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Drain King is the premium choice when you’re looking for quality craftsmanship, professionalism and superior customer service in the Toronto area. Experienced, licensed Toronto plumbing professionals are at your service anytime you need us – 24/7.

Wherever you are in the GTA, we are not far away. Your search ends here for the best customer service and the most affordable pricing in all of Toronto. With almost 3 million people in the city, there is a lot of plumbing that needs to be done. Thankfully you can trust Drain King to be there for you no matter what. Our experienced, licensed Toronto plumbers and technicians are standing by to provide you with the Royal Treatment.

Plumbing Experts In Toronto

Every single one of our Toronto plumbers is fully trained and certified to handle any plumbing issue that you may be having from maintenance to repairs and everything in between. Our plumbing experts can handle installations and even help you keep track of maintenance intervals so you can get the best performance from all of your plumbing appliances.

Why Drain King Plumbers Are The Best In Toronto?

What makes Drain King plumbers in Toronto better than the competition? Our goal is to fix all of your plumbing issues however we focus on doing so in a quick, professional and gracious manner.

Looking for a plumber in Toronto can be overwhelming as there are so many options to choose from. We are pleased to be able to offer you one of a few plumbing services in Toronto that can do both commercial and residential plumbing.

Our staff receive ongoing training and education to ensure they’re on top of any plumbing issues that may arise in either commercial or residential locations. This includes equipping our staff with the latest and greatest in plumbing equipment and technology. Call Drain Kings for the most efficient and cost-friendly plumbing services in Toronto.

Maintenance & Repair Services We Provide In Toronto

Toronto is one of the fastest-growing cities in North America. Such rapid growth comes with a lot of new residential and commercial buildings that require plumbing services. Drain King plumbers can assist with installing new plumbing, maintaining old plumbing and everything in between.

Our plumbing services include:


Drain King plumbers offer the full range of services to the entire city of Toronto and its 3 million residents. Some of these services include but are not limited to repiping, installations and repairs.

If you’re currently living in Toronto and require plumbing services for either your private home or business, call Drain King and get the royal treatment.


In order to maintain an efficient plumbing system, you must schedule drain cleaning a certain amount of times a year as suggested by your Drain King plumber. With all the new skyscrapers being built in Toronto, these new plumbing systems will need to have routine maintenance and cleaning.

An important aspect of this maintenance and cleaning is ensuring the plumbing system in the building is properly connected to the municipal sewage system. Our plumbing experts will first hastily locate where the drain is being blocked or clogged and will immediately get rid of the blockage.


Making sure our sewer system in Toronto is working properly is necessary for all of our plumbing systems to work adequately. This means double-checking that all of the waste from your home or business is flowing directly into the municipal sewage system without any issues. If this is not done correctly the plumbing system installed in your home will be rendered useless.

To best preserve the beautiful city of Toronto, we ensure all of the necessary sewer backup systems are installed in order to reduce the risk of flooding and waste overflow. Our plumbers are trained extensively to help with all sewer plumbing setups, maintenance, cleanings, repairs, backups and emergencies.

Flood Protection

Since Toronto has many rivers flowing through it and is at the end of a slope moving upwards from the lake, the city is incredibly prone to flooding. These factors come together to create a high risk of flooding which could lead to damaging the foundations of commercial or residential properties located near the lake or rivers.

Lake Ontario can also cause the city to have more extreme weather systems due to the lake effect. Although the local drainage systems can handle a bit of this, sometimes it is not enough to prevent flooding. Drain King plumbers offer sump pumps, backwater valves and overflow protection to help you defend your home from serious flooding issues.

Fixture Installation & Maintenance

Drain King Plumbers in Toronto offers a wide variety of plumbing services to businesses and homes.

Our Toronto Plumbers assist with any plumbing installation and maintenance needs ranging from:

Its possible that there are additional problems not listed here that could arise, our plumbers are trained to handle any of these issues without hesitation.

Commercial Plumbing

As discussed earlier, Toronto is one of the fastest-growing cities in North America. Netflix built a studio here, Google is planning on building a “smart neighbourhood” and more music festivals and concert venues are popping up every year. Whether its condos or commercial buildings Toronto is growing rapidly and will need plumbing to be installed in all of these new buildings as well as continued maintenance of these systems.

We equip our Toronto plumbers specifically with the most advanced and energy-efficient plumbing tools that are designed for commercial use. Our focus on using these new technologies is that they will be the most efficient and eco-friendly solutions to your plumbing needs.

Wherever you are in Toronto, we are not far away. Our experienced, licensed Toronto plumbers and technicians are standing by to provide you with the Royal Treatment. Call 24/7 for the best service! (833) 983-5663.