1. Assess the bathroom and remodel needs

Having a solid plan before starting the remodelling will go a long way. To do that, you will first need to assess your remodelling needs and the available space that you have to work with.

You will also need to evaluate what component of the bathroom can go where. For example, you want to move the shower head to a different wall/toilet to another spot. Then, you must be able to do the plumbing in the new location.

This is where hiring professional plumbers in Toronto come in. Drain King Plumbers will give you their expertise and help you assess the scope of the remodelling project. They will also help you purchase the right product depending on your needs.

2. Do the pipes need replacement?

While assessing your remodelling needs, determine if the pipes are too old and need replacing. Older homes may have cast iron or galvanized steel plumbing pipes, which need updating to current standards. A remodelling project is the perfect time to do that.

Their assessment will also identify if you need to update or fix the plumbing pipes in the entire house. Note that this would increase the remodelling project’s cost but needs addressing before any potential damage occurs.

It also includes replacing the shower valve, shut-off valve, and any other old fixture near the end of its use. Drain King Plumbers in Toronto can help you understand which fixtures need replacing and which can stay.

3. Proper waterproofing

Proper waterproofing is another component to consider when remodelling your bathroom. It is of utmost importance to have good waterproofing in your shower to avoid damage over the long run and having to make any insurance claims.

Walk-in showers and showers with built-in benches can be tricky to adequately waterproof as the tile and grout itself are not waterproof.

Use proper waterproofing to ensure water doesn’t seep into areas that can cause damage over time. Additionally, improper installation of fixtures or plumbing equipment like the shower pan liner can also lead to water damage.

4. Get estimates

Figuring out how much the remodelling project will cost can be difficult. Still, with the help of a professional plumber in Toronto, they can give you more accurate estimates — at least for their part of the job.

It will be less time-consuming, and homeowners can better budget their projects and determine how much they can spend on new fittings, tools, or equipment.

Getting professional help will also reduce the cost of tools for you as the plumbing service will bring all the necessary equipment. Drain King Plumbers offers upfront pricing in writing, so you can determine precisely how much you need to allocate for the service.

5. Choosing the right faucet/ vanity

Choosing the right vanity and faucets can completely change the bathroom’s look depending on the style of your home or the remodelling project and the space. In smaller areas, a wall-mount sink or a pedestal works best. However, it can be more tedious to clean.

Under-mount sinks look tremendous but are costlier to install and require a waterproof countertop.

Similarly, in terms of faucets, you can choose a modern look or a more contemporary option. There are options for single-handle, double-handle, long-spouts, short-spouts, or other types of faucets. Smaller spaces can use single-hole taps with the spout and handle all in one fixture.

6. Permits and inspection

Once again, depending on the scale of your remodelling project, you may need a building permit. Under the Building Code Act, you will require a building permit for the construction and/or demolition of a new building, an addition, or material alteration of any building or structure.

In Toronto, you will require a building permit if you make structural or material alterations, such as adding or removing walls, adding new windows or doors, enlarging or relocating existing windows/ doors, or other such alterations. Assess the scope of your remodelling project and get the permit if you need one.

Operating without a permit can lead to legal action, costly construction delays, and/or the removal of the alteration. This guide can help you understand whether you need a building permit or not.

Final Thoughts

There are a few ways to go about bathroom remodelling. You can take the complete DIY route, which would be the most challenging, hire a professional service for everything, which would be the easiest but likely the costliest, or take partial help.

It involves calling professional plumbers in Toronto to assess the space and the remodelling requirements and offer an upfront estimate.

It will make things a lot smoother and save money and help you plan other aspects of the remodel.

We offer a range of plumbing services and up to a 25-year warranty so that you can feel confident about your decision. We will do everything we can to accommodate your requests and offer an honest, fair estimate for your required services.

For more information about bathroom remodelling, call Drain King Plumbers at 833-983-5301 or contact us here.

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