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10 Things You Should Never Flush Down Your Toilet

Posted by on 03-12-2019

Your toilet is more sensitive than you realize. While it is responsible for removing waste from your home, some things should never be flushed down the toilet.

Many people don’t understand that the items they flush down the toilet can cause big plumbing problems in the long run. Even though there are trillions of litres of water on the planet, there are no new sources of it. That means, what you flush down your toilet today may still be there tomorrow.

To avoid problems in your septic tank or the water system, here are 10 items that you shouldn’t flush.

  1. Tissues. Unlike toilet paper, tissues are made of different materials and won’t break down in the same way. The best bet for used tissues is the garbage can.

  2. Medicines. Even if they are expired, these drugs are difficult to remove from the water system, which makes flushing them a big hazard. The best way to dispose of medicines you don’t need anymore is to return them to a pharmacy. Pharmacies have a procedure for safely discarding unused and expired medications.

  3. Cigarette butts. These are tiny toxins that pollute the waterways and cause problems for people and animals. It is best to discard them safely somewhere else.

  4. Hair. One or two may not seem to be a big deal, but when hair gathers together in pipes it can cause major problems. Blocking drainage and causing odours to build up are just two of the headaches that come with flushing hair down the toilet.

  5. Grease or oil. Just as you wouldn’t want to pour these items down the sink, they can cause similar problems if you try to flush them. Oils and grease tend to harden as they cool, which can block pipes and, ultimately, lead to problems in your pipes.

  6. Wipes. This includes baby wipes and cosmetic wipes, which have become a major problem in many sewage systems. These cloth-like items do not break down in the same way that toilet paper does. It’s better to toss them in the garbage, rather than risk flushing them.

  7. Tampons/pads. Flushing tampons or sanitation pads down the toilet is not the right way to properly dispose of these items. There is a good chance they will cause a block in your pipes. Instead, wrap them up and put them in the garbage.

  8. Dental floss. Just like hair can gather together and create large blockages, so can floss. It is not made of items that easily decompose. That means it is a better fit for the garbage can.

  9. Contact lenses. Flushing your contact lenses down the toilet only adds to the problem of microplastics in the environment.

  10. Cotton. These small and useful swabs can create a major plumbing problem if they are flushed. Play it safe and throw them in the garbage.


Keeping your septic or sewer system clear can be as easy as properly disposing of waste. Essentially, nothing but human waste should be flushed down the toilet. Avoid disposing of anything that can cause clogs, backups, or environmental problems. If you live in the Greater Toronto Area and have been flushing these items by mistake, contact Drain King Plumbers to help clean the clogs.

For more information about keeping your toilet running, call Drain King Plumbers at 833-983-5301 or contact us here.

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